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Jaguar Luxury HairOh.Yeah.I am biased

And even though I have never met Janelle, personally, I do order from her 2 or 3 times a month for my customers over the phone. So I feel like I know her. I am pleased with and proud of her story, her company, and her products.

Oh..Yeah.. I am biased..I refuse to walk in and purchase anything from people that follow me in their stores. And talk to me like I am an animal. Some of you sistas can do it, but I can't. I challenge you to show me any group of people, Asians, Mexicans, Whites, etc that will go and buy their chopsticks, tacos, or guns from a store that treats us like we get treated in these beauty supply stores. So yeah I am biased.

Just keepin' it real


Jaguar Luxury HairGreat Products and Customer Service

Dear Janelle,

This is Jackie from Stone Mountain. My mama told me I just couldn't keep my tongue to myself. And she was right.

I just read through all the posts here about you and your company. And I have to say to you and everyone else, your products are great and your customer service is absolutely wonderful. I have been using them since 2008 Bronner hair show. You have wonderful products. OMG..No hair has lasted like your brazilian soft remy hair. No hair matches the texture of hair of women of color like the Jaguar Brazilian hair. Some of these women come into my salon and ask me to blend some of these other brands in and it looks like when Kunta met Becky. I have used every brand out there. And still do if the clients bring it in. If they ask me what I prefer, I always recommend Jaguar hair.

I am going to keep it real here. After reading these posts I am sure of a few things. None of these women bought the Jaguar Luxury virgin indian, the Jaguar Luxury Brazilian Soft or the your lace wigs. These women are lying with a definite purpose. Come on. One lady says she normally buys $240 a bag hair? Another said she has never been late on her rent. Please. And unfortanetly, I am sure that all these posts were made by African-American women. The 100% human remi straight and loose deep wave are good products for those on a budget. Your loose deep wave is the only wavy hair I have ever used that goes from wavy to straight and back to its original wave without any problems. Just like in fashion, you can buy a Ralph Lauren Chaps sport coat or you can buy a Ralph Lauren Purple label. All made by the same company but different products. These women kill me with '... I bought something at this price and compared it to my $240 a bag hair I usually buy...' (lmao). All my customers can't afford virgin indian or your brazilian or a lace wig, so they buy the straight or loose deep wave. And they are pleased with the value they receive. What is the truth is that you do provide a better value than what they get from the beauty supply stores.

Just keepin' it real...I met one of the owners, Vic. I told him at that time. #1 The koreans are not going to carry your products in their stores. #2 Black consumers are going to hate on you and your company extra because you are black. I have been in the black beauty business for over 20 years. I work as a platform stylist for the korean companies. And this i can promise you. When I had my own skin care line, the haters almost lined up to spew hate. No other group of people will do that to themselves like black people will. Don't forget they hated Oprah when she started. I was working for Tyler Perry when he started doing plays in Atlanta. They booed him. They booed Maxwell in Atlanta. Even Carol's Daughter, which is sold in Sephora now, still has a bunch of haters blogging about how they hate it. (Go Lisa)! You can't stop haters. They work overtime, punch in early, and don't leave for lunch breaks. Just like Oprah, you are going to have to keep moving forward and let them watch you continue to move onward and upward.

Just keepin' it real...If any of these sistas have been wearing hair for more than 5 years, they have worn some hair they didn't like. I want any one of them to show me a post they have made on another company or another brand. They can't and they won't. Each one came exclusively to post this 1 post about your 'black' company. Furthermore, I have used all the brands in my salon and on stage. You can find negative post on any and every brand you also find positive glorifying comments on. OMG. Some customers love Lugo's in New York and some post say it is trash. Each persons experience is going to be different. The Jaguar Remi straight hair has lasted some of my clients 3 or 4 weeks. That same hair has lasted some 2 to 3 months. It depends on a lot of factors that is not up to the stylists. If they want the miracle hair, they should pay the miracle prices.

Just keepin' it real...All these posts came after your company was featured in the Chris Rock movie. This I can promise you. They hate more when you are moving forward and past them.

Just keepin' it real...When I started my salon in Stone Mountain, I found that all the negative comments were being made by people who were in competition with me. I just kept it moving. And when I was featured in Essence, I just asked them if they needed a napkin to wipe the drool from their mouths.

Just keepin' it real...I can promise you..WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU, NO HATER CAN TAKE... They are just mad that a sista is making it through this recession and they are not. They are just mad that you figured out how to break into the hair extension game when no other black company could. Tom Joyner Show, Michael Baisden show, Chris Rock Movie, Oprah Show, your star is rising no matter what the haters say. My baby Luther was booed from Appollo. You guys keep making quality products at great prices. I just looked through my email and see that I was order #107 in March 2008. My client just ordered online and she was order #3815. Over 3800 online orders and these 5 or 6 haters want to try to make it seem that this is everyone's experience.

Janelle, ask them if they would like some 'hateraid' to drink with that crab mentality they keep chewing on.

Just keepin' it real


  • Te
    terrancemom Feb 25, 2010

    Ok, so you are saying that this is decent, if not good hair? I am not looking to keep a weave for months, I am really just looking to take some of the stress off my own hair and wear a cute weave for about 4-5 weeks. Right now, I can get 2 bags of this hair for $70. I have $350 hair under my sink that I will probably never wear again...two different kinds so that is $700!!! I am just looking for something cute to rock and was thinking about the Deep Loose Wave. I change hairstyles every few months so I am not trying to pay outrageous prices for my next "transformation". I have read all the negative comments on this site as well as others and I can't help but think that I have blown $70 before, and it sure beats spending another $100+/bag PLUS installation for something I don't keep but a hot minute.

