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Raised my rate 0.5% 15 hours before the closing time. The increase of the rate was delivered by text message (SMS). Any attempt to reach my broker by phone - FAILED

Broker's name: Alex Gofman


  • Ms
    Msred Aug 05, 2016

    Very negative experience. I set up a refinance with a 30 day lock. I am an excellent credit risk, so I completed all requirements for closing by day 22 of the lock (I was "approved" for the loan and underwriting was complete), except that the appraisal of the home had not been properly ordered yet by Absolute and had not occurred. I questioned whether we could still close on time, as I did not want to pay for an appraisal and not close due to an expiring lock. I was assured (in writing) that Absolute and the lender would cover the extension costs and I could close with my originally locked rate and terms, so I agreed to one appraisal. I was then charged for 2 appraisals and 1 appraisal cancellation fee and, needless to say, we did not close ("rates went up"). I have filed a complaint with the PA Dept of Banking and Securities and will need to continue to pursue a refund of the excess charges against my credit card. (I did dispute all 3 charges, and Absolute is fighting me with my bank, supplying them with false information.) I worked with John M and Terrance L and have escalated my many issues to the manager Brad M. Should I lose the battle with my credit card company over the fees, my next step will need to be going to court. Not a fun experience.

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  • Ca
    carolyn belmer Aug 05, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Every month i am late with my paymnts, reason is debt problems. when i requested some type of assistance i was advised there is no method in hsbc that would allow me to get back on track this info was given to me probably by your collection depmnt that calls unenudated times monthly beginning with the 5th . collection calls means nothing to me.I am not behind just late, minor help would benefit both in many cases your co. is so greedy for money this is why you are losing as well
    late chrges maybe benefitual to your co. in the long
    run both still lose. i can pay on time your co should be willing to help in such cases

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  • Jo
    Joanne DG Aug 05, 2016
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    Verified customer

    BOA has been nothing but a nightmare for me since they bought my mortgage from Countrywide. I never ever had any problem with Countrywide (had them since '93) and as soon as BOA bought mortgage they have yet to get my record straight. They are a bunch of idiots and their reps either dont speak english, are rude, and dont let you speak to a manager.
    they suck I hate them. Id refi too just to get away from them but who can afford to do that????

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  • Jp
    Jprocto3 Aug 05, 2016

    Bank of America has adopted a new policy regarding the amount of property insurance carried. They have deceided that if you have a flood policy in place, then the amount of coverage must equal that of your homeowners insurance. It doesn't matter if your home is flood resistant and that the current amount of coverage is greater than the appraised value of the home. FEMA only requires you insure your property for the lessor of the replacement cost, the mortgage amount, or $250, 000 for single family residence. My mortgage is less than $100, 000. The home appraised for $130, 000 and I had $180, 000 flood policy. My homeowners insurance adjust each year for inflation (another rip off) and now I have to increase the amount of coverage on my flood policy. When I called to complain, Bank of America said that I could lower my coverage to the amount of my mortgage, all they cared about is that the coverage is equal.

    I work at a community bank. If we adopted a policy like this we wouldn't have any customers left. I would leave if I could, but I can't afford to refinance. It would be pointless if I did. BoA would just end up buying that one when it hit the secondary market anyway.

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  • Pe
    pez1966 Aug 05, 2016

    They like collecting escrow payments but don't really follow through on paying your taxes on time or paying the late fees when they are over due. I have only called 6 times to explain to them the importance of paying bills on time and every time they tell me a manager will call me back in 24 hours. So far, no call. BAC sold my loan to them, it only took then 1 month to display their ineptness. Run away from this lender!

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  • Sh
    Sheila Hoyer Aug 05, 2016

    I am very upset about the way I was treated by GMAC. They would not listen just kept reading something over and over and over again and advising I needed to make 2 payments. I was advised by Equity Accelerator that they made an error by Malcom and then they want to do nothing about it.

