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5:21 am EDT
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OSIM Back massager servicing

my Osim back massager was collected by one of OSIM outlets for servicing on 26 Sep 2022. Till now there is no update on the status of the unit. i have made 3 phone calls to the same outlet which collected my unit every few months, none of them provided me with actual status besides telling "they do not know", none of them call back to update despite my tel number was left and they said will further check. i have then PM OSIM FaceBook and was directed to the servicing team via email last month, chaser email sent last week again; all with ZERO response. it has been more than a year, suspected they had lost my item and be ignorant about that. despite what happend (item lost or they cannot do servicing etc) it should be transparent in the communication. in this case they took my unit and collected $$ and yet do nothing about it despite multiple efforts were made from the consumer end to check.

Desired outcome: update status, apology, return and refund. compensation of time and energy and money (overseas IDD call) to chase the status.

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12:33 am EST
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I bought a ujolly massager in early November 2022. After receiving no delivery details or further correspondence, I reached out in December, 6 weeks later, expecting my item to be almost here, only to be told that it was never shipped because they didn't have it in stock. Why sell something that you can't deliver? Was then given the option to pay extra to...

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12:55 am EDT
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I wrote this letter is to make an official complaint to OSIM officially regarding to the poor quality of a uDream Pro Well-Being Chair. We have experienced an extremely poor after sales services and maintenance support we ever had! This is totally could not be accepted and I am now seeking for a new replacement or refund. On Jun 06, 2022, I bought a brand...

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10:30 pm EDT
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CUSTOMERS WANTING TO BUY OSIM MASSAGE CHAIR - BEWARE! POOR QUALITY AND POOR SERVICE I purchased a udream massage chair in jan 2022. not even 5 months and the rollers have "rolled away". I actually heared the roller drop to the floor behind the chair. After calling customer service and waiting 5 days for someone to call me back, they tell me i have to wait...

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10:17 am EST
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Massage chair was having problems roughly 8 months through the warrenty period, speaker and leg portion was unusable. Repairs were covered under warrenty. However on the 13th month there was a burning smell coming out of the chair which was dangerous. Requested for repairs but had to pay. If it had a burning smell, should we be paying for the repairs, or should it be fully covered by OSIM?

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9:42 pm EST

OSIM Ulove 2 and uvibro


Bought 2 machines in jun 2019 - ulove 2 and uVibro.

Take note - need to buy extended warranty. As the machine will be spoilt after 1 year of usage.

I only have 1 user at home and only used once a day in a Aircon room.

Best part - customer service like king in the office. They can tell you off and choose not to answer you. And also I need to do the follow up. 1st thing - wasted alot of my time to follow up and make sure that I get my things running.

Have a machine- when the machine spoilt- keep in my house sleeping there for weeks. This is indeed ridiculous.

Ulove 2 - spoilt on May 2020. Keep calling fixed an appointment on 12 jun 2020 to get technician to come and see what kind of error. Then no news. I have to keep calling and manage to speak to someone on 16 jun 2020 to get osim to come and bring the machine on 17 jun 2020 and machine returned on 27 jun 2020.

Now machine spoilt again on 6 Dec 2020, manage to speak to customer service and she told me that there is no parts and can't guarantee if the parts will be here by end of the month. Now the machine will be sleeping at home for 1 month again. Customer service told me that the technician will call me up once there is parts. Get her to fix an appointment on 24 Dec 2020, time 10 am to 5pm.

U vibro- bought the machine without extended warranty. When ulove 2 spoilt, we are worried then we bought the 2 years extended warranty. After we bought, 15 oct 2020 - machine spoilt. Again I did WhatsApp and write in and live chat and I manage to speak to customer service and the customer service say will get back and no response after 2 days. I called again and manage to speak to another customer service. I write in with all the details and he say he will check and manage to get an appointment date.

Best part on 19 Oct 2020, the guy told me to bring the machine to any outlet to get it fixed. Then I realised that osim customer service and staff never read the emails and they just want to brush off the customer.

I told him that the machine is big- did you really read my email.

The guy called me up and told me that machine will be sent back. Later few minutes later the guy called me up and tell me that I need to pay. I told him that I have sent email and WhatsApp that I have bought the extended warranty and all receipts enclosed. Did you actually read my emails?

Anyway all settled.

But it seems that osim didn't do a good job on qc, staff training and customer service.

And products not sure good or not but always spoilt. A couple of my friends wanted to buy. I told them on this. And they didn't expect such a bad service.

How do I recommend people to buy high end product in this manner?



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Lucky Hendra
, US
Dec 01, 2022 5:30 pm EST

After i read may riviews about osim i have decided to canceled buy oshim u love 2 😥. Osim massage chair way to exspensive and they have bad service

Lim Sure kuan
, US
Oct 07, 2021 12:27 am EDT

I go osim website, tons of complaint of their customer services and seems like no improvement or action taken to improve cs. Wanted to buy udream. Now is really a dream to buy.

4:40 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Never ever trust osim products!! They are cheaply and lousily manufactured in china. My friends leg was jam on the divine chair. After changing for another one, that one spark fire!! And it cost her rm13k to buy that rubbish back home! I also had many friends who bought things from them but they can’t even last for a month!! Don’t say I never warn all of u!...

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