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Nationwide Relocation ServicesLiars

The sales rep. completely misrepresented the services of this business. I learned 2 days before the move date that another company would actually conduct the move. The worst part of my nightmare was that the moving company would arrive on 9/24 but not deliver until 10/8. When I objected and asked to cancel, I was informed that I would lose my deposit of $578 because I had not submitted a snail mail registered cancellation letter within 5 business days of the move date, which I only learned of 9/22. This company representatives were extremely unprofessional. I strongly advise moving yourself if you can not afford a legitimate moving company, which Nationwide is not. In fact, I also learned that it is a broker not a moving company

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    • Na
      Nationwide Relocation Services Sep 16, 2011
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer


      Nationwide Relocation Services regrets hearing about your issue with our services. We ask you for an opportunity to correct this incident. We are more than happy to further assist you. We want to check the status your canceled move so we can look it up in our database but we need more information in order to do so. Please contact us at [protected] to work together to resolve this matter.


      The Assistant of the President of Nationwide Relocation Services

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Nationwide Relocation ServicesScam

    I repeat, do not, DO Not do business with either company unless you are a masochist.

    Here's my story -

    Cross Country Van Lines, a New Jersey based company contracted by the just-as-disreputable Nationwide Relocation Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, was due to arrive at noon in order to pack my boxes before the freight elevator became available at two p.m. They had exactly three hours to empty the apartment before we had to relinquish control of the garage to the next truck in line. There was no way around it.

    I stressed to both the broker and the mover that it was imperative the truck arrive promptly because my lease ended that very day at six p.m. I also arranged for the electric and cable to be terminated sometime over the weekend and booked accommodations at a swanky hotel in my metro accessible neighborhood because it was pet friendly and I would be sans wheels (my car was getting shipped through an environmentally friendly freight carrier). I prepaid through Expedia in order to take advantage of the low room rates.

    When the clock hit one and they failed to show I began to panic because I had also hired them to pack my boxes. My boyfriend and I made several dogged attempts to track down the dispatcher at Cross Country for an update but instead of reaching a human we were sent straight to a voicemail. Some guy named Simon who spoke with a heavy accent that was reminiscent of one of the Eastern European thugs from my GTA IV game, finally returned our call and brusquely reassured us that they were on their way.

    Well, “they" never arrived. When Simon tried to reschedule with the promise of being there on Monday between 9-10:30 am and the elevator was only available from 9-11 am (trash trucks park in the garage from 8-9 am on Mondays which knocked off an hour for us), I more or less told them to where to go and fired off a letter to Pamela Ling, the deceitful broker at Nationwide Relocation Services (company also known as, who all but vanished into thin air once she received our $779.85 deposit. Funny how she couldn't be reached until I told her via email we were terminating our contract.

    I immediately called my boyfriend and urged him to cancel his credit card in case they tried to charge him for the full fee. And then I did what any reasonably intelligent person should have done in the first place – an internet search.

    I.could.not.believe.what.I.was.reading. I felt like a total idiot.

    Both companies have been slapped with numerous violations and complaints on a myriad of consumer websites. What's the m.o.? Frustrating the hell out of you so that you cancel your contract and forfeit the deposit. If you are unfortunate enough to have one of their contracted crooks handle your move, prepare to be extorted. They will eventually hold your goods hostage in some undisclosed storage room and double the fees owed because your items “weighed more than originally determined." If they can't shake you down they will threaten to sell all your items and – to add insult to injury, that is, if they haven't literally roughed you up (some have threatened and/or actually inflicted bodily harm), they slap you with a storage fee!

    We got taken but it could have been worse.

    I scrambled to find a more reputable van line and arranged for Mayflower to arrive Thursday because it was the only day they – and the elevator – was available. Because of the negligence of the aforementioned companies, my boyfriend and I incurred a good deal of emotional trauma (my boyfriend later revealed he thought he was going to have a heart attack. He'd recently underwent a series of intense medical tests because he'd been feeling dizzy and winded) and a horrible loss of time and money. Monday night (my birthday night) will be spent hauling boxes from some storage company into the apartment. I was forced to cancel my flight and extend my lease through next Friday at $81 a day. I would have been totally SOL if someone else had leased it.

