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Drive Financial Servicesauto loan

I have been receiving calls from this company for many weeks now. Normally, all my phone calls go to my answering machine because I cannot seem to stop the harrassing calls from companies. Drive Financial calls 7 to 8 times a day, if not more. They are calling for a friend of mine, who does not live at the same address. I have told them this several times along with telling the person to not call my number again. No help. They continue call even after I have given them this information.

I am at my wits end right now. I am going to write the company, requesting the harrassing calls to stop and explaining that if this continues...I will have no other option than to contact an attorney. If this happens...THEY will foot all legal fees associated with stopping the calls. I suffer from depression so not only will they be responsible for the harrassing calls but for the mental stress they are causing me and all psychiatric medical bills that stem from those calls.

I am just thankful I have never been a customer of Drive Financial Services. If they are this bad with someone who is not a customer, all my sympathies are with those who actually are their customers.

Drive Financial Servicescompany shows that my vehicle was a repo.

I have no idea why this company has labeled my previous account with them as a reposession when i have paid them off and i have my title and paper work that clearly states a release of lien. Which naturealy makes my credit look worse than what it is...If some one could explain to me andwhat how this is possible for this company to do this and get away with messing up peoples credit even more. Granted i am greatful for the chance to have purchased my vehicle but if i would have known that they were going to lie on my credit i would not have went through with the transaction.

Drive Financial ServicesBad Business

I'm reading all your complaints, and yes they do sound horrible! But we have got to take some kind of action! First of all you should start with a complaint with your Better Business Bureau. Do you know this company has a B+ rating with them? A- rating under their Santander Company name! Call your newspaper and news stations! I'm already 2 down and 3 more 2 go! I will be calling my newspaper and news stations, and if no success with the BBB or Credit Bureau's, I will get a lawyer! It will take a Judge to tell me they won't fix my Credit Report! Take Action People!

Drive Financial ServicesI paid off my loan... now they won't leave me alone

To whom it may concern:

My name is Madeline Rodriguez and I bought my Nissan Frontier through Drive Financial Services on 11/19/2004. On March 17, 2008 I paid off my car loan over the phone. Soon after, I received my title and a letter telling me that the account is officially closed. Then I start receiving phone calls from Drive Financial Reps, telling me that I still owe them money. How is that possible? Well, now there out to get me or something because they are relentless with their calls. Please help me! How do I get them off my back? Is it a bad thing to pay off your loan???

Thank you
Madeline Rodriguez

  • Sn
    sn Jul 20, 2016

    Someone from Drive Financial Services left me a message on my home phone, which is unlisted, to call the above phone number indicating it was important that I call.
    When I returned the call, the recording asked for my social security #. I finally reached a live person. They were rude and not forthcoming regarding why they called me.
    I had never heard of this company before.
    Be careful!! Could be a scam.

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  • Sh
    shanesestrickland Jul 20, 2016

    I had my car payment date change from the 2nd to the 12th of the month around may 2007 I called a day or two later to make sure it had been changed and the gentleman informed me that it indeed had been changed to the 12th. Since then every statement has due date of the 2nd of the month and every month I call a representative from drive say that it is on the 12th . I call them back on th 10th of september 2007 and asking for a deferment because my husband had surgery and is off from work for a while and before i could get it out good the rep. Says no and that i had been late all 6 payments, i informed her that it was a lie and ask for a copy of my payment history and to speak with her supervisor, she replied she was the account mgr. I ask to speak with someone over her and she hung up the phone. There is more but im getting disgusted thinking about it.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Jul 20, 2016

    Drive Financial Services "HOUND" their clients if a payment is less than a week late. They are rude, and have no customer service skills what so ever. I had a car loan with them for the past two years and am displeased with they way they treat customers. I have good credit.

    I plan to return the "USED JUNK" I got from the dealer, whom by the way sold me a lemon. I'm planning to never do business with Drive Financial Services. I pray another financial company takes them out of business soon... They do not deserve my money.

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  • Mi
    Missbeenthere May 29, 2017

    @Tiffany Why complain, if you have good credit why didn't you go to your bank. DRIVE IS for the most part a high risk lender and if you are habitually late and don't pay your late fees the creditor is going to call. The goal is to help you stay current. You bought a lemon . Not drives problem. You picked the car. They paid the dealer. So how is that the lenders fault. Refinance your loan since you have good credit and close the door on this.

