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Secure Horizonsfraud

Taking the AARP's recommendation, we signed up for Secure Horizons a few years ago. From the outset it has been frustrating to get straight info from their customer service, but I have put up with it. Recently, it has become necessary to correct the wrong Primary MD, which they entered when I signed up. I tried to do this last year, had no luck, and gave up. However, as of this past April it has become necessary to correct this. I have been on the phone with SH multiple times, and have been extremely patient. I have been given the wrong information, follow through is almost non-existent, decisions get changed in midstream, my MD can't get through on the line SH gave me for them to call – nothing but frustration and confusion.

I talked with my MD's office manager, who said they always have problems with SH, and recommend that we switch to Blue Cross.

At this point, I have no alternative but to conclude that their customer service is a front, and that the entire company is a fraud.

It is appalling that the AARP continues their relationship with Secure Horizons, and has not, itself, taken Secure Horizons to court. The result of the AARP's inaction is that the AARP is has corroded its otherwise good reputation. Now, I suspect everything I hear from the AARP, as being cynical and dollar-driven.

Secure HorizonsUnsolicited Cell Phone Calls

Secure Horizons calls me multiple times per day with an automated machine, asking for someone who does not live here and who I do not know nor have ever heard of. I have tried every button on my phone and can't get the machine to leave me alone. It does not recognize anything besides what it is looking for. It asks 'Are you <name withheld>?' I say 'No'. It says 'Can you bring <name withheld> to the phone?' I say 'No.' It says 'We will call back at another time.' I have done everything from scream at to try to reason with it. After 3 weeks of this - and it's eating up my cell phone minutes - I looked up Secure Horizons on the Internet and called them. I explained what has been going on. They said that when I called them that all the info for <name withheld> came up on their screen. I said well that proves my point, I am not her. They said to call my phone carrier, that they must be crossing my lines. I said no, you have my phone number in your database and it's incorrect. They said that is the number <name withheld> gave them and they can't change it. I said I have owned the number for 9 years and I am certain it is my number. They said they will 'open an investigation' and that it will 'take weeks'. I said no, you will remove my phone number today. He said he would not. I asked for him name. He said Christopher. I asked for his last name. He said he would not give it to me. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He said no. I said, 'you will not give me your name, you will not let me speak to your supervisor, and you will not stop calling me?' He said that is correct. I asked to speak to Secure Horizon's legal department. He said no. What a wonderful way to do business.

Secure HorizonsCustomer Service

Secure Horizon has the WORST customer service... They NOTE everything in their "system" but then continue to ask the SAME QUESTIONS over and over each time you call..
I WISH THEY would RECORD MY CONVERSATION so they could just LISTEN BACK TO the same complaint OVER AND OVER..

  • Sh
    Shaun.A Nov 18, 2010

    Cry baby!

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  • Tg
    T GLENN DAVIS Nov 03, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was looking forward to having AARP Medicare Complete hmo because i had their insurance thru my employer before i was disabled. They have the worse customer service department for medicare members than any customer service department i have ever dealt with. The put you on hold and never come back. Nobody want's to take ownership of a call. They always want to transfer you to somebody else. I was on the phone for 3 hours yesterday and still didn't have my issue addressed. I will not stay with this new year.

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Secure Horizonssub standard health care

this is the worst medicare plan out there today. the dr advised my mom needed rehab after knee replacement surgery secure horizons decided she needed skilled nursing and sent her to the nastiest rat hole of a nursing home in oklahoma city. the place reeks of stale urine and feces, the floors are dirty, the other patients are unbathed and stink, there is no phone in the room and they have a plastic tupperware type 3-drawer plastic container for her night stand.if i could get to the people who run secure horizons i'd kick the s--t out of every one of them. do not under any circumstances use this crooked. scam artist outfit. tell everyone you know to avoid these rip off artists or you will be sorry. they only contract with the lowest bid people out there and that is exactly what you get, LOW BID health care.