    I am working with Expedia to see if the Westin will extend us a courtesy and refund all or part of the $300 we prepaid for the room or at least give us credit. I also lost money on the one night's stay in Scottsdale booked for the evening of the 30th. As expected, Pamela Ling refuses to return our deposit for services not rendered “until she talks to someone higher up." This has been an absolute surreal nightmare and I implore all of you to do your research and steer clear of brokering companies and dodgy movers. These people are not only unethical they are potentially dangerous. Some of these extortionists allegedly have mob connections. Honestly, I cannot prove any of this except to say it's what I read so be careful.

    I'm working on a viral internet campaign to stop these people and their like-minded cohorts from swindling others. I spent all weekend posting on various complaint boards in addition to writing the Attorney General in Florida, the BBB, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the DOT, and now, here. Tomorrow morning I am sending certified letters to Nationwide and the President of the company at his home address (I was able to dig it up). I may buy space on and tell my story there. I also talked to a friend of mine who is a federal agent to see what he can do about it or what advice he has for me. Then there's the friend who is an internet hacker but I think I'll hold off on that. Twisted Evil

    Horrible. Absolutely horrible. But I strongly suspect I'm blessed that these thugs didn't show up and take any of my belongings. However, here is the irony - the freight carrier picked up my car the very day I requested (Saturday) and said my car would be arriving in Phoenix Tuesday night - the day my flight was originally scheduled. It would have worked out perfectly if everything had gone according to plan. But because of what happened, I was sort of hoping my car wouldn't get there until much later in the week.

    His personal email is [protected] and here is his Facebook page:

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      • Mr
        MR BLUES Dec 20, 2011

        went to work there and found out they are a scam & quit in 2 weeks. DO NOT USE THEM!!!

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      • St
        Stiletto Jun 29, 2009

        Review their track record here:


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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Nationwide Relocation ServicesIdle Bashing

      My complaint is regarding the idle bashing that I am seeing about an upstanding and legitimate company such as Nationwide Relocation Services. Surely some of the complaints against this company might very well be warranted, however, I do believe a lot of people are just "jumping on the band wagon" so to speak. I myself have used Nationwide and I must say that the service was stupendous. The customer service I received was extremely helpful and outstanding. Some of the complaints I've read about Nationwide thus far I find to be unfathomable! I do believe that more people should come forth as I have to stand up for such an extraordinarily candid company. My move from Missouri to New Hampshire went very smoothly, no bumps or bruises. I loved service so much I had them move my family members also, and they loved the services so much they referred the company to their friends and families. I have used this company for years, without ever having a problem and I even used then 2 months ago to this day. You people who are idle bashing, and you know who you are, should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to destroy this company's reputation with you slanderous accusations. I wasn't even asked to write anything but I'm merely being a good Samaritan. Numerous times during surfing the internet I've encountered this bashing and thought to myself, "someone should speak up on their behalf". So I did.

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        2 Responses
        • An
          AndyA Jul 22, 2010

          I used to work for Nationwide and they put in these fine sounding comments. They are liars and thiefs. They low-ball estimates then hold your furniture for ransom until you agree to pay 3 or 5 times what their original quote was.
          When I found out they were scamming all their clients I left. I lost out on my last two weeks pay because I told them they were cheating customers.
          I hope you are reading this post before thinking of hiring them. If you read this afterwards, you have already been scammed.

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        • La
          LanaT Jul 03, 2009

          Obviously you are a paid lachey or employee to continually surf the net looking for reviews on Nationwide. Reviews on this company don't just pop up at random, you must surf for them as you do with most stuff unless it's the latest headlines. I find it hard to believe you have this much emotion invested in a company for you to randomly ego surf for them. Only an owner of a company would go to so much trouble.

