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FWM Laboratoriesunautorized cc charges

I responded to a 'free trial' for the product. All I had to pay was shipping and handeling, which I charged to my credit card. There was no information that I saw that indicated I would be charged later if I did not return the trial order within fourteen days. I was surprised to see a $40.00 charge on my account when I received my current statement. It was charged under a different id than the shipping charges, so until I called the telephone number on my cc statement, I didn't know what the charge was for. They couldn't refund my money because I was supposed to have agreed to the additional charge if I didn't cancel within fourteen days. I went back to the website and still could not find the 'fine print' that tells you to cancel in fourteen days. This company should be closed down.

Resolved FWM Laboratoriesscam - how do we start a class action suit?

I ordered the 2 products with a coupon for only $0.99 each - no shipping even. The products never arrived then 3 weeks later my debit card was charged twice for $87.13 each and shortly after that 2 bottles arrived. I was told I would be refunded for products returned unused. So I never opened the bottles and returned them to FWM Laboratories in Florida. I tracked the packages and see that they were received and signed for. That was in October 2009 (It's now February) and I never got the refund. I tried contacted them many times, it's a miracle to get someone on the phone there. Round and round you go through the never-ending prompt menu. I tried BBB, but to no avail. It seems there are many in my situation. Does anyone know how to start a class action lawsuit against these dirty theifs? They stole my money and I am not ok with that.

  • Di
    DiannaB Apr 15, 2010

    I totally agree!! I went through the same thing, only my amount was for $169. Have you managed to find a way to get your money back?
    Dianna Hanson
    [email protected]

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Resolved FWM Laboratoriesdebit card charges for products never ordered or received

Dishonesty is the best (most lucrative) policy according to the practices of FWM Laboratories, 2007 Greene Street, Hollywood FL [protected].

In early November, 2009, out of curiosity, I responded to one of many internet ads for acai berries and a colon cleanse offered“ risk free” by filling in, as required, my name, email and home address, and Visa debit card number. The only charge was $.99 for shipping/handling. No other charge was listed nor notice given that fully priced products would be sent every 30 days if the “subscription’ (by default) was not actively canceled within a limited time period.

On 11/02-03/ 2009, two separate emails gave November 06, 2009 as the scheduled delivery dates of MaxAcaiBoost, priced $0.00, authorization Number [protected] and Probiotic Cleanse, Authorization Number [protected], also priced $0.00. These two “free” products were delivered. However, on 11/23/2009 my Visa debit card account was charged $78.62 and $86.42 for two products listed on my account as TOPHLTHLINK [protected] CYP. The product label and phone number for this product did not match the labels for the “free products”and the customer service number, [protected], provided in the emails.

A significant drop in my checking account balance alerted me, on 01/02/2010, that I was the victim of a fraud when I found to my astonishment a series of charges, only the first two, $.99 each, dated 11/04/2009 for XTREMEBERRI 8772055816CYP and REVAMPDETOX 8772348488K could be accounted for as Visa debit card expenses I had consciously incurred.. Subsequently I learned that without notifying me in a delivery schedule email or otherwise, that on 11/06/2009 FWM or its subsidiaries had charged my Visa debit account a total of $166.04, the full price, apparently, of these “FREE” items advertised on the internet..

On 12/04/2009, my Visa debit card account was again charged $86.42 for SUP WEIGHT MAX [protected] OH and $79.62 for SUP COLONCLEANSE 862767906OH. I did not receive delivery of either of these items, nor was I notified –as in the case of the two “risk free” $.99 items in early November shipment – of a delivery schedule.

On 12/07/2009, my Visa debit card account was again charged $86.42 for SUP WEIGHTMAX [protected] OH and $79.62 for SUP COLONCLEANSE 862767906OH. I did NOT receive delivery nor an emailed delivery schedule for these items or any other acai berry or colon cleanse items at any time in December. After the initial delivery in early November I did not receive any further deliveries in November or December. At that point, according to my calculations, my Visa debit card account had been charged for products I never received a total of $502.07, including a delivery charge of $3.95 posted on 12/07/2009 for what had been advertised by FWM as “free” with only a $.99 delivery charge.

Using the various phone numbers listed in on my statement I contacted FWM several times on 01/02-03/2010 to no avail, except to close the account on 01/02/2010. I was repeatedly lectured by preprogrammed robots that this was company poicy. Fraud, dishonesty, for FWM is clearly their only, very lucrative policy.

