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HomeCenter.comHomecenter.com is a cleverly disguised drop ship business

Homecenter.com is a cleverly disguised drop ship business. They attract as many customers as possible with low prices, then attempt to collect large drop ship fees or order cancellation fees. Homecenter.com is rated F (lowest rating) by the New York Better Business Bureau.

The Danze bathroom faucets that I ordered were advertised to be in stock but turned out to be discontinued and no longer available from Danze. After 3 weeks, Homecenter canceled the order with Danze without fee to them, but charged me a 40% cancellation fee (25% for restocking + 15% for return authorization). This was despite the fact that the product was never stocked, never shipped, and never returned by anyone.

Don't let their advertised low prices fool you. You'll be very sorry if you place an order with Homecenter.com.

HomeCenter.com — What a horrible experience and I don't think this is over yet

I ordered a faucet July 7th, first told it was available, then that it would ship in two weeks, after 4 week...

HomeCenter.comScam Operations

Like most others, Homecenter.com lied to me about the item I ordered being in stock. After ordering, I got their standard email response informing me that there was a 2-3 week lead time. When I called their order line, posing as a new customer, they again told me the item was in stock. When I then informed them that I had already ordered the item and asked when it would be shipped, they passed me on to customer service, which apparently does not exist because nobody answered. Ultimately they refused to cancel the order without a 25% restocking fee, so I waited patiently for shipment. After 3 weeks with no shipment, and with Homecenter ignoring all requests for an update on shipment status, I checked with the product manufacturer Danze and discovered that the item had been discontinued and that the items replacement would not be available for at least another 4 weeks. Unable to wait any longer, I was finally able to get CEO Brian Okin to cancel the order, but only after charging me a 40% fee, 25% for restocking 15% for return authorization. When I explained that there was no restocking or returning involved, Mr. Okin explained that Homecenter does not make money on fees, that they charge fees only because the manufacturer charges them fees. I then checked back with Danze and was informed that Homecenter had cancelled the order and that Danze had charged Homecenter no fees. When I passed that information back to Mr. Okin, he informed me that since the order had entered the shipping process, it was subject to a 25% restocking fee and that he would not discuss it further. When I informed him that he charged me 40%, he offered to reduce it back to 25% if I would agree to the charges. I decided to dispute the charges instead of accepting his ridiculous proposal. I then ordered the product from another retailer that actually did stock it, and I received the item in 3 days. <br />
<br />
CEO Brian Okin is a pretty good con artist. He will tell you that “he has been in biz for over 10 years and that he offers the lowest prices on earth and great customer service”. In reality, you’re only a customer until you place your order, then you’re a mark. After he gets your money, you have three options: 1) Wait an indeterminate amount of time to receive your order and hope he ships the right product, which apparently he often does not based on other reviews, and the return process is really a nightmare, or 2) Pay him a large undisclosed additional drop ship fee for having the product shipped from someone other than the manufacturer in presumably a more reasonable time frame (but you shouldn't count on that), or 3) canceling your order and paying a cancellation fee of somewhere between 25% and 40% of your order total. After you click the Buy button, none of your options are good. If you pay with a credit card, you can usually get your money back by disputing the charges, but it’s an unpleasant experience so it’s best to avoid it altogether by simply avoiding Homecenter.com. If you’ve read this, please tell two people and tell them to tell two people. If word is spread, we can eventually run this scam operation out of business and prevent other unsuspecting people from being victimized.<br />
<br />
If you still have thoughts of ordering something from Homecenter.com, I encourage you to read the complete email communicatons that I had with Homecenter CEO Brian Okin at the following URL:<br />
<br />
http://www.mixsoftware.com/HomeCenterFool.htm<br />
<br />
This email communications reveals the true character of CEO Brian Okin and the company he runs.<br />
<br />
If you would like to read countless other complaints, I encourage you to visit the following URL's:<br />
<br />
http://www.resellerratings.com/store/HomeCenter<br />
<br />
http://www.complaintsboard.com/?search=homecenter.com&everything=Everything<br />
<br />
/URL removed/<br />
<br />

  • Ho
    Home Center Fool007 Sep 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I absolutely agreed with the reporter: I went through the same terrible experience by purchasing from World homeCenter.com. I ordered three Kohler items from HomeCenter which charged to my credit card prior to shipping/not shipping the merchandise. Expected delivery dates are not specified or unknown. I placed my order on July 31 and received the Kohler Shower and Tub Filler on August 9. Two days later I received an email from HomeCenter requesting for an additional $40 for each of the Kohler faucets which they claimed had discontinued. They asked for my approval so that they could proceed (to order the Kohler faucets from other stores). I sent them 3 email, left 2 voice mail and finally talked to Shelbee Dickens to cancel the order of the two faucets. The answer was NO- I could not cancel the order. She promised me that her supervisor would call me back in 40 minutes, which, as expected, never happened. Since then, I have never heard from them. I feel being cheated: on one hand they claimed that the Kohler faucets are discontinued; while till date, on their Web, this model is "in stock" and sold for $161.91 (the price when I placed the order). Other than a deliberate scam, I can't see what service Home Center aims to provide. I called my credit card company and filed a dispute complaint. I then ordered the two Kohler faucets from Amazon.com which charged me $189.10 each and had them delivered promptly. Do not deal with Home Center!