          You are just as much of a pathological liar as the owner of THIS company and the people he employs. Pathological, dude. All of you are sick and need psychological help for your extreme narcissism and arrogant disregard for the people with whom you scam under the guise of business.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Nationwide Relocation ServicesMoving scam

        This is to warn people about a very bad moving operation doing

        business as Nationwide Relocation Services. They also use a partner

        service called Best Price Movers. These people appear to be running a

        scam in which they quote a low-ball "binding" estimate, then jack it

        up later. They are also extremely unreliable about times and dates of

        pick-up and delivery.

        My suggestion is that you caution potential customers about these

        companies. If penalties or prosecution are appropriate, I would be

        happy to testify in their support. Details are below.

        -- Doug Wilhide


        wilhide AT

        My son, Sam, moved from Minneapolis to Seattle with his wife in

        August. They stored most of their belongings at a storage facility in

        downtown Minneapolis. In September they signed an agreement with

        Nationwide Relocation to have their possessions moved to Seattle. My

        wife and I agreed to monitor and facilitate the Minneapolis end of


        The moving company agreed to pick up the load on October 8, during a

        window between 2PM and 4PM. We understood this to mean loading would

        begin at 2PM and be completed by 4PM, so we re-scheduled our

        activities to be at the storage facility at 2PM.

        A sales rep named Julian Jaramillo was supposed to co-ordinate the

        move, but we never were contacted by him. My son received about 6

        messages from different organizations about the move, but none were

        relayed to us, in spite of the fact that we had both asked that we be

        kept informed via a cell phone number.

        The driver of the truck apparently didn't get any of these messages.

        He left a message at our home phone number saying he would be arriving

        at 4PM instead of 2PM. Of course we didn't get this message. After

        90 minutes of waiting we finally were able to get in touch with him.

        He said he was "about 20 minutes away." After half an hour we called

        him again. He said he was "about 20 miles away." After another half

        hour we tried again but couldn't contact him.

        He finally arrived at 5:55 PM, just before the storage facility

        closed. It took four hours to load the contents of a small storage

        compartment. We signed papers for the pick-up at 10PM. The driver

        said the shipment would go to Chicago and be combined with others

        before going out to Seattle. He estimated date of delivery as either

        October 15 or 16.

        We contacted our son on October 19. The shipment had not yet

        arrived. He expected it later that week, but told us he had been

        informed that the charges to the "binding" estimate had been increased

        by $700.

        Our son was contacted and told that the shipment would arrive on

        October 22, so he arranged to take off from work (he's a teacher) and

        get an emergency substitute. When he didn't hear from the movers by

        noon on October 22, he called and was informed that the truck was

        leaving on the 22nd, not arriving on that date.

        He was told that the shipment would arrive in Seattle on Saturday,

        October 25 (the end of the extended period for delivery noted on the

        original "binding" contract). He waited all day on October 25. The

        driver finally arrived late on Sunday, the 26th, said he was tired and

        would wait until the next day to unload. He also said that Sam must

        come up with $100 in cash before the shipment could be unloaded.

        The shipment was finally unloaded on October 27, 11 days after it

        originally had been estimated. Among the damaged items was a nearly

        new $150 bicycle that had a bent front fork.

        The original "binding" estimate included boxes for repacking,

        wrapping, moving from the storage facility and into the new apartment

        -- and a $420 fee for the "binding" estimate. The total was

        $2625.71. With the additional extra charges (and the cash for the

        unloading) the total came to about $3400.

        Maybe I'm just naive, but this seems to me extraordinarily bad

        service. Increasing charges by 30% on a "binding" estimate also seems

        to border on the criminal (especially since part of the fee was a

        "guarantee" of the "binding" estimate).

        I don't know what can be done to prevent Nationwide Relocation and

        Best Price from continuing these practices. But I feel I have a duty

        to try to warn others to avoid doing any kind of business with these


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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Nationwide Relocation Services — False advertising, pathetic customer service!

          1) False advertising. The “competing bids” I received turned out to be between Omar and Ryan who...

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