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K Sep 07, 2018

I bought a $830 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ceramic Bezel - Ultimate Replica Wath with Cal.4130 Movement, about one year ago. The watch looked, and felt good at first. After about 9 months the automatic winding mechanism stopped working. I suddenly had to wind it up manually every day. I contacted Keisha and asked if I should send the watch back to Replicahause for repair? He (or she?) responded by sending a link to a short description on how to wind a Rolex Daytona manually. I tried to explain that the watch won´t wind itself, even i a winding machine that i bought for the watch. His response was this: Wind the watch, it will work without a problem.

Good luck
Keisha Gomes

What a douche bag! Replicahause are criminals and they will never stand by their products, or give any kind of customer support.
Whatever you do, don´t buy anthing from them.

Karl Strom, Sweden

  • Updated by Karl Strom · Sep 18, 2018

    The matter is resolved.

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