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  • Ne
    Never again HomeCenter! Jun 03, 2016

    I sincerely wish I had found this website before ordering my sink and faucet from HomeCenter.com. Unfortunately, I checked out NetTag and a few other sites which I have since discovered, remove the really bad reviews, so there is no way you will ever know the truth about these deceptive online companies. I had a sense that HomeCenter.com's customer service was not the best, so asked Lawrence, the sales guy [I'm pretty sure this is a two or three-man operation in a warehouse in the dregs of NY somewhere] a number of questions about their return, cancellation, and other policies; their delivery times; which items were in stock and which were not. I spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone to be certain that they were reliable, honest and would do what they promised. After feeling assured [he blamed all past problems on naive customers], I went ahead and ordered $1, 500-plus worth of products which I was told were in stock with exception of one item which was on its way in. They said it would all ship out in three weeks together and that I could cancel, add or subtract at any time with a full refund. HA! Boy was I duped. A nice sounding sales person does not mean honest, as it turns out. It was all a front.<br />
    <br />
    I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach the next day and then finally two days after I placed the order I called a local distributor of the products and they told me that some of these online companies are questionable for a variety of reasons and that I should call the manufacturers to find out if they will even warranty their products ordered through the the company. So, I picked up the phone and did just that. As it turned out, the man was right. HomeCenter.com is on a number of manufacturer's 'bad' lists and they highly recommend that you do not order from them as they have no idea where they are actually getting their product [the manufacturers I spoke with said they are not selling to the company, so the goods could be stolen or who knows what]. So, I immediately called HomeCenter.com to cancel my order. What I fool I'd been. <br />
    <br />
    I will keep it short, but suffice it to say that they had no interest or intention of refunding my money [they charged my cc immediately - even though it was not to ship out for three weeks], lied, played games, shipped the merchandise AFTER I'd cancelled it in various shipments for as much as 10 days later and continued to push the products on me one by one with no refunds per my request. They threatened me with restocking fees, cancellation fees, and more. I just stuck with my original request and immediately filed a dispute with my credit card company. My package sent back to the CC company in regards to this dispute was 31 pages long !!!, and it took me eight hours to write because the communications and games from this company were so excessive. They changed claims a number of times, made no sense in their communications and everything was to their benefit until they realized I'd filed a dispute, then they started to make counter offers. And yes, it was Brian Okin who was the game player at the other end. [I'm quite certain they only have two or three people in the company as I never found anyone else other than these two.] WATCH OUT!<br />
    <br />
    My credit card company has returned my money against HomeCenter.com's will and they continue to bug me with various offers to resolve things even though I have my money back. REALLY SCARY STUFF. Here is the bottom line: THIS IS A VERY SCARY, POTENTIALLY CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF SERVICING YOU TO YOUR BENEFIT. THEY ARE ALL ABOUT TAKING YOUR MONEY! And if you do receive product from them in good order [lots of luck], be assured that the manufacturer will likely not warranty it if there are any defects down the road. <br />
    <br />
    I wish someone had warned me. I've spent nearly 40 hours dealing with this situation, lost a lot of sleep, and am terrified of what they might do with my credit card information. THESE ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE. THEY ARE USERS, LIARS AND CROOKS. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION UNLESS YOU ENJOY DEALING WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE OUT TO RIP YOU OFF!<br />
    <br />
    Honestly, they should be put out of business before more people get hurt!

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HomeCenter.comScam masquerading as legitimate business

Avoid this company like the plague. All products are in stock ready to ship unless you order them, after which there is a minimum 3 week lead time unless you agree to pay an undisclosed amount more to have it shipped sooner. They charge your card immediately, then offer to cancel your order for a 25% fee if you decide not to wait an indeterminate amount of time for the product to be shipped. Unless you are placing a new order, they will ignore most of your calls and emails, occasionally providing you with a ship date that will come and go with no shipment and no further response from them.

  • Ca
    CarK84 Feb 02, 2010

    Avoid this company like the plague. All products are in stock ready to ship unless you order them, after which there is a minimum 3 week lead time unless you agree to pay an undisclosed amount more to have it shipped sooner. They charge your card immediately, then offer to cancel your order for a 25% fee if you decide not to wait an indeterminate amount of time for the product to be shipped. Unless you are placing a new order, they will ignore most of your calls and emails, occasionally providing you with a ship date that will come and go with no shipment and no further response from them.

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  • De
    dean.collins Feb 17, 2010

    Whatever you do dont deal with http://www.homecenter.com/ i placed an order with them for a Grohe tap part on Jan 5th.

    When it still didn't turn up by the 19th of Jan I called them to query what had happened.