FWM Laboratoriesfraud charges to credit card

I checked out their web site and then received and telephone call at my home phone number and agreed to order the "trail" order for $5.95
When I received and had taken for 5 day it made me sick so I called well within the time limit given and canceled was given two (2) cancellation numbers, one for each "trail" order, was told the order would be canceled.in checking my bank account found the were charging me 2 x $79.97. I called again after 45 minutes on the phone was told the order was canceled, 2 days later they put a charge thru
My bank of $159.90 (2 x $79.95), again I canceled and now I am being told I must collect the bottles from my trash and return the bottled to them in order to get my refund. After reading all of these complaints... Not so sure. I would advise everyone to never order from this company. [protected]@bellsouth.net

  • Mi
    Michael_Blake Mar 21, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After cheating so many people and embezzling them "FWM Laboratories" has again started business as:


    Beware of these URLs!

    You can't trust them and should not order any products in order to prevent yourself from being fooled by these FRAUDS.

    BBB.org Complaint Board Reference:


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Resolved FWM Laboratories — fraud

These people stole my money. They charged me for a product I didn't even order and then gave me the...

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Resolved FWM Laboratories — scam

This company phishes off of facebook with a lin to their site. . Offers you a so called free trial. . Which...

Resolved FWM Laboratoriesscam — resveratrol ultra

I have had the same infuriating experience. I just filed a complaint with the better business burea. The local department that will be handling it can be contacted at 4411 beacon circle, ste. 4, west palm beach, fl 33407. You can call them at [protected] (day) or [protected].
I have been charged a total of $93.81 and have received one bottle of 60 pills. So... That's about $1.56 per pill... I also tried to cancel my order within the trial period and could not get through. After my account was charged, I called the company too. I spoke to two or three different reps. Who were all so extremely rude and heartless. They alluded to the existence of a refund department but refused to give me the phone number for it.
If I am charged anything more, even a penny, I am going to completely lose it. Nothing makes me angrier than this type of injustice!!!
Please, everyone, file a complaint now!!!

  • Em
    Emily Hughes May 27, 2009

    I have had the WORST experience with FWM Laboratories and Resveratrol Ultra. I tried to cancel within the 15 day trial period, and never, ever got anyone to pick up from the number given on the bottle. Then I researched all I could on the internet, and found they have scammed hundreds of people. I just got a charge on my credit card for $87.13 and I am so ticked. I am filing a complaint with the BBB. But I am frustrated by the fact that I can't get through and therefore can only assume that I will keep seeing these charges on my cc. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

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  • Dm
    DMKennedy Nov 16, 2009

    I was also scammed by FWM Laboratories. They are a very dishonest company and will not remain in business. They can only get away with being a crook so long before it catches up with them. They don't list their name online. I wonder if there's a way to get them off-line so they don't continue their practice. I even sent the product back, but didn't put the RMA # on it. The rep that I spoke to said nothing about an RMA #. I was on chat with the company for a while tonight and got no satisfaction. A local station in the Dallas/Fort Worth area just ran a story on them...that's how bad a company they are.

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Resolved FWM Laboratorieswheat grass cleanse

I placed an order for a trial of Wheat grass cleanse and the Acai Berry Detox pills on February 24, 2009 for a trial offer of $3.95. I never signed up for any more shipments or an auto withdraw from my credit card. On March 16, 2009 I was informed by my cc company that 2 charges in the amount 87.13 were charged without authorization to my account.

This has put me over on my credit card. I am furious about this and would like reimbursement.

I have called the [protected] and [protected] numbers on my credit card bill and cancelled my "subscritpion" which I never signed up for.

Dollie DeVaux

  • Ma
    Marcia Mar 23, 2009

    Same here, today I was trying the order for acai berry and got a rude customer service person, I then asked to speak with a lead representative or supervisor a gentleman came on the phone with the biggest attitude, "Well Maam I cannot answer that question", I then asked for a refund and to cancel my order, he told me that he can cancel my order but he cannot refund me my $3.95 I said yes you are going to refund my money because you are hiding something or either you are not trained properly to answer customers questions.

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Resolved FWM Laboratories — acai berry detox

Same as the rest of the crowd, charged for product that i have not received and I can't get my money...

