[Resolved] Reliance Hub Servicesbalance refund

M Jul 13, 2019

Though I have paid 40K Dhs in Nov 2017 with out knowing about the company based on their false/fake promises while working in Dubai, they made partial refund after many follow ups. With my bad luck got retirement in Oct 2018 and so asked Akther to refund balance amount before we left UAE.He confirmed thru emails on 31st Dec '18/1st Jan '19 that mgmt accepted to pay balance in 45 days. Still now no such refund and now refusing to pay and forcing us to utilize their services though we are suffering from old age health issues.They seem to be unprofessional and hurting me (senior citizen)very take necessary action on them to get our money as we badly need it

  • Updated by Munirajulu Mc · Jul 22, 2019

    What action taken on my complaint as I didn't get any response from the company in settling the long pending refund

  • Updated by Munirajulu Mc · Aug 11, 2019

    When it is not yet resolved, why it is marked as Resolved. So strange

  • Resolution Statement

    It is not yet resolved as the company has neither called/emailed me nor settled the balance refund. It is still pending. Pl expedite

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