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Mortgage — Unacceptable delay and inaction

RE: LN140179304/598/UK/PUR(COMPLETED)/HL/ij/miw We signed the letter of offer for a property loan on 10 Mar...

Mortgagepaid off the mortgage,bank did not release title

In 2005 I paid off a mortgage to release my condo from a blanket mortgage. Sovereign bank did not release it. They sold it to another party.I took this to court. Initially the bank wanted to close the case.I did a counterclaim.Now the bank is saying I owe them the money for the mortgage. The courts final judgement is in favor of the bank.I had about 1 million dollar equity in the blanket mortgage and the bank lied about this in court. I lost over a million dollars due to the banks selling the blanket mortgage to another company. I had these condominium for over 25 years and I paid over 1 million dollars for them, and brought the mortgage down to 263 thousand dollars.They made me loose all of my lifetime savings, because of the mistake they made. If it was anyone else it would be fraud. At the pretrial 3 judges voted in my favor, but in the trial the vice president [John Bowen] lied under oath stating that I did not have enough equity. I did not have a lawyer and was not able to be heard.I have proof of this . I have the check I paid off the mortgage. I would appreciate your help in this matter.

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    JESUSISLORD#1 May 06, 2013
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    the same thing is happening with sallie mae student loans. God has to deal with these people they lack business integrity.
    I have lived long enough to say this: what goes around, comes will see my words come true, shortly!! relax step back watch GOD move!!! ask God to help you release it totally!

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    JackieBACK Jul 30, 2013
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    Agree with Thisman- why on earth would you nickel & dome the cost of legal representation over a "lifetime of savings" of $1Million"? Although if you and your wife were capable of buying $1M on real estate in the 1st place, you most likely should walk away and be able to do it again.

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Resolved MortgageStold my home

How this started was I had a family member die. Ed Skinner was the estate attorney. Well after years of crap finally it was over. The house was in my name and everything was closed. Then Shortly after I received a forclosure. On a property that was mine. MMM couldn't understand. Went to many attorneys and they stated we had a mortgage on it. Thing is once again it was paid and in my name. I paid all taxes, death fees, everything to close the estate. Well Ed Skinner had a bank make a fake mortgage and forged our names. So we forclosed on a fake mortgage. Lost our home. And we are making monthly payments to the ### for a house loan. So we had to buy our house back from the a__hole. Could not go anywhere else as rent is stupid high due to everyone losing homes. So he has no morals, no values and will take everything you have. You can try and look for the paper work. But to great convienence. Everything is redone or missing. Our forclosure papers are no longer in state file and paperwork at the state tax office have been changed. Its funny His daughter used to work for the state office. And he used to in the 70ties. So after many attornies and to many months of tears. We lost, he won and I know we are not the only ones. You can speak his name around here and everybody cringes. He has high connections in his pocket and attorneys who fear him. Then some in same bed with him. This could go on that is how crooked they are. So I will end it here. Do not do business with Ed Skinner or any Skinners in Altoona Iowa area. His wife, nephews and daughter work with him. He also goes under Midwest Futures Inc. So to save your property, belongings and money. STAY AWAY. I hope this at least stops one person from going to him. So its one less he can hurt and ruin.


Amerisave fancy website is deceiving. Surfing the net I found a fancy website advertising lowest refinance fees, etc. Called them and they followed up quickly to do business. They said they are direct lender and a fast processing loan company. I had intended a refinance of 600K houses with 180K in loan, credit score of 750, income of over 100K. How ever, when I filed the application online I got per-approval within minutes. Immediate appraisal was done @ $450. and appraise value of 550K. Submitted all documents 3 times and finally with FedEX, never saw the progress page filled up when checking on their document list, Very slow process and they wanted to switch me from my fifteen years loan to 30y after 4 weeks waiting when I contact them.. Make a long story short, I lost credit check fees and appraisal fee and they did not do what they promise on the first attempt. It’s a fancy website but after filling up the actual app. the fees and rate will be higher than stated in their early log in calculations. Apparently, they are not a direct lender and looking to do loans with very low credit to debt ratio to obtain easy loan from B of A or other banks. I heard the same story from few others. I withdrawal my application and lost total of $500. No result after a month and no news from them till I called and said that I wish to withdraw my application.

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    NoCandy4UScammers!! Jun 02, 2010
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    Re: the 2 comments made so far:

    Why is safda spamming every comment?

