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Foto ConnectionFraud and cheating

DO NOT be tempted to purchase anything from They will not ship your order until you confirm it by calling them which is only done to try to sell you accessories. If you don't buy the accessories they will switch what you purchased to a less expensive model. Here's my story...

I ordered a Nikon Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED IF AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikkor Lens and to my surprise they did not ship it within a few days as any other reputable online merchant would do. Instead, they called me several days later under the guise that they needed to confirm the order (yeah right) and attempted to sell me some lens filters. They told me they were running a half price special only for that day. Since I was at my new job and didn't want to start googling to research and I wanted to get the lens before my son's karate belt test which was coming up in a few days, I hastily approved the accessory. When I got home and realized that I should research the price, I found out that they were charging me significantly more for the lens filters than what I could get them for anywhere else online. I e-mailed them and told them to cancel the lens filters but send me the lens. For several days, I kept receiving an e-mail confirmation which included the lens filters. There were two buttons to choose from which was accept the order or decline the order. To no surprise, the accept button was a live one but the decline one was a dead link. Several e-mails later of trying to cancel the lens filters and keep the original lens order did not seem to work. I finally sent them a scolding e-mail to cancel the entire order and I also told them that I was going to send a letter to the US Attorney General's office to request them to look into their sales practices. The next thing I know, I received a confirmation e-mail with the lens filters off, but the lens they now switched to the Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED IF AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor Lens. The difference is that the lens they were now sending did not include the VR (which is vibration reduction) and this lens was like $30 or more cheaper than the other lens I ordered, however the price of the order did not change. I sent them another scolding e-mail telling them not to ship the lens and to cancel my whole order and if they did ship it, I would just reject the package and dispute any charge with my credit card company. Well they shipped the lens and I rejected the package as I told them I would. They ended up crediting me over a month later but the credit was for 15% less than the original charge which they said was a restocking fee. This was totally ridiculous considering I didn't even take possession of the package let alone open it (besides everything that I went through). I ended up disputing the difference with my credit card company and got back the money (hopefully they charged them back).

Stay away from fotoconnection and pay the extra 10% or 15% to deal with a reputable company. In actuality, you're really not paying more since you won't get that price from anyway. You'll just end up paying the same or more and be forced to deal with an unethical company.

  • Valerie Sep 26, 2008

    After you make your initial purchase on line they call you for "confirmation" then comes the pressure sales pitch to get you to alter your purchase. I ordered a Canon Xs digital camera, although the invoice stated usa model I received the kiss f (japan) version. The package I chose came with 2 lenses, the sales man told me on the phone that the lenses were cheap plastic ones made in china and recommended I upgrade to the glass ones for $230 more and they would upgrade the battery from the "starter" battery to a long life battery.(that I later found out came standard with the camera) I refused the 2 lenses and was immediately offered to upgrade just one lens for $80 plus the free battery. Like a fool I accepted this one. next came the push for the extended warranty, after refusing, the price went from $119 to $59 I didn't take that either. when my camera arrived it only had the upgraded lens no zoom lens. I got to checking the invoice and they removed both original lenses and added the "upgraded" lens. MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING WORD FOR WORD THAT THEY SEND YOU. The upgraded lens ended up being a cheap non canon that I have found on the net for $59. So I went from a usa model with 2 lenses, one zoom, one standard, to a japan model with one cheap made in China lens and it cost me an extra $80. Do. not trust then for anything read, read, read. I could have seen the one lens had been dropped if I would have reread the entire invoice word for word. When I call to try and correct the problem I was told I should have known what I ordered and to be happy with the deal I got. By the way you can return it for 15% fee.