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  • Je
    Jeanann Dominguez Aug 05, 2016

    I have read all the complaints everyone wrote we had CIT group for years, We never received a letter about our mortgage being bought out then we had vericrest they are rude and very mean 1st my husband lost his job in Jan.2009 we made every payment then in Nov.2009 I lost my job but in July 2009 we tried to do a modification no luck the reason was because we filed bankruptcyin Dec.2008 they never send any notification to us being denied I kept making payments in Dec.2009 I could only make a1/2 payment so I taslked to someone saying try to get a loan mod. again so I sent everything hardship letter and all our information it supposedly sat for 2 months without anyone even looking at it. so I talked to the persons who handles my account she pretented to care and said she would get someone to look at it and to call her in a week I called she never returned my another week went by i talked to her again she pretented she didnot know me or what I was talking about so were still waiting to her from her over one year

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  • Tw
    twins Aug 05, 2016

    My mortgage was sold to this company and we tried to contact them to get our interest rate reduced from the ridiculous 9% we pay every month. They made us filll out volumes of papers to eventually contact us and tell us since our payments were not late and we were not in foreclosure they could not help us! Imagine that, were trying to be proactive because these payments are killing us and they would do nothing. It is companies like this that have assisted to place this county in this economic crisis.

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  • Ho
    HOMELESS MOM OF 5 Aug 05, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I have been in my home for almost 3 years. I making alot more money when I closed on my home. The company I worked for hit bottom when recession hit. They were not able to pay my salary any longer. I contacted my mortgage and asked to assist me. Flagstar said they would put my with Loss Mitigation and see could they help. I was put with Loss Mitigation twice back to back. They told me they were not able to help at that time. So I made the expensive payments. Then I asked for help again Jan/ Feb of 2010. I have been sending them income statement and expenses every month. They told me they will contact me in 7 to 10 days 3 times to start the process. Flagstar even told me that they got a new system and needed to started the process again but still would help me. Finally I called and confronted them I said its been a long time I thought the bank only had 8 months to do a modification. She assured me thats was not true and thye would be contacting me in 7 to 10 days again. I feel a little hope again. I have 5 kids and can not be homeless I explained to rep. Now presently it is 10/20/2010. I speak to a rep in Loss Mitigation that tell me they can't help me Because FHA GUIDELINES CAN EXCEED A CERTAIN PERIOD. I HAVE EXCEEDED THE TIME PERIOD FOR ASSISTANCE. I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH YOUR CMPANY ABOUT A MODIFICATION FOR A 10 MONTHS. AFTER BEING ON HOLD FOR A HOUR SHE PUT ME HOLD FOR 20 MORE MINUTES AND NEVER RETURNED TO THE PHONE. i HAVE TO MOVE NOW. FINE BUT NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT. SINCERELY MOM OF 5

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  • Al
    Ali Saqib Aug 05, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have applied for loan mod with Well Fargo on about Feb 2009. On April 1st 2010 they denied my app. I filed chapter 13 to stop the sale date. and resubmitted the paper work for loan mod. In the meantime my BR hearing came up and I let the BR fall out. When the BR fallen WF told me that I have to resubmit paperwork since now I am not in BR. So I did and at the same time WF put the house on sale. My Loan server requested for postponement of sale but WF did not postponed the sate till 9:30am just 30 minutes prior to sale and I did not have that information so I went ahead and filled chapter 13 again to stop the sale. Once again my file was taken out from the process and I was told to refile the paperwork with bankruptcy department of WF for Loan Mod which I did. Finally they assigned a negotiator on Aug 2nd 2010 but they are telling me it could take up to 90 days before they reach to a decision. My BR hearing is coming up on Sep 15 2010 and I was hoping if it could b
    e done before so i don't have to go with BR but it seems like it will not happen.
    Damage Resulting = This has cause me not only financial burden since i have to hire many attorneys for BR, Loan Mod and I am keep falling in the whole deeper since my unpaid mortgage is growing bigger every month but also emotional strain cause I am a single dad with two little children 11 and 9 and I need to provide them a shelter. I have grew more gray hair in this period than all my life. I have been diagnosed depression and put on Prozac by my doctor. I need serious help.
    Contact me

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  • Ed
    e devine Aug 05, 2016

    my mortage was just aquired by mgc and they have not contacted me or sent a statement

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  • 1r
    1RugerGrl Dec 08, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @e devine Are they giving you the run around ?

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  • He
    hemant6856 Aug 05, 2016

    Correspondent Department
    Bank of America

    Sub: Unable to resolve the things on line

    Dear Sirs

    I had mortgage account with your Bank since Sept 2009 and my installments are being paid directly from my bank account (PNC Bank). When I have extra money to pay I could not be able to pay any amount I wish to pay on line. How can you always ask me to pay the installment first and then the principal? The installment is already paid and you want it to be paid another time, while it shall go against the principal amount. This way I have to pay extra interest on what you collect as additional installment amount.