Secure Horizonsdenied claims

I bill for a LCSW in Salt Lake. We provided service to a person with a Secure Horizons Medicare replacement policy. The policy is supposed to cover care just as Medicare would. We submitted claims just as we have been doing to Medicare for the past 10 years. All claims were denied. We submitted an appeal in November of 2009. I just made my 11th call to the customer service department. I've spend hours on the phone with them trying to resolve this issue. The person I talked to today said that they never received the appeal we sent in--even though the past 10 people I talked to were able to pull it up and reference it. We will now be stuck with either sending a senior citizen an $1100.00 medical bill that should have been paid by her insurance company or writing off the balance. Our patient signed up for Medicare coverage by Secure Horizons in good faith and is now having legitimate claims denied by Secure Horizons that Medicare would have paid. Our office has done everything in our power to resolve this issue with Secure Horizons but after 11 phone calls and hours of wasted time, we are done trying and have resolved to warn others about this company's failure to honor their contract.

  • Ch
    Charlotte W. Jul 14, 2010

    I whole-heartedly agree with you. My father passed away in March and I am still going around and around with Secure Horizons to pay his ambulance bill and hospital bill. They are horrible and should not be allowed to continue to scam senior citizens.

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  • Ju
    Judy Kay McCracken Oct 22, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been trying for 2 years to get Secure Horizons to pay numerous claims by hospitals and doctors. They have said I have another primary health insurance and refused to pay. I have sent them proof that I never had another insurance and was told that it would be taken care of, but it never gets paid. They say they don't know what the problem is, but they still refuse the claims. My records are supposed to be updated and correct in their system and now they can't tell me any reason for not paying. I honestly don't know what else to do. I can't and shouldn't have to pay these large bills when I was insured through them at that time and still am! I would welcome any suggestions. I don't know what to do now, I have collection agencies and billing Departments calling me and sending bills every week. Someone please save me from Secure Horizons!

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Secure HorizonsDishonesty and Rip-Offs

Secure Horizons is totally committed to the business of lying, cheating and stealing from medical patients.
One of their favorite maneuvers is to change the primary care physician to a deadbeat doctor NOT WANTED by the patient.
This company takes a minimum of 2 to 4 months to totally screw up all the medical records.
Then, this company totally refuses to correct their mistakes, and continues to stall, delay, and avoid paying ANY DOCTORS AT ALL
for the services which have been provided
We have gone around and around and around with these dead beat people from Secure Horizons.
Local doctors laugh when we talk about Secure Horizons -- legitimate medical doctors will have NOTHING to do with Secure Horizons.

The only deadbeat doctor in San Luis Obispo that fools around with Secure Horizons to get paid for doing nothing is Dr. Steve Goodman.

We request that a huge class action lawsuit be filed against Secure Horizons, hopefully to shut them down forever.
This company is the most dishonest organization on Planet Earth, and the executives need to be imprisoned and severely penalized.

Any competant person in their right might would be PLEASED to join a class action lawsuit against Secure Horizons.

  • Ge
    Gerhard David Mar 06, 2010

    I agree with Secure Horizons lack of service to their policy holders. The employees lack initiative, and are trained only to work the book they have been supplied with to answer questions, if, you consider their answers legitimate.
    I am going to change to another company if I can find one; anyone have any tips??? Please advise. Thank you,


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Secure Horizons — scam artists

Don't fall for this company...first of all they give you a book with Dr.'s in it. You see your...

Secure HorizonsWill let patient commit suicide than place in facility

My aged father is about to be released from the hospital with a pubic catheter. He has cancer and is suicidal. Secure Horizons considers being suicidal a social issue, not a medical issue. He seems to have dementia for awhile and has a hard time getting around. He is not eating or drinking very much, barely enough to keep him alive - literally. They are not wanting to pay for any other care. I do not live in the same state as my father and have been trying to take care of things by phone. This is very frustrating to have the insurance not truly care for the good of the patients.