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Foto ConnectionRipp off

To Make the story short
You order a Nikon kit with a body camera and a lens that goes with it. The kit cost 700$ which is a good price for a relatively high end SLR.
You have Chad on the phone who processing your order arguing that you need 100 $ upgrade for "a real autofocus lens" . After number of calls he even argued that nikkor lens are not nikon lens!!! Then they process the order with a lower end lens for the same price. I succeeded to cancel the order

Foto ConnectionHorrible service. Bait and Switch tactics

I wonder how this company is STILL able to be doing the same things to consumers over and over??? Who is the consumer advocate that will shut them down??
I didn't see all of the complaints on this site before I purchased a 65 inch sharp aquos television from their website. I was called within 10 minutes of hitting the "send" button, with a hard sell to upgrade my shipping and to purchase a warranty. When I refused, I was verbally attacked. When I still refused, I was told that I had to sign a waiver, saying that any damage done to the set would NOT be covered and would be at my own peril. I said, "Fine, send the set...I will take the chance." Two days later I got another call with the same pitch to upgrade to truck delivery and purchase a warranty. When I refused again, Victor became patronizing and rude. I told him to cancel my order at once. Believe me the savings on their merchandise is no savings at all!!! It is a bait and switch deal and they continue to try to wear you down. Trust the higher price at a REPUTABLE store and save yourself the bullsh**

Foto ConnectionScam and lies

I was searching online to find a good deal on the Canon EOS XT Digital SLR Camera. I came across this website and reviewed their site as being a good way to go. I purchased the product online with no problems. Within 24 hours a representative called me to confirm the order telling me that there had been many recent fraud purchases online, which the reason for his call. He continued to try to sell me more products to buy, used very high pressuring sales tactics and would rebuttle everything I said until I confirmed the order. He had told me that the OEM battery that came with the camera only lasted 15 minutes and that I should purchase the high power battery. He also tried to sell me a speedy charger along with another 5 hr battery. Negotiations went back and forth finally getting down to 525.00 which also included an insurance fee that was not disclosed as purchase. He told me that this is mandatory by law, which is also a lie. After my conversation with him, I called up Canon and told them everything he told me. The batter that comes with the unit is a standard, only one kind lithium battery. The battery last for over 600 shots and is not classified as only lasting 15 minutes. They also told me that the battery charger takes 90 minutes to charge and that there is no other charger that will do it any faster.

I was completely lied to and mislead by the sales associate. He was inconsiderate, did not listen to me, had a rebuttle for everything I said, giving me no choice but to continue with the purchase. I had told him over 3 times that I wanted to cancel the order, but he came back with more rebuttle and told me that I had to sign an aggrement by email, which unforunetely I did, not knowing what I was getting into.

I called back after speaking with Canon to cancel the order and I got transfered to the same exact person that I had talked to before. He told me that it was too late to cancel, that I would have to return the product and get charged a 15% restocking fee. He also told me that state law is 30%, so he was breaking the law and giving me a deal on the restocking fee, which was as well a lie.

I came back and checked the BBB website, which I should have done to begin with, and found out the record of this company. I am glad you folks are here because there are so many people that get ripped off by companies like this.

One more thing to mention is that they dont disclose that their USA product comes from overseas. They label it on their website as 350D which simply is the name they give it over in Europe.

This company is by far the worst company I have ever come across. I will be sure to relay this to every individual I come across along with displaying their record to everyone I can online. Companies like this in America should not exist and should be regulated or even shut down for committing such practices.

  • Su
    Suze Nov 28, 2008

    Buyer beware! When you're looking for a good deal on cameras (or anything, for that matter!), thoroughly thoroughly research the company using this site and Better Business Bureau! I thought I'd done my homework, but I was in a hurry and not thorough. has a few good reviews on a variety of sites, but dig deeper and you'll find the exact situation as described by Oliver--I experienced the same! I immediately called my credit card company and put my purchase in dispute. Never have I ordered anything and been called and emailed several times to call them back to "confirm" my order due to a lot of online fraud. I called back and instead of customer service I got George the salesman, who gave me a load of malarkey (which I'm ashamed to say I fell for); he then told me I'd have to confirm the order by replying to an e-mail (I fell for that, too). I had a very uneasy feeling, so I mentioned this to a friend and he was horrified! Moral of the story, caveat emptor--let the buyer beware. Especially in these tough times!

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Foto ConnectionScam and rip off!