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Ocwen Loan Servicing acquired my mortgage under false pretence. This company is trying to hold my home as foreclose and they don't own it. Fidelity Mortgage company tried to refinance my home and I refused their service because they could not offer me a lower interest rate than what I had in return they forge my name on closing papers after I refused to complete the contract and call themselves selling my mortgage to Ocwen Loan Service who threaten to foreclose on my home because I refused to pay. Apryll Adams agent for Fidelity Mortgage handle the contract sent a notary to my home to close and I advise this person name Vinaiu Srfoutz that I refused to close due to many things I could not and would not agree to specially take my mortgage from 8.75% to 10.75% I told her they must be crazy. Somehow between these two people sign my name stole my mortgage and created a big mess for me .

  • gutizano Mar 25, 2009
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    The lowest of the low Family run and own Co of crooks.
    Not honest with their fees, Not honest their Operations. Their Attorney plead guilty for fraud and
    not honest with their client and sentence in dept of justice court for more than ten years.
    this croocks still doing Mortgage under this and other
    names were is the justice. most of their clients loss their homes. Justice is all I seek.

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  • De
    Deanna Jun 04, 2009

    I was using apply to save for a mortgage situation in nov.2008 I was told that apply to save coul not help me, due to my house being in foreclosure. In dec.2008 they had made it a cancel and were supposed to refund me my money which was 750.oo by march of 2009, I called and search for them today again.. june 4th 2009 and their number is diconnected and website not working. tha's messed up as if we didn't have enough problems.. right!!! May God forgive them..

    Deanna Gonzalez
    hobbs, nm

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    seankw Jan 09, 2010

    Well, our zoning changed September of 09 in our area to a flood zone. We were not aware of this. AHMSI notified us right before Thanksgiving that we had to get this coverage. Alright, so we put in a call to our State Farm Rep. She told us to get an elevation certificate. So, we ordered the survey be done to get the cert. for insurance. We received the very next day after Thanksgiving a letter that was dated the day after they notified us of the zoning change that they took insurance out on us for flood. Furthermore they backdated it to August. This was even before the zoning had changed. Well, I called the mortgage company; their own employee told me he doesn't know how they could do this. He said by law FEMA gives you 45 days after being notified. I forwarded the papers to Financial Regulation to look into it. We since acquired refinancing through a new company. In these times big companies are looking ways to take advantage of us. Especially, if you're a lady or elderly. So, be careful. There is State Tax people and other Departments, usually in you phone book, which will help you not be taken advantage of. Guess they won't be getting my $700 per month interest.

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  • Kh
    khloee04 Apr 27, 2010

    they own it if they bought out the loan from the investor. Get a lawyer

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    Seejay Jan 15, 2011

    Julie Ross Loan Agent License # 01168855. NMLS # 334494

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    Elece Cohen Jan 16, 2011
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    Evicting out of home by selling to other bank without notice

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Resolved MortgageBank of America still showed I owed $86,828.42 for a house that already short sold

lost my job due to a car accident in Dec 2005, was disabled for 4 months and decided to ask Countrywide who owned both 1st and 2nd mortgage to approve a Short Sale. The Negotiator of Countrywide Adam Herson accepted the Short Sale with a condition that the Short Sale will only be approved if the escrow closed and that there will be no deficiency judgment against us will be pursued. The escrow closed, we have a letter and copies of email flrom the Negotiator that the balance of $190, 000 is cancelled. Last Year I have checked my Bank of America online and found out that Bank of America added to my account aciatn account called

Mortgage 5013 showing this balance. of $86, 828.42 as owed. As of this day, this shows as owed.

See how it showed online.

Account Balance
Mortgage-5013 86, 828.42

I called Bank of America but was referred to one number to another, I have written letters to then Ceo Ken Lewis but no responsed. I have emailed my previous negotiator, Adam Herson adam.[protected] and this is his response.

March 10, 2010 12:37:42 AM GMT+00:00

Hello Angela,

I am sorry to hear about your health issues. I will again make a request to post sale processing to correct this and show the balances as zero.

Thank You

Adam Herson
MLO-Servicing Team Manager
[protected] (Phone)

I have cataracts, osteoporosis, asthma, GERD and didnt have insurnance because Kaiser terminated my medical coverage due to co existing disabilities
. I am now in pain due to frozen shoulder and has not recovered since Dec 2006. Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Resolved MortgageMortgage payment stopped after paying off second