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  • Hh
    hhansen Jul 21, 2016

    sucks to be drive finacial becouce your on your way to hell i will not let you screw me over i will be nocking on your door and i wont be alone when i get done you. you will no how it fills to take it up the ### FROM SOME ONE AND IT WILL BE IN PENSON NOT ON THE GOOD DAM PHONE I WILL BE LOOKING FORWORD TO SEE YOU EAT THE ### FROM THE ONES YOU HAVE ###ED OVER

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  • Ex
    exhausted and stranded Jul 21, 2016

    I purchased a car through Flagship Credit Co. They sold the account to Drive with out letting anyone know. After paying four years on a 2006 Taurus they said we where 6 months late and still owed over 13, 000. That is impossible. We were paying Flagship when we could. Yes we were 28 days late but not 6 months. They repoed the car, tearing it up and said we had to pay almost 3000 dollars to get a car they totaled. They are liars and thieves, I have the receipts to prove it.

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  • Mi
    Missbeenthere May 29, 2017

    Madeline Rodriguez, did your final payment bounce? If it did between the time you paid and the time you recieved your title then you owe
    If Drive Financial quoted you the incorrect payoff amount well then it's on them, and they can't report it to the credit bureaus. Have them send you a letter explaining why you owe. If it's anything other than a returned payment then like I said it's on them.

    Ford Taurus and Flag Shop. If you can prove you don't owe the money make copies of your payments...if money orders you need front and back of those just like a check. If you were 28 days past due, how long had your account been running past due? What was your interest rate? How much are your late fees each month? If you run back to back to back and are almost alwAys 30 days past due, bad news. You may very well owe a lot of $$$$ especially if you oh let's say have an interest rate of 20 to 35% ...interest like this multiplies like evil little bunnies!!! Example. Principle nap is 6000.00 interest is 30% the account is past due 30 days, late fees are assessed at 10 days and is 50.00 each time the account is past due for a payment.
    1st month your account accrues interest at 4.93 per day based on the principle balance. So 28 days x 4.93 per day = $138.08 plus the late fee of 50.00 equals 188.08. Your payment is applied to this first . That leaves your payment unpaid. So you may very well owe. Sorry.

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Drive Financial Servicesharassing me and im not a client!

This company has continuously called me for someone who supposely used me as a reference when buying a car, this has been every day ongoing since Jan 2008. I have called them several times asking them to remove me from their list, sometimes polite other times totally irate and irrational. Nothing seems to work! I filed a complaint with the FTC twice and still these people still call me for someone I dont know!!! I am at the point of driving over to their Dallas office and going postal on them. They dont call once a day, they call me several times a day, at least twice a day. Its just freaking absurd that I cant get these people to stop freaking calling me when IM NOT THEIR FKN CUSTOMER, NEVER HAVE BEEN AND NEVER WOULD BE!!! If I could hire a lawyer to sue these people for harrassment I would take it all the way to the supreme court to see justice because this is just so freaking annoying!!! I would sue them for every dime I could get because they have made me so mental over this.

Companies like this need to go under and not return. Every reference that a potential client provides should be checked out before giving the freaking lame ### client a loan!!! I hope all these financial companies like this go under and everyone that works for these companies lose their jobs, their lifes, and learn how it feels to be screwed. Every individual that makes these calls to random people like myself, need to lose their jobs, their house, their cars, their independance, everything under the sun, they need to learn why they are so wrong for harassing people like myself when I owe nothiing to their company they are so happy to work for.

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Drive Financial ServicesRip off

I am in the Army and I got screwed by my ex-wife and so did my credit history. I have been making payments to this company for 19 months now and I still owe MORE than what I paid for the car. I have been trying to trade it in but because of the amount that I owe and the miles that has racked up nobody else will finance me. I think this company does this crap intentionally and know somewhere down the line in court they have their ### clear of a lawsuit is the reason they continue to screw people out of their money. I talked to a financial officer and they said it should be my choice how much goes towards the principal, but drive says that I don't have a choice on how much goes towards the principal.


  • Sh
    shamika10 Jul 05, 2010

    Well I'm military to and drive financial is screwing me over on my car payments to. These [censor] heads are doing the same thing to me, taking damn near the whole payment for interest and the balance only goese down by like $200. Then when you request a payoff amount the damn balance goes up they claim because interest adds daily. Wtf is up with this company? If anyone wants to go in on a class action suit help me out because I only borrowed $18, 000 for a 02 lincoln ls but I'm gonna end up paying f***ing 30, 000 for the damn car thats not worth it. my email address is [email protected] Make sure in the subject you put Drive financial class action suit or something so I'll know it's concerning then. Thank you..

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Drive Financial ServicesAwful company

I purchased my car back in 2004. It was a brand new Chrysler Sebring valued @ $18.5k. After 4 years of payments, Drive Financial is telling me that I still owe over 9 thousand dollars on my car. I've been paying $377.00 to these people for 3 years and you mean to tell me that I've only paid 1/2 of the value of my car. That's even after I was out of work and unable to make a payment for 3 months. 2 weeks after having my son, Drive told me that I should 'sell' something out of my home in order to make my payment to them. They've also told me to 'liquidate' assets from my home. They've discussed personal account information with my parents (who are not on the account), they have constantly harassed me at home, work, and cell, they have told me that my car was being repossessed, they have told me that 'how would you like for you and you're son to be on the bus?