They also go by The New Connection. Everything the other people said is true. They do not send what they state in their add. has been contacted in addition to NY Better Business Bureau and

The item I ordered was a casio digital ex-s880 camera. The description stated BRAND NEW IN FACTORY SEALED BOX. Also was supposed to have a free case, tripod, cleaning kit and protector. Came in a unsecured opened white box (should have been a black/red Casio Box, thats how the factory sends it out) and the free items didn't come at all. When I called, they said that in order to send them, there would be a charge for shipping and handling. Go to the more reputable mail order houses like B&H or J&R (neither do I work for) It may cost you a bit more, but you will receive what you order and it will come as you expect it too.

The NY Better Business Bureau has been contacted. I will call USP tomorrow to let them know they are delivering items that are not as described. They have a inspection service within the company who can investigate.

This was to be a gift. Pictures will follow. I am angry since I did my part, I did investigation prior to ordering, I asked questions to make sure what I was getting was the same thing on their site. The salepeople are rude and they lie. Big Scam... stay away and for those who have had the same problem, write to whoever you can. Contact your workplace, your churches, your friends and family. These people should not be in business.

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Foto Connection — Bad business practices

WHERE DO I BEGIN?? My only hopes in writing this review is that prospective buyers read this first and AVOID...

Foto ConnectionFalse & misleading service! should be put out of business. Their tactic are mostly lies and deception. You place an order and in a day or so they call you and request you call back and verify information. This is BULL ###! When you do call back they try to upsell you and tell you lies about the product you purchased! Example: I ordered an Olympus Camera (for my wife) they called and requested me to call back. After an eternity on hold the "salesperson' claimed that I needed a battery... I was quite aware that this camera came with the charger and the battery includes and said so. Then he said that it would only last 15 min! These people are preposterous! When I wanted to CANCEL the order he said... "alright I'll include a battery free"!!! Yikes this guy must think we are all born yesterday! Stay away from this site they are rip-off artists and will try and intimidate you. Also their service stinks. I finally had to call back and their Customer Service person said that there "packages are different" (right!) she finally canceled the order! BE AWARE THERE ARE MANY COMPLAINTS AGAINST THIS COMPANY!

SUGGEST you try Beach Camera as they are far more reputable and have excellent service and follow-up!

  • Pe
    Pete Yastremski Dec 22, 2007

    This company uses deceptive bait & switch tactics and should be blacklisted.

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  • Bo
    boyd adams Dec 26, 2007

    Bait and switch is correct, they tied it on a 46 inch sharp tv. They advertised the price plus 153.00 shipping, then came back can't be shipped that way. They tried to jack me out of 196.00 extra. Went to and paid 23.00 more than advertised price.

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  • St
    Steve Holt Dec 30, 2007

    The whole experience has been horrible.
    Sucked in by low prices and free accessory kits, I responded to Tom 's numerous requests to telephone The New Connection to confirm my order for a new factory sealed Fuji S700 digital camera with lens cap, lens strap, shoulder strap, USB cord, AV cord & software. After declining Tom's aggressive sales pitch to buy expensive batteries (since the batteries included with the camera would leak and damage it) and numerous attempts to sell me an extended warranty, he rudely indicated that the order would be shipped and hung up on me.

    Instead of a new camera for Christmas, I received a used Fuji S700 digital camera, minus the BATTERIES, lens cap, lens strap, shoulder strap and the AV cord. When I installed my own BATTERIES, I discovered the internal memory was full. The camera contains pictures of a small girl. The experience only gets worse as each time I have telephoned and talked to three representatives who strongly advised that if I keep the used camera, The New Connection will provide a free extended warranty. I have repeatedly expressed my frustration to accept the used digital camera and free extended warranty since this is NOT WHAT WAS ADVERTISED ON THE NEW CONNECTION WEBSITE. So now to get a refund, I must fill out a form to return the used camera and pay a 15% restocking fee with return shipping charges. Service representatives indicate that this type of thing happens in the shipping department since The New Connection has a high volume of sales. Additionally, I was told this company purchases closeout items. I am awaiting a reply to the email complaint message I sent outlining this horrible experience and have asked for a full refund minus the restocking fee and return shipping fee.

