FWM Laboratoriesunauthorized charges and fraud

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Verified customer

I have done my due diligence and fulfilled my obligation to this company, complied with the Terms and Conditions that were posted on the internet site and they continue to bill my credit card company.

In addition to billing me for a product that I have cancelled well within the 14 day period, they have chosen to bill me twice for the amount of $87.13 for merchandise that I am not receiving nor do I care to receive.


  • Gl
    Gloria Dec 11, 2008

    I agree with the other postings. use extreme caution when even viewing the info. I put in my CC info and then looked to see what their charge for bottle was. When I saw that the listed it at $81.+ per bottle, I decided it was not for me and NEVER clicked to complete the order. No matter. A few days later (11/17) my "wish fulfillment" arrived and an charge for S&H was posted to card. I attempted to call the listed # (the ask that you "CALL US FIRST!!!" ) - however, no one answers and it disconnects several times. Now they are auto-shipping even before a 30 day window completes. I plan to notify my CC company to dispute the charges. May even have to close out the account in order to block future auto-ships.

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  • Qu
    quirky Dec 12, 2008

    I ordered a free trial sample of the Acia Berry Cleanse. I was to be charged $3.95 from my debit account. After receiving the product and trying it, I was to either cancel the subscription or continue with it and be charged $87.13 each month there after until I chose to stop it.

    I never received the sample product, or anything else from their company, and was charged $3.95 for the sample and then charged another $87.13 by this business two weeks later.

    I called the number given to complain. [protected]. The first several times I called, I received notice that their mailbox was full. Once I received an actual person that put me on hold for eternity with horrible music.

    I called several times more times, then found another number online. I did speak to some sort of very unprofessional representative... and am hopeful I will receive my refund.

    This company is absolutely horrid and the experience is very unsettling.

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  • Ph
    phorning Dec 13, 2008

    I asked for the sample but didn't see anything that said they'd send out more or that there was a committment.
    I was just browsing the web when I saw a complaint saying they used your credit card to continue shipping to you if you don't cancel but I am finding there isn't an address to send a cancelation to and I couldn't get thru on the phone number my credit card company supplied.I sent a letter to the address on the back of the sample bottle but now I'm reading that it's fake.
    I also sent an email to Oprah as it reads on the web that this is Oprah's diet secret.
    Now, I've canceled my credit card but I'm still stuck with the 87.13. I don't see where anybody has lost any weight. In fact Oprah says she gained over 40 lbs.
    I've been had.

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  • Ch
    christy Dec 15, 2008

    This is a huge scam. I actually have talked to someone twice and both times they said my order was canceled and yet today I received my free trial. I am telling you it was good to find this site. I am taking every action necessary to end this ridiculous scam.

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  • La
    Laura McCracken Dec 17, 2008

    I ordered a free trail of Acai Berry Cleanse, this ia a total scam. I found out that if you try something for free and they ask you to pay for the shipping with a credit card, thats the scam, as they will probably take unauthorized funds out of your account now that they have your card number. These guys did just that. I paid the $3.95 for shipping and then they took 87.13 from my account, a fee I never authorized and I didn't even recieve the FREE sample at that point. I want my money back and I have no idea if this product even does what it is suppose to do.

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  • Le
    lenoflouisiana Dec 17, 2008

    I have also had the same exact problem. I called today and spoke with a lady that says they will Credit my account. I'm really worried it won't happen. Please let me know if you get your Credit back.

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  • Da
    Dayday Dec 17, 2008

    I agree with the comments above. When I received the sample, there was a note to call first [protected], if I had any complaints and/or concerns. I called the number and the machine said that no one was availble to take a call and just to leave a name and number so they could call me back. No call. So I called again the next day and the machine said that it was full and could not take any calls. I called the day after I received the merchandise, December 10th, within the 14 day period. Have not heard from anyone of them and cannot communicate with anyone of them. I do not want my credit card charged for something I do not want to receive.

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  • Kb
    kbeato03 Dec 17, 2008

    i completely agree because when i ordered i never recieved any paper and then when i found there website i contacted them and an answer machine came out saying sorry but this persons mail box is full([protected]). i never knew that a 1800 number can have a full mailbox. well my complaint is that i ordered the free trial and paid for it and then i found out that i was charged the full price of 87.00 before the 14 days were even up. i believe that this is not fair because they didn't even give me a chance to test the free trial to see if i wanted to continue to use it. i believe that i have been scammed and i want my money back.i have not heard from them at all. if they charged me the free trial and 87.00 on top of that i should be recieving a supply of the pills but its been a month and i have not recieved anything.

