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Resolved AmeriTel ServicesBILLING

Recieved abill in the mail for $9.90 called Ameritel the man asked for my customer number I told him as I was not a custmer I did not have one. I was asked for a invoice number told the man on the other end not sure where it is but it was not my Invoice number as I never made A 900 call he hung up on me. I called Ameritel Services back I told the man on the other end of the line I have a number do not hang up on me again he I am going to and did I took 10 depp breaths and then took ten more wrote on the bill Not mine do not contact me again. Still waiting to see how that is going to work out

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    Slmason Apr 04, 2011

    Got a bill for 900 numbers for the dates of 3/23-3/24 and 3/26 for a total of $123.75..from a phone number we havent had in over a year.

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Resolved AmeriTel ServicesFake Bill Notification/Elderly Fraud?

Received a THIS IS NOT A BILL letter stating my bank account was charged $169.92 for some phone calls that could have cost anywhere from .69 to $9.95 per minute depending on the program you selected. Says it's for Telephone Entertainment Services. Anyway complete scam to try and get your bank account information. They even say you can fax them all of your personal information and they will credit your bank account if it's found to be an error. Anyway I called the LA Sheriffs Lost Hills Station at [protected] and informed them of this likely fraud. Looks like it's probably an Elderly Scam based on what I've read on other complaints and the 68 Better Business Bureau Complaints on this company.. The Lost Hills Station is very close to the address provided so they are going to send someone by to check the address provided for this company. I would suggest that anyone questioning their bill or fake bill from them contact the LA Sheriffs and report this to the Fraud Division as an Elderly Billing Scam. I did and faxed them my fake bill. Too many complaints on the internet to not be a scam.

Lost Hills LA Sheriffs Station # [protected]
Fax# [protected]

Resolved AmeriTel ServicesFraud

I, John Robert Richards, recieved a bill from Ameritel Services claiming I made calls from a Verizon phone number I have not had for 8 months. Upon speaking to a representative I was told that the new user of this number had made the alleged calls and that the bill had been sent to me in error. Perhaps this is an error but I suspect fraud by Ameritel. Regardless I would like to file a complaint for others to see should they recieve a bill from Ameritel.


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    Displeased citizen Jan 04, 2010

    I got a bill from this AmeriTel Services for a call placed to a 900 number twice each only being a minute and they are charging $9.90 each. We don't even have long distants on our phone service, let alone it was a time frame when I was the only one home, my husband was at work, and I sure didn't make those stupid calls. I am so tired of the lack of responsability companies like this get away with.

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  • Ki
    Kimberly A. Campbell Jan 26, 2010

    billed me for a 900 call never made from our house $9.90 for a min. call was made at 11:28 am 1/13/10. My husband and I both work from 6:00am til 3:30pm m-f no one else is here during day except for our pets if they made the call their pretty amazing. This call was never made...

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  • Db
    dbov21 Sep 03, 2010

    I too got a "not a bill" letter stating they have charged my account with $169.92 for some 900 calls that could have cost anywhere from .69 to $9.94 per minute. Goes onto say too they want my name, account info etc.. if I dispute it. Whole letter is a scam I think to get account information. Anyway I called the LA Sheriffs Dept. Lost Hills Station which is very near the address in Calabasas they provided and they are going to send someone by to take a look at this place. Looks like it could be an elderly scam as well. I'm faxing my bill to them at 818-880-5209 attn: Diana. There's also 68 BBB Complaints with the same scam. Soon to be 69.

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  • Vl
    vlt mom Aug 07, 2012

    ugust 6th that i supposedly made on the 25th of July Noone was home at the time of the call. I am not paying it and if I get another bill I have contact info. I tried to talk to customer service and they just hung up on me. I told them I wasn't paying the bill and they said have a nice day. I told them to f off. I am getting very upset with the practices people are doing to try to make money. It is sad. Sory to vent but it felt good I hope they get what is coming to them.

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Resolved AmeriTel ServicesFraudulent billing

AmeriTel Services, a California 900 number billing company, has been harassing a senior citizen couple in Santa Fe NM about calls they never made. He is in his 80s and she is in her late 70s. They have been my friends for nearly 40 years and I am helping them fight back against this lying, scummy fraudulent company.

AmeriTel alleges $193 in three calls made late November to a 900 sex number around midnight. These two senior citizens live alone and go to sleep about 8pm. When the company was contacted about bill and the fact these senior citizens did not make the calls, the company said they did "research" and the bill was accurate. The company is now making threats against this elderly couple.

For an interesting read about this company, check out this link at the Los Angeles BBB:

This company has earned an "F" from the LA BBB for similar harassing of people for fraudulent bills on non-existent calls. Be sure to read the individual complaints against this company! Many are from other senior citizens.

It is our plan to report this company to:

* the Better Business Bureau, ( )
* the NM attorney general,
* the US Postal System for fraudulent use of US mail (,
* the Federal Trade Commission Fraud dept (,
* and AARP for harassing seniors (

Further, we will be contacting all of the credit rating companies (equifax, Trans Union, Experian) with a report about this company's bogus billing and threats against this couple.

If this company is harassing you, FIGHT BACK!! They are the ### of the earth for what they are doing to seniors!