Reliance Hub Servicesholiday membership cancellation

My name is Abdul Nazar, me and my family went to meet the reliance hub representative in March 2019 after I got a call from them and we took the membership from Reliance after their long stories of lies, and the they registered the membership under my Wife name and we paid amount
during the time of registration I informed them that we are planning to go for holiday trip to Malaysia on July-Aug 2019 and they told that they will provide the hotel stay
and on 23 June 2019 I went to their office to confirm the date and the hotel stay then the staff told send the request my email, then I sent the request and I was planning to travel on 28 July 2019, from that day on wards I was trying to get the confirmation and I was following with them by email and they told after 15 June they will confirm, after that 30 June 2019 I went to India and our plan was to travel to Malasya from India that I already informed them and they were aware about that, After 15 June I sent so many emails, SMS, Watsapp messages until 27 July to confirm the Hotel stay some time they replied they will do as soon as possible, Our ticket was on 28 July
Finally I didn't received the confirmation and I informed them that if you are not provide the Hotel stay I cannot continue the membership and I need to cancel it
I was waiting until the last minute of our trip but I am not received any confirmation finally I booked my self the Hotel stay and I informed them I need to cancel
Later when I reached Abu dhabi I went to their office in Abu dhabi for the cancellation of the Membership and they told to sent the request, so I sent the cancellation request by email and they told that it will take a month
but still I am following with them by email until now they didn't refund money

Oct 07, 2019

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