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OSIM review: Broken massage chair - udream bronze (re: order# aba4099666, sn8208t-[protected])

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I wrote this letter is to make an official complaint to OSIM officially regarding to the poor quality of a uDream Pro Well-Being Chair. We have experienced an extremely poor after sales services and maintenance support we ever had! This is totally could not be accepted and I am now seeking for a new replacement or refund.

On Jun 06, 2022, I bought a brand new massage chair at OSIM showroom located at ONE UTAMA Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama. The chair was delivered to my home on Jun 25, 2022.

• Model: uDream Pro Well-Being Chair (Bronze)

Order#: ABA4099666

SN#: SN8208T-[protected]

Salesman: S6061 Alvin (ONE UTAMA Shopping Centre)

Warranty: 2 yrs

Unfortunately your product has not performed well because the chair is defective, both arm airbags are not functioning at all from Day 1. I am really disappointed because I have spent >$20k for a defective chair in which I planned to spoil my parents with your high premium’s product but end up my parents has NO chair to use for > 2 mths! 1st escalation was made to Salesman Alvin in Aug. As of today, we are still awaiting for an update on the chair after many back and forth communications via phones/whatapps with your company!

• Chair was delivered on 6/25 Sat and old chair was collected on the same day.

• In mid August, when we first learned of this defect, we called Alvin to indicate the defect to him and asked for repair. He replied that he has already informed customer service to handle this and the corresponding staff will contact us in a short period of time.

• There was no response at all after 2 weeks so 2nd complaint was sent again. We were being told that your company will send a technician to take a look and repair the chair soon.

• After 2 weeks time again in mid Sep, finally OSIM sent someone came over but no technician came. At the end of the day, they said they need to collect it back for repair!

• As of today, after > 2 mths time, we still haven’t received a solid feedback eventhough OSIM keep committing that they will sending the chair back soon!

Desired outcome: I am now seeking for a new replacement or refund.

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