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Malace HRJob offer

I Received a phone call from MalaceHR who found my resume online about a job opening for a contractor at one of the big 3 automakers. It was a mid to slightly upper level plant position in the area of $70k annually that was needed immediately. After a 10 minute conversation I sent them my resume, the position was for a specific area of expertise, and basically one that only required that skill set. My previous 15 year position included this skill set (plus many more) and I was extremely good at performing it, at a much higher level, and for a much larger firm. Days/weeks went by and I received nothing from MalaceHR, they would not return emails or phone calls. I contacted their corporate website asking why do not their local offices respond or return phone calls (especially since they contacted me), I immediately got a bunch of emails and apologies from the Troy office, letting me know that there "girl" had been out of the office, and they were still waiting for status from the contractor on the position. After another week I started emailing and calling them again, NOTHING!! So again I copied an upper level corporate person in one of my email queries (all of which were polite and professional) about an hour later I did get an email response, but by accident as the Troy office employee had "replied to ALL" (don't you hate when you make that mistake?) This email basically was the local office telling the corporate office that after looking at my resume " They "figured" out I was only a lower level group leader, and never worked for the client I claimed" and to forget about me" Which was hilarious as I was a SVP for the largest Real Estate Services Corporation in the world, and managed a Global project for one of the big 3 automakers, and salary was twice of that offered. If anything I expected an "I was over qualified and would not be happy doing such a minor job". All this proves they never spent one minute fact checking my resume, or contacting a single SVP references listed on my resume. So if you are an employer looking for a candidate from them, odds are you are getting someone they never checked. And if you are a looking for a job, do not waste your time, as they will not represent you on your behalf, do not follow-up, and will talk about you behind your back. Very unprofessional.

Malace HRThey took my money

I’m working a temporary assignment for Malace international. The company name I’m placed at is Linc located 340 141st in Hammond, IN. The company office manager came to me with a opportunity for promotion from a clerk to lead position. I accepted the position it came with a pay increase.

I started the position on May 7, 2012 after getting paid 2 weeks later and the pay increase did not reflect on my check she said let her email upper management. I finally received the correct pay on June 1, 2012 and June 8, 2012. when I got my check June 15, 2012 and June 22, I noticed that a deduction for overpayment had came out of my check.

I went to see the on site HR Recruiter Ken Leppek which then told me that they took my money because one of upper management at Linc approved the position and another didn’t so they decided they wanted to faze out the position on 1st shift. He said let me explain to you the way it work they pay us we pay you. I told him that wasn’t my fault. I did the work that was required for that position so I deserved to be paid for it. I don’t feel like I should be penalized for something that had nothing to do with me. He told me they both assumed the other had told me about the decision that had been made. I told him that was fine if they wanted to faze out the position but they can’t just take my money when I already did the work for it.

I have gotten no where with the company management a lot of unanswered question and not returned calls. so I decided to file this complaint because they need to be held accountable.