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HomeCenter.comrefund problem

I ordered and paid by VISA for two water filters and the wrong filters were shipped. So I returned the merchandise after obtaining their authorization to do so and was charged a second time when they sent out the correct filters. The merchant wanted to charge me mailing fees for the return and restocking charges even though they made the error. After several emails, that was straightened out. But I did not receive a refund for the returned merchandise for 3 months despite repeated calls and emails. To get the refund, I had to file a complaint with VISA, and submit various papers proving that I was authorized to return the merchandise, that I had done so, and that Homecenter.com had received it, . Once the VISA complaints department received the paperwork, they credited my account and deducted the amount from Homecenter.com in 3 days. I would not do business with Homecenter.com again under any circumstances.

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HomeCenter.comBilling/Customer Service

Do not purchase anything from this internet retailer! After placing an order for a medicine cabinet which was expected to be in stock, it took a week and half before they confirmed that it actually was not and that there would be a 2 month wait from the manufacturer. After having to wait more than half an hour just to get through customer service to confirm the delay, I was told they did not have authority to cancel the order and that was handled by another department, thus another long wait. Even after contacting cancellations, they tell you not to order somewhere else as they have to confirm to ensure the cancellation which takes another few days. Despite being told by two reps that I would be refunded the entire amount of my order, I was charged a 4% cancellation fee, which I only noticed after checking my credit card account. It was the worst customer service you could possibly imagine. Even if they may advertise some of the lowest prices, it is not worth everything that could go wrong, which did go wrong. Buyers beware!

HomeCenter.comWorst Company Ever?

They shipped me the wrong product, after months of waiting. I called to get things straightened out, then they charged me for a replacement that was never delivered. Its been 6 months and I'm waiting for my refunds. Its impossible to speak with anyone in returns as they only take calls on Wednesday??? Christina is worthless and should go back to her job at the fast food restaurant. I will never order anything from them again, nor should you!

HomeCenter.comCharged cancellation fee after over 2 months and product not shipped

Avoid this company like the plague!!
I ordered a sink and was told it would ship in 2 weeks. My credit card was charged immediately after the order.
After 2 weeks I was told it would ship in another week or two.
Finally, after getting the runaround for several more weeks I tried to cancel the order. The CEO, Brian Okin, called me personally and told me the item was going to be shipped from their supplier the following Monday. Guess what, it never was shipped and wouldn't ship for another 3 weeks. I cancelled my order. My credit card was credited the full amount minus 4%. I ordered the rest of my money but was told by Brian that is was a "cancellation fee". Avoid this company at all cost.

HomeCenter.com — Fraud

You have a choice; send your money to homecenter.com, or flush it down the toilet. (Flushing would be more...

HomeCenter.combeware beware

Please beware of this horrible and deceitful online merchant. We ordered a kitchen sink May 2008 and they shipped out the wrong sink. They will not come out to pick up the sink and will not credit our visa. I have complained to Christina, Sherry, Domonic, and the owner Brian, both by email and telephone. Christina will even put you on hold and not return. It is really horrible customer service. They tell you there is a problem with getting an RGA number, and will tell you it will be approved in 48 hours - it has now been over 3 months.

HomeCenter.comDo not honor return policy!

I thought I was purchasing a complete bathroom sink & pedestal base from HomeCenter.com. What I received from them was just the bathroom sink top with no pedestal base and the sink was not the correct size. HomeCenter.com's website listed the wrong dimensions for the sink top, and the sink I received without the base was a full 10' shorter then advertised. I contacted Homecenter.com to discuss these problems. I was abruptly told that the base was not included. The base was shown in the picture as part of a complete package, and nothing was noted in the description that indicated that the base was not included, and even the base dimensions were included. I was also told that the there was nothing they could do about the wrong size problem.

I want to return the sink top,since it is not what I ordered. HomeCenter.com is charging me for return shipping and a restocking fee of 25%. Their return policy, described on their website, clearly states that incorrect items will be returned for no additional shipping charges and there is nothing mentioned about a restocking fee. I have left 4 voice messages and sent 3 emails to Stacey P., HomeCenter.com's customer service representative. I have received NO RESPONSE from her or anyone from the company. They are refusing to respond and deal with this situation in an honest and expeditious way. There lack of professional business behavior is shocking and frustrating. I believe that I should be able to return the sink top that is the wrong size and incomplete with no base without being charged an additional fee. I hope that this compliant will encourage someone in within HomeCenter.com to respond to this situation.

  • Ci
    Citlalin Olivares Jan 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HomeCenter.com has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I agree with the comment above, lack of professional business behavior is shocking and frustrating. NO BODY will call you back or write you back if you have a problem. I bought a Grohe Valve Trim, they said they will ship it to Puerto Rico thru USPS with no Shipping cost, after a month of not receiving anything I noticed my bank account was successfully debited, not only by the price of the part but plus a UPS shipping fee. Anyways the order has never arrived. I've emailed this person [email protected] but he or she never replies, I've called twice to customer service and they just dont want to deal with the problem and they argue they sent it to the P.O. BOX which I check every single day, and the P.O. BOX returned it !!, although they have no USPS probe that they did, nor a airwaybill or tracking number.
    DO NOT BUY FROM HOMECENTER.COM customer service is terrible, they will not help you solve any problem.

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