    The Better Businss Bureau of New York indicates that Foto Connection has an unsatisfactory record. Complaints to the Bureau indicate that this company has a pattern of misleading and deceptive business practices. Other business associated with Foto Connection include 1stop Camera & Electronics, 4U Digital, Digital Net Shop, ePhoto Club, Inoax, One Stop Cameras & Computers, Rite Buys, Superior Dealz, The New Connection, The Wiz Store and TVs Depot with additional websites.

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  • Jo
    john doe Jan 08, 2008

    These guys are the biggest scam artists in the industry. I couldn't believe the stuff this guy was saying to me when I asked a few questions about a package deal they had for sale. I asked him " Does the camcorder come with this package?" and he said " Why would you ask me that?" and I said " Because the website doesn't show a picture of the camera, but shows a picture of everything else in the package deal and I was concerned(based on the price) that this package was just for the accessories and didn't include the camera." He then said to me " Why do you need a photo?" and I said "WHAT?" and he then said " If there was a picture of the camera would you by the package?" I said " Yes, but why is there no picture and why is the price so low?" at which point he started rambling off jibberish in both english and spanish to the point where I couldn't even understand what he was saying and then he started cursing at me and insulting me until we were both in a shouting match and then I eventually hung up! WTF? These guys are dangerous and rip-off artists, stear clear of this website and go to a reputable one.(one of the big names). Don't ever,ever buy from this company!

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  • Jp
    jprlk Apr 26, 2008

    i tried to purchase a camera from canada to have it shipped to a USA address. they tried to tack on an extra 4.5% "int'l credit card processing fee", i asked if they would remove the 3% american cc fee, they said no. i called mastercard and they told me they never charge extra for foreign cc. if they did no one would use it when on vacation. foto-a$$holes are trying to screw over canadians who want to put $$ into your economy.

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  • Dk
    D.K Jun 03, 2008

    I just had problem with The New Connection store too. The New Connection & Foto Connection seem like same company because I checked their address are the same location. I ordered Canon SD950 IS check out price is $290. They email me asking me to call them back to verify the order, when I called them, they tried to sell me the battery. They told me that the package comes only 30min. battery, it's not last long, so I need the 2hrs or 4hrs battery, they can give me 4hrs for same price as 2hrs. When I called them back to tell them go ahead throw in the 4hrs and I confirmed with the guy again that I will receive 2 batteries (1 come w/the pkg + additional), he turned around told me that he will give me the 4hrs battery & I can't keep both. I smelled something fishy, so I asked the guy is the original package comes with original battery from Canon? and he said "No", this is an imported camera so the battery is a generic, not original, the 4hrs battery that I pay extra to upgrade into the original battery. I got mad, so I told him to cancel my order and he won't let me. I called my credit card to dispute the charge, and it took me 4 days, finally they cancel the order. They are ready a scam dealer...Watch out those dealers advertise low price...

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  • Mp
    MP Oct 02, 2008

    I guess I picked the real losers in this business: The New Connection (aka Fotoconnection) & Casio. I ordered the Casion EXZ1080, I promptly received an email to "confirm" my order and to call this 800# only to be sold "upgrades" plus an "mandatory insurance charge" of $20.00. When I disagreed, the sales agent then, just out of the goodness of his heart, waived the "mandatory" charge. So, now the batteries - he said it only comes with a 15 min battery, but for $25 more $ I could get an additional battery that will hold a charge for 5 hrs. I should have stopped right there and then, but then the total price would still have been lower than what I've seen elsewhere. So, my order came, but guess what - no additional battery. I'm not even sure now if the battery I received was the long life version. Well, a month after, the camera's display turned bad. Promptly shipped it to the casio repair in NJ, but was told that I have to pay $92.00 to get it repaired. They say now that it is not a warranty repair? How can that be when I had it for less than 2 months? I asked Casio the same question, and I have yet to hear from them. I am submitting complaints about these two companies everywhere. I realize this is partly my fault for getting sucked in to their bait and switch tactic. Oh well, lesson learned. However, I am going to be on a campaign to get these shady practices out in the open.

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