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My horrible experience!
This spring I signed up for Google Ads. I agreed to a $300 a month limit. Everything seemed ok for three months.
Then BAM! I checked my American Express statement on line. WOW! Google billed me for over $2, 000.00 within about 15 days. I immediately contacted American Express and put a permanent STOP Order on Google.
When I contacted Google the rep said that I had started a new campaign with a $300.00 dollar a day limit.
Yep, that's $9, 000.00 a month. I am retired and have a small company part time. My Social Security is $1, 100 a month.
I have sent Many certified letters to both American Express and Google. All responses have been lame, incomplete and do not address my inquiry of OVERCHARGING me. I have recently had a meeting with my counties Small Claims Court. They have agreed to allow me to file a law suit. I will be following my courts procedures. My personal cell phone is 314.581.0514 ask for Alan. p.s. This reminds me of how Wells Fargo entered thousands of illegal accounts into their system by means of their employees being promoted to engage in the illegal activity.

Google AdsThese Ads by Google are fraud.

The Ads by Google are scamming us into authorizing a $1 charge to the credit card where over 30 days later the charges keep coming up (but from different companies associated with Google) and are a lot more than $1. They had me for a moment because I would buy anything for a $1 (but is a lot different). So...buyer beware! A $1 is not actual in the virtual world. Cash and carry from now on. Good lord Google...are you that desperate? As for the Ads on this page itself, they are just as guilty! Especially the Identity Theft Protection! Yea you. Strike 3 and you are out!

  • Pa
    Paul Feb 01, 2009

    They have taken an unauthorised payment from my credit card of $20.00 this however has cost me $35.00 in bank charges this is not the first time they've done this and when I complain to them I get unsatisfactory replies and no refund

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  • Su
    susan Jun 08, 2009

    another fraud scheme involing the 1.97 for a cd. didn't even receive an e-mail confirmation but they immediately took out the 1.97. I have tried calling their number given to me by my bank fraud department. No one answers, their website is non-existent.

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  • Ge
    georgiaspur Jun 23, 2009

    Susan you need to watch your credit card or stop payment for this sweettracking co. Another fellow posted a notice and said that after the trial period they will charge your card $70.00 and will continue to do so on a regular basis.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Twaddle Aug 19, 2009

    I gave my debit card number to buy a $1.97 kit for online google ads, now I find out they will be deducting money from my account every month. I tried to cancel but they tell me they cannot find my account and to call back. The women I was talking to did not speak very good English. She kept asking me to spell my name over and over and gave me a hard time, saying she could not find my account.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Washington Aug 19, 2009


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  • Yo
    Yotam Solomon Dec 05, 2012

    I was asked to be removed from the mailing list and was directed back to the initial menu option, asked for a supervisor but was told she was out of the office. What telemarketing office has one superior that's out and why can't they remove me from the mailing list?!

    It's illegal not to remove someone from a mailing list further more was never told to do so by using other outlets ie by Internet, simply ignored completely!

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  • Ca
    Cat45 Apr 23, 2013

    Google ads are covering over news articles that I would llike to read. About half way down the article, google ads are covering up several paragraphs. I cannot move them over or close them. What gives? They are all over the internet in every news media article. I do not recall them being in the articles. just over to the right. Can this be fixed?

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