    Please look in to the following two concerns, which is major problem of your failed software, and please try to resolve it ASAP.

    1) I am not able to make only principal payment of mortgage. Even the total amount is limited to $ 5000.00 to pay including installment and principal online. I called customer service and they informed that they couldn’t do anything for it. If I have to pay only principal amount I had to send check through mail only. I do not understand why this option is not provided to the customer to pay on line the amount they want to. If I want to pay $ 15000, I cannot pay on line even if that month installment is already paid. How can such a large institution ignore this situation with their software?

    2) Also if I want to take the print out of my mortgage statement, no account number nor name and even no full address is shown on it. I complain this with customer service long back; they said it is for security. I do not understand when I can open my online account, what security is there not to show name, account number and address on the statement?

    This is nothing special I am asking to solve, it shall be routine way to operate. Please resolve the above said issues and send me the answer to those questions ASAP.

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  • Jo
    John Darwin Aug 05, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I set up direct payment from my account to mymortgage with Chase bank who had taken it over from Washington Mutual. My bank paid the mortagge always in time. But it appears Chase Bank made a habit to hold back the payment until the sixteenth of the month when the late fee begins to kick in. It charged me fees every month. When I discovered I wrote Chase Bank and asked for removal of late fees. With the letter, I also attached copies of the dates that my bank posted the payment into Chase Bank's mortgage account. I received from the Bank's vice president, Mr. Larry Thode, a blunt response, "I cannot remove the late charges assessed to your mortgage account." It appears the Bank is deliberately holding back the payments in order to get late fees. Is there anything that can be done against the arrogance of this individual and the bank itself?

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  • Te
    tehoward Aug 05, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is not in complaince with the federal rules and regulations they are not responding to any letters and or calls they hang up on you when call. We have not recieved any welcome packages they are not paying our taxes and they have caused our insurance to laspe what are we suppose to do when we are paying them to pay these things? Not only that we never get statements or any correspondences from this company please advise? We are have taxes and insurance included our mortage and they are not paying either!! nor do they return our calls!!

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  • Na
    NAREAD Aug 05, 2016


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  • Valerie Aug 05, 2016

    If you have had a problem with ING direct, please complete this form with the FTC:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

    If you, like many others, have had a problem with this firm, then the FTC needs to hear from you. The form is easy to complete and you can send it directly online.

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  • Se
    Seller in Limbo Aug 08, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SELLERS BEWARE 2014! Don't accept an offer on your home with a USAA mortgage contingency. 1. You will never know in the process if the buyer is approved. 2.) You will not know if and when a closing will ever occur. 3.) You will lose valuable time in selling your home to a "qualified" buyer. 4.) You will find at the 11th hour when your belongings are boxed and mover is arriving that there is still no loan approval. 5.) You will have spent significant money and time purchasing your next home that you will not be able to buy. 6.) You will have spent money for inspections on your home that is not really sold. PLEASE HEED THE WARNING! This has been a nightmare for 82 days and there is still no loan approval for the buyer and no closing date set.

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  • Ba
    bad Collections Protocol Aug 08, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been with Nation Star for 9 years, and have never been late with a payment. On 8/7/2013. I was contacted by a staff member during my work hours who would not tell me what her call was in regards to until I divulged her requested questions with kept me on the phone several minutes during my work hours. Than she proceeded to insult me and say I hadn't made my August payment, which was due on 8/1/2013. I than reversed the role and asked her if they cashed my check where was my money. She than proceeded to put me on hold for an additional 8 minutes. When she returned she stated they applied my Full payment to principal in ERROR. Not once did I ever get an apology. Please rest assured if I actually did owe the mortgage they would have had no sympathy for the 7 days. I was very insulted, annoyed, angry and reprimanded by my boss for receiving personal calls and staying on the phone for 25 minutes during work hours. I would think they should have some kind of government regulations preventing this proceeded. So today I call Nation Star &ask for a supervisor, which no one wants to put me through unless I once again answer all there questions. Upon speaking to Tara she apologizes but no follow up or any other means of approving the situation. I guess make sure you are never late, & even if not too bad!!!

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  • El
    elnetitojr Sep 05, 2012

    Let me explain you my case, on September of 2011 my 2nd mortgage was scheduled to be cleared, both mortgages were in the same account so every time I made my monthly bill the capital would go into both mortgages. I was under the assumption that mortgage was already cleared. In May 2012 I checked one of my statements where I saw that I was overdue for this 2nd mortgage, that's where I learned my mortgages were split into different accounts so even though I was making my payment on time it was only going into one mortgage.