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  • Ka
    kadie Dec 18, 2008

    I too called the number recieved in the package for the FREE trial. I did some further research and found this number and address for the company that produces the pills...
    Acai Elite
    2495 Stirling Rd #20
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

    Tel: [protected]

    They answered the phone, and cancelled my order. They also put in for a refund of the previously charged 87.13. I am to recieve and email confirmation. Hopefully this will do the trick. Good luck everyone!!

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  • Gl
    GloriaM Dec 18, 2008

    Cancel your credit card!!!

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  • Le
    Leeann Dec 21, 2008

    my bank called to say a charge of $87.13 was put on my card twice on 12/20. I called billing of FWM Lab in N.Miami Bch, FL, the small print says need to cancel w/in 14 days. I only received the trial product on 12/13/08 my computer order shows 12/05/08 to when I put the order in, now they charge me the full price for a month. I called billing and got confirmation numbers, but I will be going to my bank tomorrow and canceling my acct just in case.
    The customer service center in India sure don't know what they are doing nor do they care.
    Where is the Better Business Bureau?

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  • Ta
    tahni Dec 21, 2008

    thank you, kadie!

    i called this number also...after calling the [protected] and she told me they were cancelling the charge. b/c it was still a pending transaction she could keep it from going through. WE SHALL SEE!

    its ridiculas they put the charge through 11 days after i ordered the sample. what the heck happened to 15 days????

    i sure learned my lesson. you cant trust anyone!

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  • An
    Antoinette S Dec 22, 2008

    I order the free trial of acai berry and agreed to ONLY pay $3.95. I decided not to take the pills and return the unused bottle. I was not able to get through to anyone. The phone would either disconnect or I would hear a message stating the mail box is full. On Dec 18th I found a pending transaction for $87.13. I had to go to the bank and explain that I have a pending tranaction, that wasn't authorized. NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS BIG MESS. DO NOT ORDER THESE PILLS.

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  • De
    desiree Dec 22, 2008

    i also ordered this product and the same thing happened to me 2 days later i cancelled my order and just yesterday they took 87.13 out of my checking account i had to cancel my ACCOUNT I CALLED THE PHONE NUMBER FOR THIS SO CALLED FWM LABORATORIES AND A RECORDING DAID IT WAS A NONWORKING NUMBER BIG TIME SCAM

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  • Li
    Liz Dec 22, 2008

    I recieved the same problem you have, I tried to call 1 week after I ordered from the number they gave me on the page in the fine print and they told me they had no record of my order and then 10 days later the product came in the mail with a diffent # to call on it . When I called that # the phone just rang with no answer. So I did my research and came across this page where Kadie left the # she found on it . I called and cancelled the account we will see what happens now . Thanks Kadie I was so mad, this site is a scam the bottle they sent me looks nothing like the bottled I saw when I ordered the free trail. Thanks again Kadie.

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  • Cj
    cj5 Dec 23, 2008

    I have also had the same problem and will be filing a dispute with my bank today! I have never received the sample I paid for that was $3.95. Friday I was looking at my bank account and was charged $87.13 for something I never received. I did get a hold of a live person Sun. night. Her name was Ronda. She assured me my account would be credited. It hasn't. Thisis ridiculous. I wil report the to the BBB. It took me forever to locate a number to call. I kept getting a fast busy signal or mail box was full. I am furious and will never do this again!

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  • Je
    Jennifer L. Dec 24, 2008

    WHAT CAN I DO TO GET THE $87 BACK? I'm on disabilityand this cost along w/ a bank charge puts me in the hole for $120!!! I need this money to live and for doctors. If anyone has any help for me PLEASE POST
    I'm in tears on Christmas Eve and this Christmas was tight anyway, so NOW Jan. 09' will be terrible too!!!

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  • Li
    Linda Pekol Dec 28, 2008

    I saw testimonial on AOL for Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse free trial for shipping fee. When these products were delivered I was on vacation for 10 day. When I returned I discoved the products in my stored mail and that my credit card had been billed for these products. When trying to call the numbers listed I discovered the numbers were no longer working toll free numbers----FIRST CLUE! I tried several numbers after searching Google and found [protected] at which I spoke to Alex. Explained there were to be no more orders shipped to me and absolutely no charges to my card in the future. I asked for confirmation of this be e-mail and am waiting to see if it works. I have sent back all products unopened registered mail. Best advice DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM ANY COMPANY THAT SETS YOU UP WITH THIS TYPE OF SOLICITATION.

