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Smart Savings Center.comWhat a scam!

If you are a victim of Smart Savings Center or of its affliates such as DBS (Discount Book Sale) or Smartvideo's scam, file a complaint to the Florida's Attorney General, the district attorney of Palm Beach County, Florida, BBB of Southeast Florida, and your own credit card company. Let's pull together our energy, time, and resources to shut down this company and stop them from scamming and conning more people.

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    Andrew_ Jul 17, 2010 is invoicing me 3 times for one game that I have purchased. When I received the game with the invoice, the amount was not shown. When i look at my online statement, I was invoiced 3 times. I try calling customer service and it was an extremely long wait. I gave up waiting for customer service. Beware of this company when you are buying video games. I got the promotional link from

    I will never purchase another video game from this company. There address is below with contact number.
    999 W. Yamato Road Suite 100
    Boca Raton, FL 33431

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Smart Savings Center.comUnauthorized charges

I was given the information about from a fellow member of our church council. We are reading the 'Transforming Church' and she found a great deal online for the book. I ordered the book for $4.50 in paperback with free shipping and a coupon to pass on to a friend. The first charges came Jan 29, 2009, $1.00 for Smart Savings and $29.95 for HBS Books. At the time I did not catch the charge. I thought that I forgot to enter a purchase in my checkbook and let it ride. Then I got another charge for the same amount on 2/28 and realized something was wrong.

I called my bank and was told that my debit card was charged by Smart Savings in January and HBS Books in February. I was given the numbers for each and called them. I was fourteenth in line for Smart Savings and second in line for HBS Books. I called one on my cell and the other on my land line. I spoke to HBS first a very nice woman, who was difficult to understand because of her accent, was quick to agree to credit my account for February but told me that she would have to submit a request for the January refund to the Refund Department and I would hear via email in 5-7 days...the same 5-7 days it would take to credit my February charge of $29.95.

While I was on hold for processing with HBS, I connected with Smart Shopping and a male worker. He was very quick to speak the 'party line' putting all of the blame on me...I signed an agreement and received emails allowing me to opt out of this program that by the way I did not ask for or receive emails about or even know I was a part of until just today. He ultimately credited my account for the February $1 explaining that I would not get the January dollar refunded. He also told me that Smart Savings was an affiliate of HBS.

I asked if there were any more affiliates that would be charging me $29.95 and $1 in March, since my bank told me that the February charge was from Smart Savings. He was rude and told me to calm down. I explained that I would be letting the Stae of WI Attorney Generals Office know about this scam.

Smart Savings Center.comFRAUD

I am a priest who has care-giving responsibilities for some disabled friends. One dear woman called me about bank charges that she did not understand - her disability affects her cognition- I was horrified to find charges going back THREE YEARS that are completely fraudulent. On looking into this online I find many, many people have been scammed by this company.
SMART SAVINGS CENTER IS A SCAM. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS HAVE BEEN STOLEN IN PARTICULAR FROM FOLKS UNDER FINANCIAL STRESS. The SSCenter waits till folks bank balance is low and then sends charges causing rolling overdraft charges to happen.
I could go on - but the main thing is a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT IS NEEDED to sort this out. I am well known nationally speaking and you may contact me to add your voice to this situation. [protected] Thank you. Rev.Jana Drakka

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    Veronica Botta Apr 08, 2009

    The same thing happened to me!! I am trying like hell (sorry for the language) to get these reversed or something..The only thing I could think of was a concert dvd with free shipping. I have YET been able to talk to a live person and I have sent two please contact me for any kind class action suit We are a lowincome family as well and it has caused a few checks to bounce which IVE NEVER done in the past.

    Veronica Botts [email protected]

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    jstams Sep 11, 2009

    A class action suit is needed. I was taken for a total of $560. These types of deceptive business practices must cease. Action must be taken against fraudulent companies such as SmartSavingsCenter.

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Smart Savings Center.comFraud Charges in banking account

Beware This company creates bogus website for books and steals your credit card info and starts charging you monthy with random amounts of charges you may or may not even get the book you ordered. To make matters worse they sell your credit card info to other bogus companis like GPM*SNUGGIE [protected] NY, then at that point they start charging your account. As the economy starts to get worse and these scamming banks and companies start to do what they can to take whats yours. Even TD Bank post transactions then later removes them without returning your money and at the right moment when the account has a low balance and they know you purchased several items they would have NOT made your account overdrawn they bring the last posted item they removed with in this case is LARGE so that it makes the account overdrawn and when all the other transaction show up they are now allowed to charge you for each additional item that over draws the account a fee of $30 to $35 dollars. I WILL NO LONGER USE A BANK TO GET MY MONEY IN. If you must use a bank use it to deposit your checks in your savings and as soon as it clears pull it out. F-the banks and all these scamming companies.

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    usmm01 Feb 28, 2009

    I agree with you too. Wachovia did the same with me. I worked with serveral banks and they use computer programs to delay transactions to know when it would make sense to create overdrawn accounts. We called it Overdraw programs. This would allow the bank to charge for overdrawn items that were created due to delays the bank will claim was the other company with the delay.

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  • Ro
    Rooro Apr 20, 2009

    I am going through this right now, I ordered a book, never received the book because I decidestocancel. I was charged the fees from SSCenmter and they won't give my money back. Plus! I filed a complaint with my credit card, they removed the charge, now SScenter is fighting it, would you believe they actually sent them the tracking number for the book that was never sent? The tracking number does not exist, and I never even got the book, they don't care if you do or not they just want to toss a bunch of charges on the account so they get rich.
    Please be careful who you buy books and DVD's from.

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Smart Savings — Charged my account w/o authorization

Company charged my visa account w/o authorization. Unknown company to me, I don't know who they are.

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