    I checked online and tried to pay online with my credit card, but I was told to call customer service to my the payment, then customer service took me to another department that I cannot remember, then this department took me back to customer service. It was a hassle for a loyal customer who only wants to make a payment. Finally I was told to fax a payoff request which I did, , I faxed it. I got the payoff amount of $177.51. I went ahead bought the money order and mailed it to your bank 45 minutes after I got the fax.

    4 months later I find out that I still own that money with interest. Supposedly they mailed the money order back that I never received. They never notified me about this. They don't want to take responsibility for their acts. I now have to trace the money order (pay $30 fee) thanks to their poor management..

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  • Gu
    guijahmoon44 Aug 13, 2012

    My home was ripped away from me after suffering a disabling injury on my job of 15years. I was 1 month ahead on payments. I requested a forbearance and Chase said"you should have thought about being disabled bee you bought your home. I was appalled by that. Immediately after I received 4letters stated no homeowners insurance and a policy was purchased on my behalf exchanging sorry phone malfunctioning and cannot correct errors I hope that does not interfere with my complaint I am submitting now. However Prudential Insurances wrote a letter saying No Lapse in Insurance. They". Chase" refused the letter. And mortgage payment adjustment from 657 to 899+200 more pushed me to the street. I have all documents

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  • Me
    m e harrison Aug 31, 2011

    i have a mortgage with these "bozos".igot behind one payment and was set up a repaymemt
    plan which i pay more than the plan was set up for.i have recieved 4 calls today 8/31/11
    i also recieved 2 calls 2 days ago.this is pure b.s they dont even have their records right.i
    feel sorry for the girls that have to make these calls.some even admit that it is not right
    but they have no choice because it is a speed dialer.this bank needs to be investigated but
    no one cares what they do.

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  • Li
    Linda Nash Aug 16, 2011

    The short comment is DON’T use Bank of America. Here’s my horror story. First, I have a good income, a credit score of over 800 and I put almost 50% down on the house, so I did not expect this to be painful. I also travel out of the country extensively for my job so I forewarned the bank to avoid last minute requests I couldn’t handle. You won’t believe what happened.