Completely unethical, and I'm sorry that I ever got involved with them. Unfortunately for me, I purchased this car coming out of a divorce, living on my own, and away from family. I am more than willing to get involved in any type of suit against this company. Currently I am 63 days past due on payments. I have not caught up from the 3 months that I was out of work, and they've told me that i need to catch up or give the car back. I've told them to come and get the car (which thank God, I've gotten another with the help of my finance'), and they still haven't come to get it. I am thoroughly pissed with this company. I wasn't mad initially since I knew that my credit wasn't the best... I was young when purchasing this car, and was not the wiser of scamming company's who feed off of the misfortune of those who are down. I am educated, have become a mother, and I am looking out for the best interest of me and my family. THIS COMPANY IS A BUNCH OF UNPROFESSIONAL CROOKS! I repeat, I'd like to get involved in proceeding with filing a class action lawsuit against them.

  • Va
    Val Jul 15, 2008

    If there is a class action suit against Drive Financial, please start a blog so that people can join there lending practices are againt the law.

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  • Bo
    Bonnie Johns Aug 22, 2008

    Come on Everyone! Lets get it started. Drive Financial needs to be stopped for treating people they way they are. Ripping people off.

    Everyone Join In!!!

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  • Sh
    shamika10 Jul 05, 2010

    well if anyone fines out if there is a class action suit against them email me at [email protected]

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  • Sh
    shamika10 Jul 05, 2010

    If anyone know of a class action suit against them please email me at [email protected] I appreciate all you help because these ppl are damn rip offs.

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Drive Financial ServicesEmployees and customer service

I have read a lot of complaints some of them I can believe since I use to work for DRIVE. This company is basically a loan shark and if you have bad credit then that is your fault. Should have done better research before purchasing a car. As far as the employees go all not rude if they are short is because so many customers call in with so many lies about brain tumors, cancer, death. Most customers don't understand that they keep a copy of every excuse given. We had customer tell us that he had brain cancer and when he never called back. We called his mother to make sure he was ok. She stated that he was liar and just didn't want to pay his bills. She stated that he was a lazy ### and always trying to get something for free. That was his MOTHER!!!

As far Drive Financial Services treats their employees like crap. Women are treated the worst. Unless you have a pe**s you will not get promoted. The group that is treated bad are Hispanics, they are told not to speak Spanish in the call center but want them to handle all Spanish speaking customers. They seem to think that all Hispanics that work for them should be grateful that they have a job. They think all Hispanic work on green cards. Hello you have a lot of American citizens that are Hispanics that work for Drive.

The worst part is they treat Hispanics like crap and they are own by Latin American company what kind of ### is that!!! I'm so glad I got out of this company. One more thing I read about how bad black people are treated well at least black women are getting paid!!! All they have to do sleep with AVP and not only will they get paid big ### bonuses they can go and come and not even have to worry about tardiness or about calling in!!! This company is ### up it really not funny. So the people who should really file the law suit against Drive should be WOMEN and HISPANICS. THIS COMPANY IS IS RAN BY THE GOOD OLD BOYS!!!

Drive Financial ServicesRIP OFF LOAN SHARKS!!!!

My car was damaged in a hailstorm. The insurance company said it would cost more to repair than it's worth. The car is still safe to drive, just some dents but no broken glass. The car is being taken from me now. The insurance company is sending Drive Financing $10, 000 and I have to pay Drive an additional $5, 596.19. So now, I will have no car, no way to get to work or to the grocery store or to the doctor's office AND owe Drive almost $5600.00! They will not allow me to keep the car and for every day I don't come up with the $5596.19 in cash, Drive charges me another $7.12 per day FOREVER. I have offered to pay the salvage value of the car - around $2200 and to continue paying my monthly payment until the original debt is paid, but NO! Zach in the Total Loss Department at Drive is perfect for the job, because HE IS A TOTAL LOSER!!! He's hateful and won't answer questions. He also will not put any decision or explanation in writing. STAY AWAY FROM DRIVE FINANCING. THEY ARE LOAN SHARKS. THEY'RE OUT TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK, AND THEY'LL CHEAT YOU ANY WAY POSSIBLE. HELP!

  • Da
    Darla Gibbs Jun 20, 2008

    Shoulda got gap insurance added to your policy. It would have covered for that issue.

