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1:29 pm EDT
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I paid over 10K for New look Home Improvement to install a new fence in August 2022. The fence, in my opinion, was never installed properly. It goes up and down, not what was in the contract. In the Contact under “New Fence Information” the “Straight on Top“ Box is checked. The fence was not installed that way. By April of 2023 two of the posts were visibly...

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8:36 am EDT
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New Look Home Improvements Unfinished work

Jim gillon, is the lowest form of character apart from a nunse, but not far off! Jim gillon will take initial charge (two thirds) for materials and then have the job started, but never completed. And when you try and make arrangements for the work to be completed he puts the phone down, and at best you get abuse and threats. Jim if you are reading this article you are the lowest form of human being, vile ###. Use this cowboy at your pearl.

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Scum burster
, GB
Sep 24, 2015 10:04 am EDT
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Could not agree more this lowlife theif should be stopped by any means.

Jim Gillon or Jim Gilmour doesn't care how many peoples lives he ruines, just keeps taking money from people that can't afford it. He is utter ###

1:58 pm EDT

New Look Home Improvements Dont Touch them with a barge pole

I had Jim Gillon round to quote me happy! Which he did

He came back and I agreed to a price (as I have a computer company he need a laptop I agreed a laptop and a printer as final payment) I paid Jim all the money apart from the laptop or £450 worth.

I had 7 Windows and a French door fitted on the first of June 2010, apart from not putting enough insulation round the windows the guys fitting the windows were great and very quick!.

I had paid for the windows apart from a laptop or £450.

After the windows had been installed I inspected them, one of the windows I had stated on ordering had to be an escape window to a flat roof, and being a Fire-fighter it is an easy escape point in the event of fire.

The window had to be big enough for everyone to escape.

The window that was fitted had a 300mm opening, not a 700mm as stated.

Also the French doors had dropped and the right hand door couldn't open without scoring the bottom plastic.

I contacted Jim Gillon about it and he said it would not be a problem. He gave me a date of three weeks 20 June to get a new window and fitted.

A month passed, He said he had trouble getting someone to fit it for him, and he would try and get someone soon.

At this point I had fully renovated our house and carpets were going down.

I hadnt plaster boarded the window in our bedroom; I thought it pointless if Jim was going to rip the window out.

We waited 2 weeks till the 12 July Jim asked me if I know of a local firm who would fit the window for him! I gave him a number of a local joiner and left it at that.

He phoned back saying he couldnt get the joiner and was going to send up the new window.

17 June the window arrived.

Jim phoned on the 19 June asking if I had the window, He also told me he still could not get a hold of a joiner and if I know of anyone else.

To be honest I lost the rag with him on the phone and told him if he cant complete the job he isnt getting his £450.

He started having a go and ranting and raving on the phone, I hung up on him, He phoned me back; He said out of good will he would get the window fitted and get the joiner to look at my door, and put the laptop or £450 down to a bad experience.

He then sent a text message saying "Clearly there was no intention to supply a laptop and stung once again.

I was a bit taken back by this as that was not my intention

I had waited for a month and nothing back from Jim.

My wife was doing her dinger because the bedroom had not been finished and it looked like a DIY mistake, so Yesterday 20 August I got a joiner and paid him myself £145 to put the window in and fix the French door.

Having had to get the job done myself it had cost me time, planning and money.

Today I got an Invoice from Jim Gillon, the invoice says

"For supply and fit of replacement Upvc windows and patio doors for Property at our address" balance £383 vat £67.03 total £450.03.

The Invoice had no Invoice number on it!

I also got a text message saying "Can you please advise your intentions regarding the £450 that was taken off your invoice in lieu of the laptop and printer that have not been supplied. Thank You

As an unhappy customer I will report him to trading standards Deduct £150 for the joiner and £200 for my time and send him a Cheque for £100.

At the end of the day I dont want any trouble and the windows and doors are good.

Just the contractor was at fault.

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Dunbar, GB
Apr 23, 2013 11:35 am EDT

Also try

Dunbar, GB
Apr 23, 2013 11:21 am EDT

Why are New Look - Homes trading as a similar company selling kitchens and bathrooms as another Company New Look Kitchens? versus a registered accountable company
Why has none of their paperwork have their business address and registration?
Why haven't they supplied on their webpage their registration?
Why is it when you click on their link to facebook, nothing is found?
Where is NewLook-Homes 'Buy With Confidence' Logo?
Where is the 'Trust' Mark Logo?
When looking into concerns you have with a company:
Please contact Trading Standards if you are a company dealing with NewLook-Homes, Glasgow,
If you are a customer contact Consumer Standards supplied by Citizen Advice.
Internet search 'companies name' complaints to see what others have to say
Check their credentials with Companies House [protected]
As a consumer you have a 7 day cancellation period for door step sales
Informations to protect you as a consumer find at Advice (there is a simple letter there to use)

Aberdeen, GB
Apr 18, 2011 10:34 pm EDT

Unfortunately, the summary by Barry Taylor is less than accurate. He has yet to pay the balance for the windows and refuses to answer calls or letters, resulting in civil action against him in the Sheriff Court. Barry Taylor also acknowledged that the work was done without any issues and signed off the installation. We guarantee a;; fitting for one year and at no point were any issues highlghted to us regarding the fitting. As a result of non-payment by Barry Taylor, were are owed in excess of £600 to date. Futher court action is being raised for malicious falsehood .

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