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CardMember Services0% credit card balance transfer

They called posing that they could reduce the interest rate on my card debt. They got one card number from me and the last 4 of my SS and they told me the balances and when I last made a payment. Then they started asking for the other card info which I shared. They promised to issue a new card with all the balances on the credit cards at 0%. They claimed they make their money by adding on a one time fee of $1500. Then when they asked for my full SS I realised it is a scam and told them off. The guy became abusive and aggressive I hung up on him.

CardMember Servicesbalance transfer/0% interest

Automated call today from what came up a local number (the big city I live near). Recorded voice said I could transfer current credit card debt to a 0% balance. I pushed a "9" to talk to a rep--I've gotten balance transfer offers in the past with a teaser rate of 0%, so I figured this is one of them. I asked how long the rate lasts. The woman said "until the debt is paid." I asked how they were making their money. She said something along the lines of "we work with your creditors to lower your debt by up to 55%." She wanted to know my total debt and how many cards. I asked a few more questions, but she said her job was just to "make sure I qualified" to speak to a "consultant." I should have known better, but I was foolish enough to give her the balance and last 4 digits of one of my credit cards, but when she asked me for the zip code, I realized this was probably a scam. I wanted to do a web search about them, so I asked "can I call you back?"

She hung up. Don't be foolish! If you need debt consolidation, there are reputable credit advisors who can negotiate on your behalf to freeze your accounts and reduce your interest rate and establish a single monthly payment. These are non-profit outfits. If you need more advice, contact your state's consumer protection agency.

CardMember Servicestelemarketer calls

Over the years I have received at lease 200 calls from these scammers. I purchased a hand held, pump type air horn and used it in an attempt to scare the geese out of my yard. It didn't work on the geese so I decided to try it on telemarketers. I don't know if it works on telemarketers or not but after receiving that blast in his ear, he probably won't be taking any calls for several hours.

Incidentally, I once made up a phony card number to give to him. I led him on and wasted about 20 minutes of his time. The first question he ask was how many cards I had and if any were maxed out. I didn't know what he was getting at so I told him one was maxed out. He was not interested in that one, which told me that he couldn't steal any money on the maxed out card so he wasn't interested.

My U. S. Representative would only tell me to register with the National Do Not Call Registry. I deleted my number from that list after a telemarketer told me he got my number from that list.

Our elected officials should represent the voters, not the lobbyist who make Hugh campaign contributions to them.

CardMember Servicesharassing phone numbers

I am sick an tired of receiving calls from this company I have even gone so far as to tell them that If I could find out who was doing it id take out a warrant on them.I have also told them repeatedly that we are on the national do not call list ...but none of that has done any Good..I have also contacted the North Carolina Attorney General's Office and filed multiple complaints about this and other telemarketing scams and was told in no uncertain terms they are either unable or unwilling to do anything about it since they appear to be coming from out of the country(which in my opinion ) is their (NC attorney general's office) way of getting out of doing anything to protect North Carolina Consumers from telemarketing scams...

CardMember ServicesUnsolicited Calls

They won't stop calling. I asked to be taken off the list. Tom Fuller, the CEO, explained to me that I requested these phone calls. He said that since he is a financial institution he gets to call me all he wants…took a breath and said "it sucks doesn't it?". Is this the state of our laws today?

  • Ed
    Ed Huneke Jan 28, 2020

    I see that others have the same complaint that I have, that I have told at least 45 people to stop calling and to put me the do-not-call list, because I have three credit cards, and all have 0 balances due. They keep saying they will do that, BUT the calls keep coming in. You are a total scam and a business to be avoided in all ways possible.

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  • Ed
    Ed Huneke Jan 28, 2020

    My comment is up above, why would I type it in two times?

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CardMember ServicesPhone Calls

I receive a call from this company on a regular basis. The first part of the call is automated & it says it's, "Rachel from Cardmember Services." You have an option to press a number to speak to a representative. I have done that 3 times & when I ask them who they are trying to locate at this number, they hang up on me. Twice I asked them to take me off their calling list & they hung up abruptly. Once, I Hit * 69 on my phone, & it rang a local attorney's office. The woman answering the phone, identified herself as Rachel, & claimed to know nothing about the calls to my home. Last week I received 3 calls in one week. (I do not have Caller-ID. )When I searched for the Return Services phone # after today's call it listed: [protected]. When I called that number, a recording requested I contact the FTC with any complaints. The recording referred to a practice called, "Spoofing."

  • Bj
    bjl lunsford Oct 28, 2019

    I'm getting phone calls from cardmember services saying I'm on time with payments and now can get my payments lower. MY problem is I've never had a credit card, it's always been debit card. Please stop the phone calls, I get some days are around 8 a day. Other day more then 8. I'm have trouble getting the phone, I'm in a wheel chair so please stop the call. My phone # is 712/357/1039.

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CardMember Services — Scam

I have received over 200 calls from card member services. The recorded message goes something like "hello, this is Rachel" Would you like lower credit card interest rates as low...