Rocket Communications Complaints & Reviews

Fradulent Billing on Verizon Bill

Review your Verizon bill. You may find a charge from ESBI or Rocket Communications. They are charging me $12.95 for some Internet Fax and Voice Mail monthly fees. I NEVER ORDERED THESE SERVICES!!! I called them and they immediately offered to refund the money to my account. They promised it would be credited in two billing cycles. I will believe it when I see it. Does anyone know how much profit VERIZON gets from this SCAM? Did anyone get their money refunded?

  • Na
    Nate Jacobs Feb 18, 2010

    rocket communications billing for fax and voice mail i never suscribed for.My wife pays verizon bills and thought the 12.95 monthly charges were for my daughters online courses.but she never heard of them either.The billing goes back 14 months when my new pc was installed

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  • Jo
    Jose Vieira Feb 10, 2011

    Rocket Communications unauthorized billing to my Verizon Internet account of $12.95 for a service I did not request nor recognize.

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unauthorized charges

I did not authorize Rocket Communications to start billing me on March 1, 2011 for internet fax/mail. If this charge is not stopped immediately I will refer my complaint/problem to the DC P.U.C. It will not be worth $12.95 monthly charges to use a collection agency for fraudulent charges. I refuse to pay this and sent my Verizon bill less the $12.95 monthly internet service charge. My email: [protected]

  • Dd
    D Dunn Dec 03, 2010

    Rocket Communications submitted charges of 12.95 + taxes to my phone provider Verizon on 11/14/10. These charges were NEVER AUTHORIZED by anyone at this address or phone number.

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Fraudulent charges

I was charged $13.92 (plus tax) on my Dec AT&T bill. I called AT&T right away and put that amount in dispute...

unauthorization charge

I received my AT&T phone bill and noticed a $28.23 charge ???? Come to find out from AT&T it was from Rocket Communications, a $12.95 charge + taxes for 2 months of services -- of which I have no idea what and who they are. Tried calling them and got a recording "Customer Service agent, was switched to and recording and then the call went dead -- this happened several times. I called AT&T back and told them the story. I disputed the bill and they are investigating based on this website and my experience.

fraudulent charges/slamming

This company slammed me for a service I never ordered or got and put the charge on my AT&T bill which refuse...