Renaultrenault car model sandero 2017

E Jul 10, 2019

Dear sir,
good day!
I bought a Renault car model sander at 9th of August 2017, and I am doing all my regular maintenance centers of your agent at Egypt but at 10th of October 2018 my car could not start up and I have been to your agent and e told me the problem at the battery and we will change it for free as the warranty for battery is two years and thanks for him he changed, but again two weeks ago, the battery is defective again, but this time the agent told me my battery is out of warranty (?) he told me your warranty start at 28th of November 2016, how come ?
I bought the car 9th of august 2017 why my warranty started 9 months before I bought the car ?
so your agent asked me to bring the contract of my car to revise the warranty started date at Renault system and I did, I give him the contract which prove that I bought the car at 9th of August 2017, that is was two weeks ago, and everyday I am calling EIM and the service center to ask if the date is revised or not, and they are telling me not yet and the delay not from Egypt side, it is from Renault France side, and this delay is affected my work and cost me too much three weeks with a car is a big problem.
so I do trust you will solve this problem ASAP, it is only revise the date according to the attached contract between me and your Agent,
waiting your kindly reply,
Amr Elaony,

renault car model sandero 2017
renault car model sandero 2017

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