  • Co
    CommentinTexas Jan 19, 2009

    Secure Horizons or any other health insurance company cannot maintain a patient in custodial care unless the patient has a long-term insurance plan. Health care (Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, health insurance for individuals or groups under 65) is not long-term care. What your father needs is long-term care either at home or in a nursing facility. Believe me, you have my sympathy. The same thing happened with my husband. I did not understand the difference. I didn't blog the insurance company (Aetna). Oh, no. I reported them to the state department of insurance and I copied Aetna. My lovely case worker Jean called me, calmed me and explained the difference. My love to you and your family. I felt the same. I realized later how much my insurance company did for us AND how terrible it would have been if we had not had the insurance we did have. Sometimes it helps to understand. I hope this helps. Most people think that health insurance covers everything that could possibly happen. I did. That's when I found out about Medicaid (really just for the very poor) and custodial care and writing a check for over $4000 each month for nursing home care. People don't buy long-term plans because they are never going to need that type of care. And later they do. The younger you get into a long-term plan, the cheaper the premiums. Insurance is to protect against the unexpected. Actually, health problems, hospital stays, and for a large percentage of Americans, nursing home stays are to be expected. Again, my love and sympathy to your family.

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  • Tr
    Tricia Campbel Sep 05, 2009

    Never, never never sign away your medicare to this company. We have been trying for over 16 months to have them send a dis- enrollement letter to Medicare and they stated they did once and will not do it again, Medicare will not pay for any bills until they get he electronic dis- enrollement. Customer service is horrible and there is never a supervisor to speak with. Standard answer is we will take care of it and it will take 4-6 weeks. never get's done yet they are still being paid by every month. When the providers(Hospital, Md's etc) bill secure horizons, they deny claim, stating we were not covered...Very Frustrating. Buyer Beware

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  • Ji
    jim l jr Mar 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am at wits end dealing with UHC and their reps. Last year, we were covered on UHC plan F with prescription. In December we changed to UHC POP with a corresponding reduction in premium.
    UHC continues to deduct last years premium from my checking account as well as the new premium for the new coverage. It is against the law to carry two policies for thew same coverage. It is also illegal to withdraw payments for coverage not given. As of right now, UHC is into me for about 1000 dollars and counting.
    UHC tells me they cannot refund my over payments unless I provide proof of insurance (welcome letter and/or Ins Card with effective date on it). The card DOES NOT HAVE an EFFECTIVE DATE.
    Until I send them copies of these documents, I will not be made whole.
    UHC has all the information they need but are stonewalling me on the refund. As of now I have spent over four hours with reps who have no clue how to solve the problem or are curt and refuse to address the problem. It appears next step is an attorney.

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  • Da
    Daniel Householder Aug 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you think this is medicine:

    My mother went through a myriad of Secure Horizon doctors for back pain. She continue trying to find a solution-- going to this specialist and that specialist. At one point she had to drive 110 miles to see some back doctor, that put her on physical therapy. One day she was in so much pain she went to a local emergency room. The doctor took an ex-ray and found a tumor surrounding her kidney, and she was dead in 3 weeks.

    My father was going through the process of seeing doctors because of balance and extreme constipation. They would send him to the drugstore for laxative. My father was found on the floor of an assisted living facility. He was taken to a Non-Secure Horizon emergency room, admitted to a hospital, and diagnosed with Parkinson's within about 2 hours. He had all of the signs for Parkinson's, but nobody within the Secure Horizon Network could actually see it. He spent 17 days there because of a problem with extremely low blood pressure, due to the quacks giving him the wrong. wrong diagnoses within the Secure Horizon Network. He was discharge for more skilled nursing to a house of horrors rated with a 1 out of 5 by Medicare, where I found him unresponsive, and was septic from MRSA. The emergency room doctor said he might not make. it. The hospital wanted to admit him, but the Secure Horizon people needed to approve his admittance. He was passed out in the emergency room for about 10 hours, not able to speak, while Secure Horizons tried to figure a way to refuse admittance. Finally he was admitted and had antibiotics pumping through his body for 5 days. And Secure Horizon wanted to send him back to the house of horrors from which he came. We finally said enough is enough and retained an attorney.

    Do Not Buy this insurance for your parents. You'll be sorry if you ever really need to have insurance. Some of the commenters talk big, probably Secure Horizon plants, but this is a horrible plan. There is a time when people need to consider the needs of their parents. Get them a better plan and spend +$2, 000 a year. When you need it, you want have to talk with administrators whose whole purpose in life is to kill your parents.

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Secure Horizons — Unsolicited calls to cell phone!

I have been receiving calls daily since around 12-15-2007. I have called Secure Horizons on three occasion...

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