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  • Bl
    blakelovly Mar 02, 2011

    I came on here to read a review about this company but i run into a racist comment instead. I dont think it has anything to do with the women being
    african american. Nobody wants an cheap product or bad customer service. Your review was helpful but alittle upsetting. Even if you are african american yourself.

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Jaguar Luxury HairScam

I ordered some hair from this website called about 2weeks ago and I changed my mind the next day of my purchase. My husband and I spoke with a lady by the name of Janelle to cancel the order and she specifically told me that they did not charge our card. Our rent was do on the 1st of the month and we were short and that never has happened to us before, so my husband went to the bank to get a bank statement and Jaguar Luxury Hair has charged our card. So we called them back to inform them that our card has been charge and Janelle is still telling us that they did not charge our card but the bank teller is trying to let her know that it has been charged from them. Its been a lil over two weeks now and Jaguar Luxury hair still hasn't put are money back on our card... Please everyone be careful what you order on the internet especially they are so unprofessional, con artist as well a scam.

  • So
    soulsista1 Feb 11, 2010

    Come on with the lies. I am sorry I am progressively getting tired of the these lies on top of lies. You buy hair and you don't like it before you have even tried it. wow? And now your rent is due? But you have never been short on your rent? Come on stop lying. You ladies kill me with ...this is my first time...i have never been short before... Well I have been short on my mortgage, car note, and daughters tuition before. Stop the lying. Especially in August when all my clients use their money to buy their kids school clothes.

    Lie #1 If I spent money on hair online when my rent was due, I would at least know the correct name of the website. That is wrong and so I am inclined to believe you are lying.

    Lie #2 Girlfriend... the US Government is a short right now.(lol) But you have never been short?

    Lie#3 YOU WENT TO THE If you order something online, then I believe that you have access to the internet. And if you have access to the internet, you can check your account online. I do hair for some of the movies made in Atlanta. Your story is more made up than what I see on the screen.

    Now you start this over by telling the truth. If you hate them because they are black then say it. If you hate yourself because your hair is kinky and you want it to be straigth, then girl just say it... Tell the truth.


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  • So
    soulsista1 Feb 11, 2010

    Big LMAO...You know you need to stop that lying. That is not even the correct website. Would like to have a little more garlic and butter with that crab mentality. Kick a natural and watch your man pay that rent.


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  • Da
    .Dazha24. Feb 14, 2010

    What they pay you soulsista1, a bag of hair and you get the other one free to tell a dang lie about their products/hair???

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  • Bk
    BKMomma Mar 19, 2010

    I agree with you .Dazha24, soulsista1 works for them and gets paid to lie on the posts. But I told her to go ahead and post a picture of herself and she wont do it because she might be the same person standing behind the counter if we were to walk into the store in Philly. LOL, she talks big sh!t but has yet to prove who she is. Pay her no mind, we know what happened to us (by her bosses) and I know what action I am going to take. So keep pressing them for your money or do like I did and file a civil suit against them.
    You listening so called soulsista1, you might not have a job soon because that ### company you work for and ### you kiss (Ms. Brown-Nose) is going under!!! You ship is sinking dirt ball, better find another wagon to ride, d!ck rider!!! Lolololol

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  • Re
    Reeni Mar 27, 2010

    Well I don't work for them and I have ordered the hair at least 3 times and I've never had a problem, which is why I buy it. I have family in Philly so that's how I know about the company. I live in VA now so I've ordered online and never had an issue. The wet n wavy was so nice, I had that twice, but it's no longer in stock.
    @.Dazha24. Sometimes banks [email protected]#k up or withdraw charges and cause issues, but if the company really did charge you it sounds like a customer service issue like the right hand didn't know what the left was doing rather than a scam.

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  • Bk
    BKMomma Apr 05, 2010

    Where you at Soulsita1? Its obvious that you work for Jaguar Luxury and know whats happening, so you did the smart thing and stayed off this site. At Reeni, it could be that you have gotten good hair from them and that is good because you didnt waste money and were lead to believe something that wasnt. But all these people cant be wrong or making it up. I know that for me when I was ordering the hair, I was planning on how it was going to look and how I was going to style it to go out on the weekends. I even bought 2 shirts (because the hair was a reddish color) to bring out the color more. Once I got the hair I dyed my hair to match the weave and then put the weave in. I went through ALL of this because they lied and said that the hair can last for over a year. It lasted less than 3 days and I had to cut all of it from my head and dye my hair black in a few days. I was getting ready for that yet I was taken for a ride, lost my money and had to order 100% human hair from my trusted place. This is why I am very angry with Jaguar Luxury and I am working on a lawsuit right now. They will pay me for my lost money, and if I choose to I will sue them for their lack of customer service and how they treated me everytime I called. I am glad that you didnt have any issues with them. You are that 1%. You can check out the reviews on and on and they have pages and more pages of how bad this hair is. I should have read it first before ordering. You live and you learn.

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  • Pa
    parislove Sep 03, 2010

    Well I am a pending new customer to jaguar luxry and I will not be purchasing anything from them because it does seem like they do have some issues and the ladies that are getting all over the lady that is complaining it is somewhat obvious that aw do work for the company. Thanks soulsista for posting your comment on this bad experience it saved me some loss probably.

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Jaguar Luxury Hair — A matted mess

I have been wearing and installing weaves for 15 years. I normally purchase my hair from a company called...

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