Resolved FWM Laboratoriesacai berry detox tablets

Jan 2009 I purchased this product claiming to be endorsed by dr oz, oprah, and rachael ray on a small add on the side of the newspage I was reading online. The online testimonials claim significant weight loss and feeling of well being. After trying this product for a few weeks along with the recommended intra cleanse system I did not lose any weight. I gained about 10 pounds. I noticed being fatigued, headache, dizziness, ringing in my ears and significant loss of concentration about 20 - 30 minutes after I took the acai berry detox. I also felt disoriented. I did sleep much sounder at night but did not feel rested in the morning. I felt much better when I didn't take it. I canceled my account with fwm laboratories feb. 26. I spoke to "frank" (I doubt that's his real name) said no further charges would be put on my card and no further shipments would be sent. He gave a confirmation number and I asked him to e-mail it to me also. I was told that him giving me the number was enough but I insisted he email it to me also, confirming that I cancelled my account with them. I will have to wait to see if they did in fact close this account. I've read many complaints today against this company for not honoring customer cancellations. Please, do not fall for this as I and many others did. The people pictured and the testimonials for them are swapped around to make you think they are from your area then you see their picture on another popup with a different city or testimonial attached. I feel that this is an expensive scam and I hope you don't fall for it too!

  • Am
    Amy Feb 27, 2009

    My future orders were supposed to be canelled also the money was even put back in my checking account but five days later it was taken back out again they also gave me a conformation number and said the were going to email me and never did now I am trying once again to get my money back and cancel and more orders.

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  • Mr
    mrs margaret edwards Jul 29, 2009

    i was willing to send for free trial a for acai berry but did not want to buy any i have been charged 74.pounds 39pence i did not want any more could i please have a i have a refund plz as im 70 and couldnt afford to pay for some t hing that i did not ask for mrs margaret edwards 121fairview road newtownabbey co antrim bt366qn n/ireland

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  • Mr
    mrs margaret edwards Jul 29, 2009

    im not happy that you took 74 pounds 39pence 118.63 dollars out of my credit card without my permission

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Resolved FWM Laboratoriesacai berry all natural cleanse

There is no free trial because you cannot contact them to cancel. When I got something other than voice mail, which was never returned, I was first told they had no record of me ordering from them even though my credit card has been billed twice. The next day I called again and was told the number that came with the order was not that of FWM Laboratories. That is when I found this web site and found the # that Kadie posted. [protected]. I talked to someone who said they would cancel future shipments and she gave me a confirmation number. Besides this being a scam, the product is extremely overspriced. I found some at CVS pharmacy for only 9$ That is a difference of 76$ difference! I hope this posting will prevent someone else from wasting their money.

  • Cg
    cgordillo Dec 23, 2008

    I got the free trial of this product and then canceled the product within the 15 days of having it. I was still charged the 88.13. I called and talked to a guy that was hard to understand named Alex. He was not very professional, and he assured me I would receive my refund within 72 hours. He said I would be receiving an email conformation from the billing department. I never got one, and I never got my refund, now the number I reached him at isn't working. I hope I eventually get my refund, but I doubt it.

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  • Ru
    Ruth Giaimo Dec 24, 2008

    I also ordered the Acai Berry and received my free trail. One day later there was a payment posted to my account and no phone number or email address to stop payment or cancel. They give you no way to contact them and you don't even know if the product woks. You have to dispute it after paying for it with your card company. It's a total scam. Buyer beware.

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  • Mr
    mroz Jan 15, 2009

    Acai Berry - Want to return product. I can not reach them after several attempts. I was on hold up to 30 minutes at a time, just to be disconnected. There is no way to reach them. I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop them from charging me. I returned the product to the address on the label.

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  • Pa
    Paige Nichols Feb 05, 2009

    I also had the same experience. I ordered Acai Berry but decided to cancel my order. I bumped into this no. online 866-949-0138 and made a call. The representative was accommodating. He called off my order and even me granted a refund.

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  • Li
    lisa Feb 17, 2009


    one way to try and stop them is if eveyone filled out this form and sent it to the attorney general of florida it may make a differance and shut them down

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FWM Laboratories — unauthorized charges and fraud

I have done my due diligence and fulfilled my obligation to this company, complied with the Terms and...

Resolved FWM Laboratories — acai berry

I am now reading the the same story that happened for me that occurred for others before me. This is hardly a...