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Ems Speed PostHandling of letters

I recieved my letter containing my advocates practicing licence folded even when clearly it was mentioned that it shouldn't be folded also damaging my licence.
No use of arguing with the guy who delivered it to me anyways wasn't highly professional behaviour or even professional at the very least.
However it's pretty absurd what you did there pls train the staff in handling cargo better

Handling of letters

Ems Speed Post

Ems Speed PostDelay

I had sent a speed post via EMS on the 14th of July, 2015 to Kochi. I expected it to arrive on the 19th or 20th of the same month since i had posted through the same postal service a couple of weeks back. The post gets delivered to Mumbai and from there to Kochi. Till date (24th July 2015) it shows that the post has been departed from mumbai. I called the office to see if the post has arrived and so far nothing has been delivered. I called Mumbai office numerous times to complain but it says the line is busy or the line does not work. I tried emailing to mumbai office as well but it says that the email does not exist. Is this a scam regarding customer service? Because i see no effort being made to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their service.My reference number is : EE110853200QA. It was important that the post arrived on time.


Ems Speed Post

Ems Speed Postmissing parcel

This is a month waiting for a parcel mailed from Canada on January 18.The track number is EE159305795CA,
Track is indicating that it left canada on 22, when I go to my local post office their system indicates that the parcel was handed over on 24 on stansted airport in London, now it is february 16 and I have not received my parcel and the track it is still indicating that my parcel is on transist to delivery.I am worried to wait for ems parcel for all this long.Should I conclude that my parcel is finally Lost?
please advice and share your experience it will be highly appreciated.

  • Am
    Amritpal Singh Apr 27, 2008

    I am very much annoyed today...coz someone sent me a gift (a wallet) with so much love...and these fu***rs have stoled it in the midway...and stitched the packet again and sent me the empty packet...and the worst part is when i am trying their phone numbers all of them are not reachable...

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  • Mo
    monika anshi gupta Sep 15, 2009

    a postman named pahop singh demanded money for a company registration mail. it was a very very imported mail for me and he was not ready to give that mail to me without money and finally i had given rs 100 to him .I want to take action against that kind of people.

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  • St
    steffin Feb 20, 2013

    Now is 26th february and still nothing is showing up.This isnt fun.

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  • Ma
    marie ogbunuju Mar 15, 2015

    This is a month waiting for a parcel mailed from ukraine on ferbury 14.The track number is, EC610547716UA
    Track is indicating that it left ukraine 16 ferbury, now it is march 16 and there have not received my parcel and the track it is still indicating that my parcel is on transist to delivery.I am worried to wait for ems parcel for all this long.Should I conclude that my parcel is finally Lost?
    please advice and share your experience it will be highly appreciated.

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Ems Speed Postparcel not delivered

i bought a battery from aliexpress.com on 23 dec 2012, when i tracked the item it has been reached kolkatta customs on 8th jan 2013. i dont have further idea of my parcel.til now i didn't receive it. it is more than a month. Why is india post too slow in delivering a parcel, i think they are making it slow to promote private courier companies. i think so because i got another parcel from same website with in a week.
Please consider my complaint . my parcel tracking number is RB000396414CN

  • St
    Strafo456 May 13, 2013

    We want to inform anyone about the EMS poor quality service, the worse ever service you can get.

    We have send two set of documents, two shipment ( EE107076678TH & EE107076681TH) on the 10th April.
    The document arrived at Frankfurt (Germany the 9th of May) after a complaint made at EMS Beach rd Soi 13"2 - Pattaya by us on the 7th of May as the documents (by tracking service) result to still at Bangkok Airport.
    On 13 May the final destination has not received yet the documents.
    The shipment cost is 2700 Bath (69 Euro) each envelope contain 8 pages A4, nothing special, envelope, time sheet and receipt of Hotel and air tickets.
    We believe the EMS use "camels" or "donkey" to deliver our documents, there's no other explanation to such huge delay, a normal mail would be three time faster and much more cheaper.
    Will never use EMS and we suggest to do the same as they have prove to be a total waste of time and money.
    Bridge Consulting IT Co., Ltd. management (Thailand).

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  • Ne
    Neerajdop Apr 09, 2014

    My speed post no. EF000000001IN booked at Sitamarhi H.O. A/T Sri Neeraj Kumar, Head POst Office, Sitamarhi has not been delivered till the date.

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  • Ne
    Neerajdop Apr 09, 2014

    Please reply soon.

