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Resolved RegCure.comCancellation contacted me about their software computer free trial spy scan, and I agreed, after the free scan, RegCURE informed me that my computer had many problems wit my computer, and that they could fix these problems by registering some information about myself with RegCure, so I did, not knowing that the information that I was giving RegCure, was a trick, a scam, to charge my credit card $59.90, for what I thought was a free trial. I tried to contact RegCure to request that RegCure refund my $59.90 back onto my credit card, and I was totally given the run around, and I could not contact RegCure via the internet or telephone. I deleted RegCure from my computer the exact same day that it was placed on my computer, desiguised as a free trial. regCure should be investigated for internet fraud.

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    sonjasmith Apr 30, 2009

    on 4-10-2009 i purchased the regcure scan software i wanted the 29.99 version first off all i was charged 39.99 and i keep showing that my regcurelicensekey has expiered whene i tried to get support on this on site it tells me invalid e-mail address

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    arlene jones Jul 23, 2009

    Iwas charge 49.94 that was showing 9.99 and got no results.

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    Preston. F. Jan 29, 2010

    I also have been taken up with this scam. They were quick on taking the credit card money but to date no Cure ?.
    Just write off the loss and hope they get run over soon.

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Regcure said that the Software was free and it would fix computer problems instantly. First misleading...