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  • Jo
    josh Dec 29, 2008

    We got a free 30 day trial and ended up getting charged $87.13 the next week. We tried to cancel but was unable to because the number was disconnected. We got ahold of someone on the website that we googled but she was no help because she said she never had anything on us. We ended up finding out that the number we called was a cell phone. No legitimate company uses a cell phone as a contact number. We are filling a case with our bank now and probably going to file a civil lawsuit against this so called company.

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  • Dl
    Dlarosa13 Dec 31, 2008

    I just received my 14 day trial and I already have an $87.13 charge on my card...This is ridiculous. I have called and cancelled my "membership". I told the person I spoke with "I just received my trial - how are you going to charge me for an addtional supply that I have neither received nor am due for". She said she would forard my info to billing and I would see my account credited in 7-10 days. I think I will cancel my card just in case they "feel" like charging me more. I have seen that written here a few times and I will gladly take any and all steps to make sure I don't go through the same trouble others have gone through. Thank you for helping me out.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Hatch Dec 31, 2008

    I ordered the acai cleansing product knowing that i had 14 days to cancel.I ordered Nov 20 on Dec 1 there was a charge
    87.13 to my checking acct.I tried to call and cancel I had the same problems as everyone else!what do i do?

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  • Te
    Teresa Jan 02, 2009

    I have also had the same problem and am on the phone right now waiting. I have taked with my credit card company and the fraud department and I hope to get to the bottom of this companies problem. I now have 87.13 plus the 3 dollars and change for the free stuff I was suppose to get but never did and can't get anyone to talk to from this company.

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  • Vi
    Vicky L. Cherry Jan 03, 2009

    Order on line 2 products of Acai berry. Detox & Colon Cleanse. Never received Colon Cleanse. My account was debit on 12-22-08, $3.95 for each product. Then also on 12-22-08 my acount was debited $.05 for each product.
    Today 01-03-2009 my account is being debited for $8713 for EACH product. They were not given permission to do additional debiting of my account and I did'nt order any more product. I tried calling and no one answers. I went on line and found all the fraud complaints from custome about the same rip off of their banck accounts.

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  • Vs
    vscott Jan 03, 2009

    same happened to me. I finally got through after holding for approx. 15 min. customer service rep assured me the $87.13 would be return to my account in 7-10 days. today an unauthorized charge of $2.61 from my account after being told that the account was cancelled and no future charges. I even got a confirmation #. HA!

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  • Dj
    DJs Jan 04, 2009

    I received a call from my credit card company and they saw 2 charges that were not authorized by me. One was made on Dec 31, 2008 for 87.13, and the next was Jan 2, 2009 for 69.95. The Dec 31, 2008 was charged in a grocery store in Israel I was told by my CC company. That is when they became suspicious of the illegal card use. The other was an online electronic store. I hadn't made any purchases using that card for over 1 week. The cancelled the card and are sending me forms to submit for fraud, unless they deem the fraud for themselves, which sounds as if they already knew way before I did.

    I performed a search on the web to see other people were charged the unusual amount of $87.13.
    I saw this amount as far back as 2006 recorded for a cosmetics scam, which makes me think this company keeps changing their website, contact info, and products to keep roping in people to steal from their credit/debit cards.
    Rule of thumb, never use debit cards online with a company unless you know they have a stellar reputation, you may not see any money back in your bank account. Plus good credit card companies tend to catch fraud quickly and will protect most people from the thieves taking advantage of them multiple times.

    I was upset to think someone in Israel is stealing money from all over the web to fund their operation and raises added concern for the use of their profits.

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  • Ja
    jan Jan 04, 2009

    Thank you Kadie for a number that finally worked. I too had the same problem. An unauthorized $89.74 was charged to my bank account on 12/26. I spoke with "Dru" on 1/4 who claims has cancelled my account with FWM, and is refunding the money to my bank account. I was told the additional $2.61 was S&H charges. Had they made it clear there would be ongoing shipments or charges, I would never have even accepted the trial. Will see what happens now, or will be reporting to BBB as well. I have made several online purchases in the past, but never have been scammed before. I think I will stick with local merchants from here on.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Jan 05, 2009

    Can someone please tell me how the charge showed up on credit card. I may be able to go in and stop bank from processing. Was it FWM Laboratories?