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Ems Speed PostSpeed Post Delayed to deliver

The package is not yet delivered to Indore at my home and My parents have visa interview on MAy 21.

Label/Receipt Number: EI06 7612 509U S
Class: Express Mail International®
Status: Out of Foreign Customs

Your item cleared customs in INDIA at 2:19 pm on May 14, 2011. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

Enter Label/Receipt Number.

Enter Label / Receipt Number.

Detailed Results:

Out of Foreign Customs, May 14, 2011, 2:19 pm, INDIA
Arrived Abroad, May 14, 2011, 10:36 am, INDIA
International Dispatch, May 10, 2011, 1:46 pm, ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)
Acceptance, May 09, 2011, 9:23 am, PITTSBURGH, PA 15219

  • Ma
    maniyalath Aug 08, 2011

    A speed post sent by LIC of India, M.G.Road Brach, Thiruvananthapuram containing the money back cheque under cover of EL0375102591 N dated 21st June 2011 is yet to be received by me. The track shows it has been delivered to me but that is not the case.

    Chief Manager
    State Bank of India
    Local head Office

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Ems Speed Postnon delivery of the parcel

I sent one parcel containing some old things weight only 1.5 kg to jalandhar, punjab in india from south korea as sample on 17th Dec., 2008 but it is still not delivered. MY PARCEL NO. IS EM [protected] KR DTD. 17/12/2008

I enquired on internet www.epost.kr and the information is only up to 19th dec., 2008 that it has been HANDED OVER TO CARRIER from incheon, south korea. after there is no information that where the parcel is now.

Today on 29th dec., 2008 i got reply from korean post office, incheon that they got reply from indian ems center that my sent parcel is helding at delhi custom, india.

I do not know what the people at indian custom doing with my parcel and why the EMS people are not delivering the said parcel and why there is not information. there is nothing inside the parcel for SALE . they are old things free of cost TO ADDRESEE marked as samples FOR NO COMMERCAIL VALUE.

I tired india custom tel. phone 91-11-[protected] many times but there is no answer. I am really not happy with EMS services in India.


  • Su
    surendra kumar jain Aug 03, 2013

    d/sir, i post my registry on 6/0, 7/13 to USA from hpo jhilmil vide regisered document no Roo69694925IN but near about one month has to near the document was not delivered by now and the same was not tracing in your system .please check and reply and arrange to deliver the document earliest possible.SURENDRA KUMAR JAIN, 4address 9, janta flats, vivek vihar, phase I, Delhi-110095, M 9871413025, Mail address [email protected]

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Ems Speed PostPackage delivery problem!! - URGENT

I have sent a speed post (No. EE357307437IN) on 22nd Dec 2007 from C V Raman Nagar Post office (Bangalore) to Bhagalpur(Bihar) which contains a demand draft of Rs 49,800 for my Uncle. But till date the status of the post is not available online, Its showing "Delivery information is not available at present". i tried collecting information from the C V Raman Nagar post office,bangalore and also wrote a complaint letter addressing the post master in the hard copy format. But still there is no updates on that. Also , i tried reaching Bangalore GPO but i am getting no response. This is really very disgusting and frustating for me now as i am suffering from the ineffeciency of speed post department for a long time. Request you to do the needful as soon as possible as it is very urgent.

Ems Speed PostNon delivery

my letter booked on 27.12.07 by speed post recpt no.EE 897949680IN for new delhi has not yet been deliverd.

  • Ra
    rajesh Jul 26, 2008

    i was about to recieve a speed post from symbiosis institute, pune but hadn't recieved it yet. it was dispatched from pune on 22nd july and was scheduled to reach at the following address: k-401, gali no. 8, mahipalpur, new delhi-37. my fellow members the same and since i have to submit a draft to the concerned institute but can't submit it without the apllication letter that is in the package that was mailed from pune through ems spee post.
    kindly make an immediate arrangement so hat the package can be recieved at the earliest.

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  • Ga
    ganesh m kabara Nov 29, 2008

    i was about to recieve a speed post from vtu university, BELGAUM but hadn't recieved it yet. it was dispatched from belgaum on 19 march and was scheduled to reach at the following address:near bus stand banhatti, tal-jamkhandi, dist-bagalkot, karanataka.i have visited the belgaum speed post office and banhatti speed post ofiice but no response.
    kindly make an immediate arrangement so that i can recieve the certificate at the earliest

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  • Mu
    Mukesh Mishra Dec 01, 2008

    I was dispached a speed post 24.10.08 leh, ladakh. But it was not delivered.