    • Early March. First contact with BOA for a house I thought I would buy but walked away due to inspection issues.
    • March 5. Requested and sent bank statements and tax forms.
    • March 9. While I was away, they urgently needed my signature. I assumed it was a signature form that allowed them to access my personal information. I was at a client and arranged to have it emailed to them so I could sign and fax it back. I explained to BOA that they were sending it to my client’s office and not my office. When I received the papers they were MY TAX RETURNS! Can you believe this idiot sent my tax returns to my client! She NEVER told me that’s what she was emailing. How inappropriate and what a complete INVASION OF PRIVACY!
    • Early April. My house sold, I was in a rental, my furniture was in storage and I was negotiating on a house. I needed to move fast. I specifically asked if they could meet tight timing. I walked away from a mortgage broker to stay with BOA. They said they could. LIE!
    • April 13. Second request for bank statements and tax forms that were already sent.
    • April 15. Just a side comment. BOA also quoted on home insurance. They cost 50% more for an inferior policy vs what my insurance agent found.
    • April 18. A few days after I filed 2010 taxes, I called BOA and asked it they wanted them because I would be out of the country the following week and would prefer to send them now. They said they would get back to me. THEY NEVER RESPOND QUICKLY.
    • April 19. They want documentation of every deposit made into my account to trace where money comes from. When I sold my house I put the funds in a Money Market account, and anticipating they would ask about this, I sent the statement from my online banking. They didn’t ask for it; I was trying to be helpful. But with BOA, no good deed goes unpunished. The next day they wanted additional details and the bank to sign something about this account. I threw a fit (the first on many) and reminded them they did not even ask for this information. I was trying to be helpful. THEY ARE NOT. And why are they just asking about this NOW??? They had my financial information since March 5!!!
    • April 20. Today I signed the contract, but before signing, I asked BOA how long they needed to finalize the commitment. They said 7-10 working days. I changed the mortgage contingency date in the contract to 11 business days
    • April 21. Contract is finalized and sent to the bank with 10 days for contingency expiration on May 6. PER THEIR REQUEST.
    • April 21. They needed me to sign some papers and FedEx them back that day. I had some questions. It took NINE emails and phone calls before getting a call back.
    • May 3. After waiting two weeks, NOW they requested my 2010 tax forms (see comment on April 18). Then… the following day, they indicated that one of the reasons the approval was delayed was because they just received my 2010 taxes. CAN YOU BELIEVE THE AUDACITY OF THESE PEOPLE???
    • May 3. They emailed me disclosure documents to review. I emailed that I couldn’t open them. Never heard back. THEY DON’TCARE. JUST A BUNCH OF CLERKS CHECKING THINGS OFF THEIR LIST.
    • May 5. They casually mention on the phone that the appraiser will have to go back to the house to verify the septic repairs were completed. And they need 5 days to schedule him and another 2-3 days for the underwriter. WHAT? This puts my closing date of May 25 in jeopardy. They received the contract on April 21 and KNEW about the septic and my closing date. WHY WAIT TWO WEEKS TO TELL ME THIS?
    • May 5. Today is the day before my mortgage contingency expires (THEIR date) and I have not received approval. Called the bank several times. When I called the person handling my account just before 5:00, her voice mail said she would be out the following day. SHE KNEW THAT WAS WHEN MY CONTINGENCY EXPIRED. She could have at least told me she would be out or left me a voice mail. I had to track down other people at the bank to find out what was gong on. I SET THE CONTINGENCY DATE TO MEET THEIR TIMING. IT DIDN’T MATTER. THEY LIED ABOUT TIMING. AND THEY HAD NO REGRETS OR APOLOGIES ABOUT IT. My lawyer was able to delay the contingency 2 more business days.
    • May 9. New contingency expiration date and still no approval. I’m now committed to the deal even though I don’t officially have a mortgage.
    • May 9. I received an mail asking that earnest money “must be verified and sourced via cancelled check or certified funds along with 60 days seasoning” Huh? Requests for information should be clear and not just copied and pasted from bank documents with no explanation (which this was as evidenced from its different style type). I wanted to send them a check with salt and pepper on it.
    • May 10. Received a GFE to sign and return. It was for another house I was looking at – NOT for the house I was contracted for. And I called with questions on the GFE but no one called back (except the salesman). SLOPPY BANK.
    • May 14. I made notes all over the GFE and mailed it back, not sure if it’s “legal” to do that. NO CONCERN FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL.
    • May 25. Closing isn’t going to happen today. Maybe tomorrow.
    • May 25. They sent me several emails saying everything was approved so I’m ready to close the next day. Right? NOT. I get an email that they are waiting for a letter from my CPA who is out until that afternoon. This was not listed in any of the documents needed and NEVER, not even once, mentioned in an email or phone call. Now they are going behind my back to contact my accountant directly and adding things that were never in the docs. THIS LACKS INTEGRITY. THIS IS DECEPTIVE. MAYBE ILLEGAL.

    The result? My closing was delayed another week which resulted in having to pay for another month of a rental AND another month of furniture storage. Costing me $2000 that THEY should be paying. BTW, I’ve heard similar horror stories from other people. They have a reputation for taking the longest to close. Four months is the average from people I know.

    I have NEVER, NEVER been so dissatisfied with ANY company. They exhibited complete incompetence, stupidity, lack of concern and deceit. BOA lacks integrity as a bank and they have absolutely no interest in customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a mortgage, DO NOT use this bank. You will regret it.

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  • Ra
    raydogg Jul 11, 2011

    i applied for an Oboma home remodifacation loan almost 23 years ago and i havent heard any results intill i filed a complaint in 2010 november . now chase has been pre tenting to help having me send in paper work so 6 months into the process they tell me after i call to check the statis of the modification they tell me the original application is unreadable what all this time they just realize this so i sent in another one 12 days later i get a denial letter saying they didnt get the application. i called and they told me it was blacked out it sounds like something was wrong with their fax machnine however know one called to tell me a thing my case manager never called or left a message or any thing loan #[protected]

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  • Ji
    jimmer123 Apr 04, 2011

    PNC is the biggest joke of a financial institution known to mankind. All they do is create a revolving door with fees and delays which they make no effort to rectify. My story is mortgage related but too long to spell out. Take my word, they are the absolute worst and obviously train their employees on how to prolong the misery. They constantly blame the consumer and never take your side. I personally don't really care what they do now because I have legal representation, every employees information whom I have spoken with, and a judge that is on my side. So funny when the judge called them and got a taste of their tactics. Prolong it as long as you like PNC, I will prevail. Believe it or not, I am starting to now enjoy the amusement of this. The more they speak the more they step into it...soooo funny! Bunch of ###s!