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  • Ax
    axewoundv2 Jan 05, 2009

    This same exact thing happened to me. I agreed to the free sample at $3.95 and they withheld $87.13 from my bank. Now I suppose I have to report a fraud along with a dispute with my bank who's charging me overdraft fees because of this bull. I got the Acai berry detox in the mail, but I never DREAMED that I would be charged $87.13 . I guess now I'm never going to order something without researching it.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Jan 06, 2009

    i only ordered the trial of ACAI BERRY to try on 11/23/08 for $3.95. but $87.13 was charged on 12/07/08 to
    my credit card and has been billed twice since 11/23/08 for $87.13 when i called my credit card provider about the charges she advised me that another charge had come in since i received my bill yesterday (01/05/09). my credit card provider gave me these options: to send in a dispute letter and to block future charges by canceling my cards and having new ones issued, i did that 01/05/09 when i got my statement! we have had our cards for years and i'm so careful about charging anything and this was an internet order. i've been unable to make contact with them using the [protected] i just got this when i called : the voice mail box is full and cannot take my call. my credit card provider gave me another phone number that appeared with the second charge of $87.[protected]) i got a voice message to leave a message and they would return my call. no one has called as of yet and i don't believe they will. I'm mad as hell about this and I'm not going away. I will report them to the FLORIDA STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE, THE FBI'S INTERNET FRAUD DIVISION.

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  • Gs
    GSwetow Jan 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello, same exact thing happened to me, but before I tell you about, I must add something
    When I first stupidly ordered this stuff online, I ordered this Acai berry detox and some OTHER bottles. They BOTH said, s/h only. No mention of money
    On 11/19 one of my credit cards was charged $5.95 for Herbal Groups. I rec'vd 8 bottles of stuff, Intra cleanse and Multi Vitimins and Miracle Pills ...don't I wish. I realized the error of my ways and called them. Let me know if you need their number. They said, "you may mail them back within the first 14 days". I did ...I forgot to check my credit card to see if they credited me until right now...so, onto this Acai berry stuff, I got it today and thought "hmmmmmm, that sure took a long time from the end of November when I ordered them other stupid pills. I came on here looking for them in google and what do I find? THIS SITE and then I read someone got charged $87.13 I do have 2 charges of $87.13 on this credit card
    one is for Acaiberry Detox phone number [protected] and the other is for Lipaphen? have no idea what it is?
    same amount? $87.13?
    okay, sorry this is so lengthy
    I called the Acaiberry people, oh my gosh, held on phone for 23 minutes. A lady answered, I knew I was in trouble. I explained the situation, told her she'd be sorry if she messed with me, that I was getting ready to type an email on a site that was already nailing them
    She started babbling in ??????? and I said, "please slow down, I cannot understand you"
    the b8888 then proceeded to talk like you do when someone is hard of hearing enuciating each letter . I knew I had to keep it cool in order to get my money back
    she continued this slooooooooooow speech pattern and I lost it and said some bad things
    bottom line
    call the 86 nunmber above
    don't order again online without going to Google
    Google knows everything
    Happy new year
    let's hope no new charges come onto our cards
    lesson's learned

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  • Ma
    mary jane davis Jan 06, 2009

    I have called 3 different telephone numbers, keep getting the run around. This is a scam, there has to be a way to stop them. They have taken money out of my account that was not authorized. Total of 179.00. There was no free trial, never received product. I spoke with a Michelle that said money would be refunded. Will see what happens. I have also reported them to BBB, please everyone report them!!! mjd

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  • Pa
    Paula Jan 07, 2009

    I signed up for a "free trial" of acai berry and a detox plan. I was charged $3.95 shipping for both products on 12/21/08. It is 1/7/09 and I have yet to receive the trial products. I received a call from the credit card company's fraud department ascertaining whether 2 new charges were fraudulent. FWM Laboratories had charged my credit card $87.13 and was attempting to make a 2nd charge but it was blocked by the credit card company. I called FWM and was told I would receive a refund for the $87.13 in 10 days but it would not refund the shipping. They stated that I had not cancelled the membership in time and that was why $87.13 was charged to my account. They also stated that the free trial had just been sent out yesterday (1/6/09). How can I cancel a trial that I have not even tried the product? When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that there was a queue of 20 people waiting to speak to a supervisor and then they hung up on me before getting my contact information. The company address is FWM Laboratories, 2040 NE 163rd St., Ste 305, Miami Beach, FL 33162.

