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Diorwon't accept return

Bought 4 items from Dior. 2 Hoodies, hip pack and hat. Both hoodies were too small. I tried them on, and put them both back in boxes. I decided to return the hat and pack and exchange the 2 hoodies for large sizes. They won't refund/Exchange one of the hoodies saying I wore them. I NEVER wore them. I did try them on and put them right back in the box, but I never wore either of them. They say that it has a mark on the white hoodie and sent me a picture of a small dark spot on it. Whats crazy is I really never wore them. Ive opened a dispute with my credit card, but they say its my word against theirs. Its crazy. Ive never had any retailer deny me a return. I will never ever shop with Dior again.

DiorTerrible online shopping and customer service experience

I ordered a gift set to be delivered at the address of the one i was giving the gift to. I received confirmation at the time I sent in the order. The confirmation email said my order was being processed and that i will receive another email when the order is shipped. 3 days after my order i got a call to confirm. The reason for the hold (until confirmation) on my order was because the card address and the delivery address did not match. i explained it was a gift to the gentleman on the phone and he said the hold has been removed. He told me I will receive an email regarding shipping confirmation soon after. No such email was received. I called 2 days later, the same gentleman (Chris) told me he can see had my package and that it was going out that day. I waited for five more days, and then checked my account to see if the amount for the purchase had cleared. I realized the order had been cancelled and I had no idea. I will not go into how rude the customer service representative has been because he does not deserve that much air time. If anyone in the management of Dior is reading you need to do better.

  • Wine Is Good Dec 20, 2016

    How much as the item? This is a high fraud holiday, and the common scam is to use someone's credit card, buy something, and ship it to the thief's address. Be glad you are protected by your card company, as that is who probably had the order cancelled by reporting it as suspicious activity.

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DiorUnhelpful customer service

A girl from the customer service for was very unhelpful. I placed an order for some products on Monday and paid extra money for 2 day shipping. I was planning to party, so I wanted to use these face products to complete my look. Then I received a message, that I need to contact the company as soon as possible. I took my phone and called them back. But there was no answer. I needed to confirm the shipping so I left them a message. But there was no response. So I tried to call them everyday and left few messages asking to ship out my order as soon as possible. 5 days passed and I didn't get a single call from Dior. So, I didn't get my items on time. One week later they finally contacted me. They said that my order is ready for shipping. I explained that I wanted those products for my party and don't need it anymore. I asked them to cancel my order and return my money. The girl on the phone refused. She told that it is impossible and I will receive my package in few days. I would never waste my time and money with this company again.