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Great Atlantic WarrantyWarranty not honored

I purchased an extended warranty in May of 2008 for a 2005 Cadillac CTS which I had just purchased used. I now have to have some repairs done to the car but I am being told that the contract was voided. I contacted a representive about this matter but they have not gotten back with me to explain what the problem is. The service contract is honored by Trac Guard, but they can give me no information other than a phone number to contact Great Atlantic Warranty. The contract price was paid in full in May of 2008. I am attaching the documents that I received when I purchased the contract. The original phone number on the contract is no longer in service. The number listed in the complaint was given to me by Trac Guard. The contact number for Trac Guard is [protected]. The attachment shows that the contract I have was issused by Trac Guard. The Great Atlantic Warranty attachment also indicates that the contract price was paid in full. The second Great Atlantic Warranty document tells what services are covered. I have requested a credit card statement whic I should receive in about 4 days that will show the payment to Great Atlantic Warranty.

Warranty not honored
Warranty not honored
Warranty not honored
Warranty not honored

Resolved Great Atlantic WarrantyFraud and scam

I was riped off almost a year ago by great atlantic warranty. The attorney general in Florida is supposed to be investigating this scam. I have not heard from them since Nov last year. It looks to me like GAW is going to get away with stealing my $1900 along with a lot of other peoples money.

Where are the people responsible for this scam, AND why can't the attorney generals office do anything??? It's no wonder there are so many scams out there in the country since there does not seem to be any punishment for them. Where are our law makers and law enforcers and what are they doing about this? It seems nothing.

Great Atlantic Warrantyowed money

beginning of summer isent 850$ to u guys 4 a down payment to cover any problems i had with my vehicle, my name is zachary klear, coverage was 4 a 95 plymouth voyager. ive spent some time on the internet and found numerous people u have riped off in the past. basically heres the bottom line, if i dont have a ###ing check in my name by the end of december im gonna bring this to court, ive already got a lawer who well lets just say he guarantees me this case will be won.. i ve saved 4 a long time 4 this and i will not be takin advantage of by a low life insurance company, iaddress is p o box 343 larkspur colorado 80118, my email is [protected] make no mistake, if my $ isnt here by january i will persue u 2 the fullest extent of the law. contact # [protected]

Resolved Great Atlantic WarrantyThey should go out of business

I got a call from Great Atlantic Warranty recently when I just went thru 2 defective fix with my Passat. The girl asked me what makes Passat, and this was my first suspicion that they've never worked with VW. I told her I'll need to check with my dealership, at which point she said this was a final courtesy call. Then, I agreed to talk to their "Support Manager". He got down my CC information but, not my VIN since my VIN# was in the car and I refused to go into my car to look. Before I called him back, I checked with my dealership and it's not thru them, and my coverage is still good until 2013. I immediately called my CC company to be issued a different card#. Nothing was charged in my CC. In any case, if anyone want to harass them, I have 2 phone#s for you:

Account Manager: Michael Mcgroaty: [protected]

Support #: [protected]

  • Da
    daniel Jul 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Whats the complaint?? Did they do something wrong? It sounds like you were the one that made a mistake. I have personally never heard of that company, but why would you encourage people to call and bother them. Thats not really nice. Just because you were confused doesnt mean that girl wasnt doing her job. I bet your the same guy that complained that MCDONALDS coffee was too hot.

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  • Pa
    paybackisamother Sep 28, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I used to work with them when they were actually a good company. I no longer work there Im a family guy. trust me I know and feel your pain i know what they do. But the person behind the bs is more political than the actual workers. They just try to sell, the people that screw you are the owners and managers, and the owner is Mike Zamborous, He is linked with the mob and lives in deerfield beach florida. Their home base is in Boca Raton, He has 3 lawyers to try and protect him but the attorney generals are all cracking down on him because of his methods of selling they illegally use Random Dialers to call random people on cell phones and try to talk you into buying the warranty that is way over priced.Dont get me wrong full coverage warranties are good, but the others are bs with their terms and conditions, Cristin is mike z's right hand girl. She helps him make his quick bucks. They are also tied to an office in clearwater florida called National Business Communications, where they were also called Certified warranty services. they sell direct choice. But the thing is is mike z pays warranty companys about 500 for a policy. he sells them to you for 2195 and higher. Here lately he has been greedy and not paying the warranty companies but yet taking your money. he has to use random people to open his offices because he cannot. but the KING OF YOUR MISERY IS MIKE ZAMBOROUS He cares about nobody and takes money from everything He should be in prison for stealing sooo much of your hard earned money. His other right hand man is Richard Smith. He managed G.A.W. In Winterhaven fl. David Giorginio is the guy behind the clearwater office. All of these wanna bee greezy mobsters are self centered ###. Ill get you their phone numbers and addresses. richard smith: .863 - 557-5500 . DAVID GIGINIO AND Bobby Veniro 727-538-3830 .

    6413 Congress Ave., Ste. 250 # Boca Raton, FL 33487
    thats the headquarters address.
    they have offices in California, Pompano fl,

    They do not pay your claims, fine print sucks. they get you bad. I know. I sold warranties for a year and a half with them untl some of found out what they do.

    take advantage of old people, , talking them into getting their check books. its sad.

    Sorry correct spelling is mike zambouros

    Burn this guy. Hes so illegal that if they find him its done.

    He has not been paying direct choice, or his taxes. dont get me wrong american mercury are good warranties. if thats the policy they set you up ith. so please dont not respect them . they are reputable. Just no the middle man that great atlantic warranty is. and changed their name to north american warranty solutions so people wouldnt see what g.a.w. was about on the internet. and dont forget right now they closed the office in winterhaven and all you info personal info vin numbers cc numbers are all jut layig around. Be CAREFULL.

    AND THEY DO NOT use do not call lists. I know you know. but it was us writing down your name with a pencil ona paper if we felt like turning it in we did and then the lazy chick Michelle lopes the ADMINISTRATION AND VERIFICATION LADY WOULD THROW I AWAY YOU CAN FIND HER AT

    THATS HER PERSONAL MYSPACE ACCOUNT. She was the woman you would get verified with and she ran your credit card through and shes the one that ignores your calls when you want your refund**************

    Shes a dirty bi*ch

    She deserves to get sued as well.. She would actually laugh at you guys when you called back in to get your refund. 1 888 290 9711 ext 240 was her phone number.

    Im trying to think of what else i could use to help you guys try to build a case to get your money back... If you need anything else let me know.


    Please dont be angry at me, when they were legit i was a good sales man and was honest. when it started turning sour i left.

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  • Ga
    gaff Oct 14, 2011

    all factually incorrect!!! Disgruntled employee who was probably a ### and couldnt keep an easy job GAW was a 100% legitimate company Go get a life !!!

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  • Jl
    Jlm1983 Apr 13, 2016
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    Verified customer

    You must be an employee for them still or a friend. Because GAW was a scam. I worked at the Winter Haven office too and witnessed first hand the corruption inside of that place. When I figured out what was really going on, I left too.

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Resolved Great Atlantic Warranty — Rip off

I bought an extended car warranty and thought it was great but RANDY WEBB in boca raton, fl; the guy who sold...

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