About 2 months ago I paid off my second on my house. Loan number: [protected]. I advised Equity Accelerator that my loan on my second had been paid off and that they could stop my automatic payment on my second. Well somebody at the Equity Accelerator made an error and stopped my mortgate payment from being paid to GMAC. I was advised this by Malcom on 2/18/10. The reason I questioned this was that I received a letter in the mail from GMAC Mortgate that I should be working with the Loss Mitigation department on a special forbearance or other foreclosure prevention alternatives. GMAc advised I was behind 2 months on my payments. I almost had a heart attack. And then the letter said due to the unresolved delinquency on my account, I may be experiencing temporary or permanent financial problems that led to the defult. I did nothing wrong. I paid off my second approx. 25, 000.00 and somebody at the Equity Accelerator program made an error and closed off my mortgate coming out of my account which made my house delequent by 2 months. I tried to call GMAC and the lady was rude and would not even listen to me. Alls she kept saying was something regarding defult and reading something over and over. I started raising my voice trying to tell her what had happened. I then asked for a manager. She put me on hold and then sent me over to a SPANISH recording. I hung up and that is when I called Equity Accelerator. Malcom, a very nice man explained that he sent a letter to someone advising it was the error of Equity Accelerator and that I should receive a letter by the next day. When I called Equity Accelerator I spoke to Tina (?) who advised me that the letter was rejected due to the fact that Equity Accelerator was not going to take the blame for any delequent or last charges and my credit. Number one I have excellent credit. The highest credit you can get. My complaint is that GMAC would not listen to me about what had happened. They were rude, would not listen and just kept saying something over and over again that I was
deliquent and I owed 2 months payment. On February 18, 2010 I overnighted 1603.42 to GMAC's Louisville, KY office to I could get this account up to date. I have been advised by Malcom (2/18/10) that I was back on the Equity Accelerator program and he was sorry about the error. My question is, is this the way consumers are treated for paying off their second on their house? Is it by stopping the Equity Accelerator program so they can try and take somebody's home. I am asking for a letter that they made the error since Malcom eith Equity Accelerator advised me. When I spoke to his boss JR he gave me a fax number of [protected] and told me to send them a letter. I am very upset. Nobody wants to listen and nobody wants to do anything about the mistake they made. Sheila Hoyer 5740 parapet St. Long Beach, CA 90808 I appreciate your help as this is very unfair. We are not all criminals.

  • Nu
    nunnayobizznuss Jul 19, 2010

    The GMAC Equity Accelerator program is a sham. The promotional material leads you to believe you're going to benefit from acceration of amortization, that is, by making your mortgage payment twice a month, thus avoiding compound interest. There is no such benefit! No such thing happens!
    The GMAC Equity Accelerator department just collects your money twice a month, hangs on to it, and makes your payment only once a month just as before. The department within GMAC that holds your loan still only receives a payment once a month. The only benefit is that GMAC Equity Accelerator makes the equivalent of 13 payments per year (with your money). Essentially, you make a series of fifteen-day loans to the GMAC Equity Accelerator department, for which they charge you a fee. Nice for them, bad for you.
    You could do the very same thing yourself by sending in 1/12th of a payment extra every month. Actually, my bank (Regions) has a FREE service which does just that.
    Quit getting ripped off!

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Resolved Mortgagepossible fraudulant activity

I began a mortgage modification process with AHMSI in Nov, 09. I was very sick and had to have surgery. Since I was self employed I knew I would need to modify my loan in order to stay current with my payments. I hired a law firm called Alliance Law Center headed by Cameron Edwards. They were unable to get AHMS to communicate appropriately with them . In Sept, 09 Alliance Law Center was shut down and the lawyers involved had their licenses revoked. I notified AHMSI, via faxed letters and phone calls, to let them know I was now going to represent myself in moving forward with the loan modification. Since Sept 1st 2009 I have sent three letters to them requesting them to remove Alliance Law as the authorized communicator and reinstate myself. To this date they still refuse to communicate with me regarding the loan. They continue to say I am represented by Alliance Law Center and therefore they cannot communicate with me regarding the loan. They have asked me again today to resubmit the letter. They do admit they have the other letters I have submitted reguesting removal of Alliance Law. Something is very wrong here. I don't know what their ulterior motives are but it is obvious something is very inappropriate. AHMSI states they cannot tell me who is the lender now holding my loan ( It was previously American Home Morgage) They finally gave me the address of AHMSI ( after several phone calls and my refusal to stop calling until they gave me the address) It is 1525 South Beltine Road Coppell, Texas, 75019. I am sending all my Profit and Loss files, bank statements and tax forms to them even though they are refusing to communicate with me. I am moving forward with my end of the loan modification process and am keeping a very good paper trail ( I have written down the names and employee numbers of evey person I have called) I know I am within the parameters to get my loan modified. Now I just have to wait and see what they will do. I suggest anyone who may be having similar problems as me with AHMSI to persist aggressively with them and file complaints in every avenue they can find to file. A good friend of mine recently lost his home because of the same problems. He never recieved any information and then one day someone came to his door and his home had been sold out from under him without the required legal due process. I think we must all be very very careful these days. There is so much corruption out there and so many companies are acting with fraudulent intent.