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Drive Financial ServicesLoan

Drive financial are crooks they steal your money, over charge you, the CSR and rude and they just tell their customer lies. They charge interest everyday you have the car and then if you are a day late they add more money. My first payment went just to interest nothing to my car and when i asked about deferments because i was having a little trouble they told me someone in my family have died.. drive are horrible and worst some of the agents dont even speak english and they claim they are in Dallas Texas, , , , yeah right...NEVER GET A LOAN FROM DRIVE>

  • Li
    Lisa Jun 02, 2008

    First of all it is a Simple Interest Loan just like any other finance company. It is the most popular auto finance loan, this means that you pay interest based on your principle balance. The interest is also calculated per diem, which means they break out your 24.99% over the course of 365 days. You do not have an interest only loan so some of your payment goes to interest and some goes to principle. Second cannot get a defferment unless you are 60+ days late and it has to be approved. you normally would had to have made about 24 months worth of payments first. Deferrments cost Drive money since they have to pay the bill for you at the time. They borrow the money from a bank just like you borrowed from them, so if you dont pay they have to. and they are located in downtown dallas texas and are strong believers of a having a diverse company, but obviously if someone is from another country or culture and dont sound like you they are not allowed to work.

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Drive Financial ServicesRepossessed after paying 10,500

My chapter 13 bankruptcy was dismissed after 4yrs due to late payment of 900.00. Drive financial was paid 10,500 through the trustee. They repossessed my car after all those yrs of payment. In which my car sat for 2yrs after the engine rod broke I was able after 2yrs to get a engine in march 2007 for 7,000 and I also had to have other major work done as recently as sept 07 making my car repair bills over 9,000. and after all this and the 10,500 they came and took my car. This should be against the law that is over 11,000 for this car, I have all the bills to prove this fact.

Drive Financial ServicesTerrible experience!

I bought a vehicle in July of 2004 from Drive Financial. I can proudly say that I have not had a late payment that was my fault. For example, I had so many problems with these people stating they had not received payments or taking forever in a day to cash a personal check.

This lead me to switch to auto pay. I asked to have my payment deducted on the 15th of every month. Now this sounds PRETTY simple, huh? WRONG! The 15th approaches and the money was still not withdrawn for my account. I called Drive to inform them that the payment was not taken out. So, one lady tells me that the system may be slow and to call back tomorrow if it has not been taken out. So, I call the next day and the next day (speaking to different representatives) and before I know it it's been 7 days and the payment is still not taken out! The rep. tells me that I will need to pay with a credit card to get my account up to date! On top of that they have added interest! So, not only is my payment LATE, I also have to pay a 10.95 processing charge for their mistake!

The Representative told me that he would adjust the interest and that I would not be charged the 10.95. I was still charged the 10.95. I canceled the auto-pay and just decided to pay with a credit card over the phone so I would NOT have to deal with any more problems. That same month a representative tells me that I am still on Auto-Pay and to wait to see if the payment is automatically deducted before I pay with a credit card. I had already canceled auto pay! So... it all begins again. I am stuck waiting for this payment to be deducted out of my account (which never was). I now have to pay late fees, interest, and who knows if all of this is on my credit. This happened to me for 3 months!

I have other complaints with this company but there is not enough time in a day to type all of it. Are we proceeding forward with a class action law suit? If anyone is serious about this, please let me know. If no one has started this process, I would be willing to do it.

  • Da
    David Broadnax Jan 28, 2007

    I have had problems with them as well I'm currently having some now with them , my loan as of 11-14-2005 was suppose to be paid out they claiming that theres late fee and deferred payments which leaves me with a outstanding balances of $2375.00 which my payments history clearly shows all payments was current plus late charges was paid and i was current as of 7-20-2005 to present. their say dec 2005 has not been paid ,which i paid them before due date, i paid them a payment 1-22-2006 as well and they are still saying i,m due for dec 2005. i am ready to join you with a law suit.please contact me if when you are ready to go forward with one David Broadnax 336-574-1068

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  • Da
    David Broadnax Jan 28, 2007

    I feel that its not the Company buts its Reps, I think drive financial should fire everyone that do these bad rep they have working for them ,because they are a good second chance lender. I wish i had a way to contact real upper management to let them know about the type rep they have.

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  • No
    Not A Customer Feb 27, 2007

    I am not even a customer of this company, and I have so many harassing telephone calls from these reps, it is unbelievable. Go to this site for help: "". That's what I have done, and I promise not to stop there. This has been a six month issue, and I intend to stop this harassment, to me, my son, my family and friends. Yes, they have contacted all of the above and then some. Check out the web. There are many ClassAction Lawsuits against them for this and many other problems. Do us all a favor, and SUE!!!

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  • Br
    Brenda Reed Nov 29, 2007

    I'm joining in with the complaints about Drive Financial. I'm writing letters to the congressmen and senators in Drive's District, as well as my own congressmen and senators to see what can be done.

    They are very incompetent, and their customer service reps needs training. They will harass you even though you sent in your payment. I always end up frustrated when I have to interact with them; they are so incompetent to no end. I'll be happy to join in a lawsuit.

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