Reliance Hub Servicescancellation of membership from fraud company

Reliance hub team contact us by phone.that we have won gold coin and holiday voucher.They invited us to receive this gift in Novotel hotel in Dubai. After we went there they explained about the fake membership details.unfortunaly we trusted them and joined the membership by paying 15000aed by using credit card.They informed us that they will convert it into EMI. The very next day we received mail from them that the membership has been activated.But In the mail the details of the membership is entirely different from what they told us.We try to contact them through the numbers which is on the mail.But it is not active.Thus we checked all the complaints against this company.All the complaints are same as me. I went to their office Very next day for the cancellation of membership. They hesitate to cancel the membership.with too much of discussion they told us they will refund the money with in 45 working days after deducting 5% of some official charges. These terms now saying they will refund the money with in 3 months by installment.(5000 per month).we are facing financial issues in the bank. We are not sure this company will be working from next month because their Dubai Economic and Tourism licence is expiring next month(05/11/2019).Kindly rise complaint against this company and help us to refund the money. Too many people's are cheated by the company.
Response of this reliance hub customer service is very poor.

Reliance Hub Services
Reliance Hub Services

Oct 05, 2019

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