MortgageErroneous Charges and attacks against credit

From the Desk of Vaughn Millard Williams III
1420 West 87th Street
Los Angeles, California 90047

June 17, 2008

Ocwen Loan Servicing
Attention: Director of Customer Service
P.O. Box 6440
Carol Stream, IL [protected]

RE: Account Number [protected] – Removal of 30 day late and request for attention to the matters below:

Dear Director Customer Service (OCWEN),

This correspondence comes out of pure frustration as I cannot make heads or tails with your company. Your customer service line plays games with me and tells me things like “I’m sorry but I can only accept a payment if you are paying the late charges as well”, or they will say something to the effect of, you might want to consider making your payments on time”. First and foremost its rude, but most importantly people are struggling to make payments now days, and for me its even more of a struggle as I am impacted by the rising interest rates on all of my home loans (1st, 2nd and 3rd). A few months ago I wrote a letter to you requesting that someone contact me regarding a rate reduction as the current rate makes the payment way too high. I asked for a 7% rate, but to date I’ve not received an e-mail, written correspondence or anything, and to be quite honest, I am absolutely tired of fighting the fight. I recognize my payments run 29 days late, but its because I don’t have the entire payment at one time and your company will not let me split the payment amongst two payments, but what makes matters worse is that when I make a payment on-line there is always an issue, but when I mail the payment in, it’s cool and everything goes through without a hitch. I am very upset with the fact that Ocwen will not provide me with better treatment. In an age of mortgage fall out, one would think that companies would at least be sensitive to their clients needs, but that’s not what I’ve experience and now the problem has occurred again. I went online to make my May payment on May 30th as I was scrambling to get the money in my account, (but I got it), only to discover that the same problem exist in that my online payments are always rejected and I’m assessed a $25.00 fee. This time when it happened, I checked my credit union personally, and even met with my credit union branch manager, he investigated my checking account and discovered that Ocwen had never made any of the attempts to draft against my account which indicates to me that you are looking for ways to charge me excess fees. It bothers me because I use to have respect for your company, but over the last few months, its been utter disrespect, and it almost feels as though you are making malicious attempts to destroy me. That’s why I write statements on the back of my checks now, so that I am covered. After the payment for May never posted properly, I again mailed a physical check to you for my payment, and it cleared right away. (On the back of the check I wrote the following ‘ By cashing this check you agree that all payments are current and that this account has no 30 day lates). Today I got a call from the finance company who is refinancing my loan and they informed me that you reported a 30 day late for the month of may. (I am asking that you remove this late as by cashing my check you agreed to the terms, not to mention the fact that I believe its an error on your part, not mine.) In the event that I need to obtain a letter from my Bank I will, but the fact of the matter is that the payment was made before the 30 days, and your company for some reason just won’t post the proper information. I am frustrated by this.

Today, I will ask that you remove the 30 day late, get back to me regarding the rate reduction, remove the erroneous NSF fees as the payments were never presented for payment to my checking account, and the only thing you guys can tell me is that the account number couldn’t be found. I find that hard to believe especially since I use the account every day of my natural life.

In closing I also asked that the late fees be cut in half so that I could clear the account, today I have not heard anything regarding any of my requests. Please respond to me in writing or via e-mail at [protected] As indicated in my last 4 correspondence to you, I cannot accept phone calls during working hours as its against my companies policy. You insist on calling me after I requested that you e-mail me.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter, and for agreeing to remove all 30 day lates’ from this account as it seems to be system error. I appreciate the professional courtesy, and again thank you for adhering to my request. Should you desire to set-up auto-pay to prevent this from happening again, I am fine with that as well, I just want the nightmare to go away.


Mr. Vaughn Millard Williams III

  • Av
    A Victimalready Jun 27, 2015

    It's the same song and dance with Ocwen, these guys are made up of many banks, investors, dictators and own the data collection companies. No one can win against Ocwen because they are the Corruption and have stock holders to please as well, I am sorry for your problem with them and for those to come as Ocwen does business under all the names in the business that have anything to do with a mortgage, they are living the American Dream and no one will stop them as they are all in business together.

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Mortgage — Deceptive practice

Raised my rate 0.5% 15 hours before the closing time. The increase of the rate was delivered by text message...