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GRC Vita PowerLiars

Agreed to a trial offer of 2 Vita Power vitamins after ordering Sheer Cover over the phone. It came with no receipt or instructions on how to return product, or that I would be buying into a subscription of 120+ dollars for the vitamins each month.

I accidentally stumbled onto websites lodging complaints against GRC Vita Power online and called them immediately to cancel my (unauthorized) subscription. They assured that it would be done and I would not receive any more vitamins.

One week later I received another lot of vitamins in the post, so I called to complain. They said I cancelled the account one day too late, that the shipment was out by that time, and that I would be refunded my money minus P&P. I asked how much the P&P was and they said $3.99. They recommended delivery confirmation too.

Today I went to the Post Office only to find out that the P&P was $7.02, and delivery confirmation was 80 cents. So I had to pay $7.82 just to return the bloody damn thing.

The saga continues.. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

GRC Vita PowerTook $63.79 unauthorized out of my checking after I purchased Sheer Cover.

I tried Sheer cover and then received vitamins in the mail. I tried to contact the company that sent them after they charged my checking account $63.79! The number had been disconnected And I cannot find any web site except this complaint board. I am disgusted with companies like Sheer Cover and others who take advantage of their customers by selling them out. There should be a law against this. I am writing my Congress man I suggest that if it happens to you that you write to yours! We have to stand up against this new form of Buyer Be Ware, this is the new age and the old time laws do not protect innocent people like us. If anyone knows where these people are and how I can contact them please Email me!

  • Ju
    Julie Tuck Jan 07, 2008

    I too am being charged on my credit card $33.94 a month by grc vita power program for something i have not ordered since i had tried SHEER COVER Makeup which i have send back > Help how can i stop these charges?

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  • An
    andrea cardoso Jan 09, 2008

    the some happening whit me,have 11,99 us in my statement this month in my hsbc credit card.i no pay for this.

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  • Am
    amethyst Apr 11, 2009

    Call Guthy Renker customer service, they will give you the phone number to cancel the vitamins, plus the number should be on the label, and on your credit card statement..

    next time LISTEN when you order, it is fully disclosed, most people don`t listen when they order the product.

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