    Kindly take an immediated action. it was urgent speed post

    Mukesh Mishra
    Project Assistant
    CEE Himalaya

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  • Mu
    Mukesh Mishra Dec 01, 2008

    I was dispached a speed post 24.10.08 leh, ladakh. But it was not delivered. Is speed post no. EU 709892556IN

    Kindly take an immediated action. it was urgent speed post

    Mukesh Mishra
    Project Assistant
    CEE Himalaya
    Mob: 9335709071

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  • Gu
    gupta61 Sep 10, 2012

    I have posted a letter under speed post (NO. ED725516001IN) from Rohini, DELHI-110085 on 03.09.2012 to reach at Bangalore. Track record shown that the letter is undelivered.The letter is urgently needed to reached to precipitants other wise I may be in trouble It Is My Kvpy Form.

    Please do the needful.

    Track Result for:ED725516001IN

    Booked at Booked On Delivered at Delivered on
    Rohini Sector 5 S.O 03/09/2012 Not Available Not Available


    Detailed Track Events For ED725516001IN
    Date Time Status at Status
    03/09/2012 16:19:37 Rohini Sector 5 S.O Item Booked
    07/09/2012 23:24:15 NEW DELHI Item Received
    08/09/2012 04:12:05 NEW DELHI Item bagged for BANGALORE
    08/09/2012 05:09:42 NEW DELHI Bag Despatched to PALAM TMO
    08/09/2012 06:37:12 PALAM TMO Bag Received
    08/09/2012 06:43:32 PALAM TMO Bag Despatched to BANGALORE
    08/09/2012 23:10:38 BANGALORE Bag Received
    08/09/2012 23:49:05 BANGALORE Bag Opened
    08/09/2012 23:49:06 BANGALORE Item Received
    08/09/2012 23:50:58 BANGALORE Bag Opened
    08/09/2012 23:50:59 BANGALORE Item Received
    09/09/2012 01:41:46 BANGALORE Item bagged for Malleswaram S.O
    09/09/2012 23:51:40 BANGALORE Bag Despatched to Malleswaram S.O
    10/09/2012 06:48:41 Malleswaram S.O Bag Received
    10/09/2012 07:13:28 Malleswaram S.O Bag Opened
    10/09/2012 07:13:28 Malleswaram S.O Item Received

    Adarsh Gupta
    120 Sector-23, Rohini, Delhi-110085

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  • Mo
    MOHIT_AGARWAL Mar 09, 2014


    MY father has posted a parcel under speed post. EU257814997IN
    still now i have not recieved the same. I want it very urgently.

    status is shown below
    DateTimeStatus atStatus07/03/201400:26:30GHAZIABAD SHItem Received07/03/201403:59:08GHAZIABAD SHItem bagged for PUNE SH07/03/201404:17:49GHAZIABAD SHBag Despatched to PALAM TMO07/03/201412:27:24PALAM TMOBag Received08/03/201419:30:06PUNE SHBag Received08/03/201419:30:19PUNE SHBag Opened08/03/201419:30:20PUNE SHItem Received

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  • Da
    Dayakant Prasad Aug 05, 2017

    I was dispached a speed post 28.07.17, bhagalpur. But it was not delivered. Is speed post no. EF298873218IN

    Kindly take an immediated action. it was urgent speed post

    Mob: 9431005962

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Ems Speed PostDelay in delivery

My item has been lying with international airport since Sep 13. There has been no calls to me about when the items will be delivered. This is a criminal delay at the airport whatever may be the reason and how can i be sure even now when it will reach me.

And number of phone calls to the EMS speed Post did not help simply because it is either engaged or keeps ringing. Very very frustrating experience... Beware!

  • Nk
    N.Kala Prabandh Jan 05, 2008

    My father posted some important agreements on 2-jan -2008
    to Mysore till now I did not get it. Even I am unable to track the status of my docs.They are not maintaining the track list,it is very bad, it seems for 2 days delivary they are taking 2 months.

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  • Tk
    T. Karikalacholan Feb 27, 2008

    my credit card track no is 200805202202

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  • St
    steffin Feb 19, 2013

    you all are better of, my ems parcel left canada last month as per track number, a month now not knowing where abouts of my valuable parcel.

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Ems Speed Post — No trace of post available!

My family posted an envelope of highly important documents by EMS Speed Post. A week gone, and no trace of...

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