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  • Na
    Nat Jan 08, 2009

    Your 14 day trial begins when you order... So then they begin charging. My bank turned off my card until i contacted them after the first charge. Tried for a week to contact them no answer. Finally got through, cancelled and getting my charge back...will see on that. Luckily it was still pending for $87.13 they said "that it would not go through". As for the Acai berry... Seems to be doing what it says. Have definitely cleansed me, belly fat is shrinking. Pounds lost 4. Now to see if i can get through the rest of the bottle and still lose... Definitely not going through that company again. Will try to find at stores if it works.

    : )

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  • Be
    Bessie Jan 08, 2009

    I ordered this free trial on 12/18/08 and received it on 12/31/08. My debit card was charged $87.13 on 1/5/09 (only 5 days after receipt of Acai Berry Detox). I had not had time to even try it or to cancel the order. I calleld the toll free number on 1/8/09 and spoke with Billly. He said he would cancel my subscription and refund my purchase price in 7 days. He gave me a confirmation number, so I'm waiting to see what happens in 7 days, then I'll call back if I've not received my refund.

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  • On
    one1inamill Jan 08, 2009

    I just received two un asked for bottles of berry detox and tried to call the [protected] number includedin the package and it is no longer in service. so I guess tho only other solution is to dipute the charge with the bank.

    hope enough people see this and avoid getting burned

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  • Vi
    victoriak Jan 10, 2009

    I have tried all the numbers I have only to get the run around and getting a message due to a high volume of calls the wait time is 3-5 minutes only to be waiting 10+ minutes. If anyone has any other numbers please let me know. Thanks
    Also I went back to the website where I ordered from and I received a totally different product. Now sure where to go now. UUUGGGHHH

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  • Ch
    Chucka Jan 12, 2009

    I ordered this free trial also and with in twenty min of ordering I canceled the order. After I thought everything was o.k. they sent me a package and I did call and got a RMA number and sent the first package back. They were supposed to credit my account the shipping charge of $3.95 and they never did. I have called the credit card company and they are disputing the charges also. Another package came to me in the mail a month after the first one. I have called every number that has been given and when I seen that there were more complaints I found this number [protected]. I just got off the phone with this number and they are supposed to cancel my order and refund me my money. I can say with all the number i have gotten the farthest with this one. I did let them know that I have documented everything and that they are being flagged as committing FRAUD. I also let them know that my lawyer would be contacting them over there unauthorized charging to my credit card. Out of this whole ordeal I have learned a lot. I will never order before researching the company and probably wont order off line any more. 1/13/2009

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  • Je
    jeanedmunds Jan 12, 2009

    I also was scammed by this company and have contacted the BBB in Florida. If we get enough complaints to the BBB we will see results.

    Information for BBB
    4411 Beacon Circle, ste 4
    West Palm Beach Fl. 33407

    Phone nuber [protected]

    website www.bbbssoutheastflorida.org

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  • Mo
    MO2 Jan 12, 2009

    PLEASE do not fall for this scam!!! Take it from me, and all the other victims. I received two bottles of Acai Berry Detox, and never received the Life Cleanse. I tried to call and cancel time and time again, only to have music played in my ear minute upon minute. The one time someone did answer, they "couldn't hear me" and told me I would have to call back later. I packaged up the two unopened bottles and sent them back with a note informing them that their 24/7 customer support line was a joke. Today, I have two charges of $87.13 each on my account, and have had to cancel my card so that they cannot put any more charges on it.

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  • Sa
    Sarge Jan 12, 2009

    I was charged the $3.95 for shipping and handling of the free sample on my December credit card statement. Today I received another bottle of the ACAI BERRY which was not ordered or authorized. I got my credit card statement out and tried to call the number listed for that charge, like others I got message -mail box is full. So I said I would call my credit card company, I told them I authorized a one time charge of $3.95 for free sample. To my surprise I was informed that there were two charges for $89.74 on my account. I explained the situation to my credit card company agent and read some of the complaints listed on the Internet about these people. I was assured that the charges would be taken off my account. So if charges are on your credit card account, contact the credit card company and explain what these people are during to our citizens.

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