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  • Hu
    Human Degreaser Dec 03, 2010

    These [censor] are sending out debt settlement offers in official-looking envelopes meant to appear as government documents. There is even the presidential seal on the envelope, which I believe is completely illegal. Rather than using the name "Michael Levitis, " instead near the US Presidential Seal it says "Disbursement Office" with their return address underneath. It didn't take me long to find the address was Michael Levitis's office, then find his website and determine it looks like fraudulent crap and then, finally, find these complaints. Hope the rest of his potential victims are smart enough to Google this [censored] lowlife criminal piece of [censor]. It took me less than 3 minutes, so let's hope so.

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  • Ka
    kandra payne Aug 14, 2010

    My name is Kandra Payne the complaint is about my mortgage I paid my June, July, August, payments and I recently refinanced on my house which at that time I had an loan I paid it too and when I refinanced the loan that I still had .was paid off with the company I refinanced with. and the loan was added to my monthly mortgage statement making it 637.71 a month but there was a problem and they sent me a statement stating that I owe 637.71 under account#[protected] that is not my mortgage account# my account # is [protected] all payments being made is to be paid to that account#. plus I am having a hardship I lost my job in May2010.

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  • Ad
    adam rice Aug 09, 2010

    They promised me 5% mortgage rate, then sold application data to AGA capital who came up with 11% at closing
    I had to close otherise i would lose escrow account -- attemped to go to Civil Court -- took years -- menatime original broker
    Igor Tser left, his manager Felix Gurevich was fired -- he promised 5% originally -- also blamed Michael Levitis Esq that he stole from him together with Galina Zhigun who used to work there also
    Galina founded AGA capital ands erves 20 years for multimillion mortgage fraud
    Levitus Esq also was arrested -- but for some vodka licence bribes as he somehow stole somuch money that was able to buy a Rasputin restuarnt -- what a bunch of low life crooks ...
    I am surprised they did not bust whole company with Galina -- liqour licence would be minor violation ?

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  • Ni
    Nick29 Jun 09, 2010

    Even though you are a long time customer this bank will screw you as much as it can. I went to renew my mortgage and they would not offer a competitive rate. As soon as I got another mortgage offer from a different bank a better rate appeared out of the blue. I recently heard from my friend who I am guilty of introducing to this bank that the bank was taking a long time to process his mortgage application so he went with some other bank. He talk the approval to TD and lo and behold TD is ready to finance his mortgage. Disgusting!

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  • Do
    Donna M Eaton Feb 27, 2010

    I had a loan that was bought out by Nationstar, I had a 3yr arm and could not keep up when they started going up on the payment it was up to over $2ooo.oo a month for my mortgage payments, I did a modification with them they gave me the mod knowing full well it was still more than I coudl afford, I had no place to go and needed a home so I signed like an idiot, I made the payments best as I could, then last September they offer me another modification based on my income alone it lovered my payments for 3 months to an amount that I could afford, then they would look at it and see how well I made those three months payments. Well before the three months were up I got a letter stating they were forclosing that I did not qualify for the bail out they had promissed. So I got help in my town someone who know the ropes and could talk to them. The company said that I needed to make one thousand more a month. After all that I went through after making payments on a loan I could not afford eating one dollar Wal-Mart pizzas for dinner every night for 12 wks just to make sure I got my payments in on time. I am told that I had to pack up and leave. I get everything out and I get a bill stating I needed to make a payment of two thousand dollars to bring my loan current. Why would I do that if they are only going to take the place away from me??? They are a case of one hand not talking to the other and they do not help people they hurt people. I got the letter from them they were forclosing on December 12 of 2009 it was the best Christmas gift to get... Nationstar does not help they hurt I got another job and was abnle to make the payments they had suggested and still they said they were forclosing. I got six letters from thier attorney stating I had to pay up or get out. By paying up he said I had to pay the whole amount owed to them, Also; I was told every laate charge would be dropped and it wasn't dropped it was added and the 180 thousand dollar loan I had gotten to get the house is now 217 thousand nothing I paid went towards the original loan. I had been paying for 7years.

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