Regions Bankscam and abuse!


When my great-aunt died in 2003, it was discovered that her care-taker had withdrawn over $250,000 from her Regions Bank account over a 4 year period, leaving her on the brink of bankruptcy and public assistance. The funds were spent on things like Harley Davidsons, video games, acne medication, high school tutoring, fashion clothing, care taker's credit cards, care taker's utilities, etc. The checks were forged.

Regions Bank's fraud detection system flagged the activity repeatedly. Regions Bank officers testified under oath that they discussed the situation on multiple occasions and consciously chose to do nothing: like contact its attorneys or call any goverment officials. Regions Bank had several conflicts of interest. 1) It profited from collecting ongoing NSF fees and CD early withdrawal penalties - amounting to over $10,000 (and exceeding $1000 in one given month). 2) The care-taker was a client of Regions Bank, so the bank didn't want to alienate this individual or any local relatives.

Regions Bank never once apologized and never once offered to refund the funds that it allowed to leave my aunt's account fraudulently. In fact, it allowed its lawyers to taunt my family by making minuscule offers for settlement. Overall, Regions Bank has shown its total disdain for its consumers, especially its vulnerable, elderly consumers.

The estate's legal suit went to the Alabama Supreme Court twice. But Regions Bank headquarters in Birmingham Alabama and has strong political presence. Regions Bank hired one of Birmingham's largest legal firms to protect itself and its mode of operation. All of the documentation from this legal suit are available to the public. Consumers can decide for themselves if Regions Bank behaved properly.

Alabama voters also need to know that the governor and senators of Alabama were contacted about this case and not a single one has offered any kind of restitution or change in the law to date.


  • Valerie Dec 07, 2006

    Hi all - glad to have the opportunity to vent. I started calling Regions "The Flintstones Bank" a while ago, when I started realizing how antiquated operations are, and how unsophisticated and unprofessional many of the staff are.

    The "little" things that grated on my nerves were issues such as telling me, after not returning many calls when they said they would, that *I* would have to call Birmingham (headquarters I believe) to get information to resolve my problems. "Oh, you'll have to call wire transfer and find out," or "You'll have to call REgionsNet to find out" -- how about my bank officer gathering the information FOR ME? Why do i have to call around? Plus, if they do it, they'll learn about the various procedures and policies the bank has in place.

    But that's not my problem now. Here's what happened:

    We were overdue on an equity payment. As I dialed Regions to make the payment, I looked at RegionsNet, the online service, and saw that the account I would normally pull from was overdrawn by 14 dollars. When I got the representative on the phone I told her I would transfer money into that account immediately. I transferred $500 while I was on the phone. She said she "saw" it come in and would pay my equity payment with that money. I took her name, confirmed, and hung up.

    A few minutes later I decided to transfer money into that account in order to have some more "cushion". I wanted to transfer another $500, but I purposely transferred $490 because I knew from previous experience that Regions will DELETE what they think are erroneous duplicates.

    Later that afternoon I went back on REgionsNet to check the activity. Nothing had changed! I called RegionsNet and spoke to someone -- again taking a name -- who said that everything I had done that morning had posted fine and just hadn't shown up.


    The weekend came and went and then the following week we received a letter from Regions. They took the equity payment from an entirely different account (my daughter's custodial account!) and also took a $200 penalty with it!!! I went back on REgionsNet and to my dismay I saw that they had also charged my account $93 in overdraft fees!!!!

    The next day was Thanksgiving, so on Friday we spoke to the only person in the bank, the bank manager. She said she was alone and could not get to this until Monday, and would call me back then. She did not.

    Late Tuesday I had to call her, and she said, "sorry I was out yesterday." No, "I'm sorry" or "I should have had someone call you." OK, fineeee. Then she says, "Well there is nothing I can do. Since this went through RegionsNet you will have to call them."

    So I wasted ALL THIS TIME with a bank manager who could not help me. I waited for her call and then was told she could do nothing. AND she wanted ME to make the call to resolve. Lovely.

    I called customer service, spent a long time on the line (38 minutes), and then they spoke to this bank manager while I held. Then they came back on and told me I should call HER BACK so she could help me resolve the situation!!!

    I called the bank manager back. She said to me: "Mrs. Jones, I will remove the 93 dollar charge, but this is the last time I will do anything like this for you." (!!)

    I said, "OK and what about the extra $200 penalty the bank took?" I asked.

    She said, "What $200?"

    I asked, "Did the customer service person brief you on this whole situation?" (Even though I had briefed this bank manager myself the week before)

    She says "yes."

    "I said, well it's right there. An extra $200 was taken from my daughter's account!"

    She said "I don't know what you are talking about!"

    So I said, "Do you have the account information in front of you?"

    she said, "No"

    I said, "Can you pull up the information?"

    Well, she freaked out at me, and I said, "You are the bank manager! Why can't you help me with this whole thing? And why can't you get all the information in front of you so we can talk about this whole thing intelligently?!

    She then told me she was through taking my "abuse". I asked her to please not interrupt me and I would not raise my voice. she hung up on me!!!!

    I called back -- this was yesterday morning, Monday -- and she said she would have her supervisor call me back yesterday.

    I called today and she was at lunch. I left a message saying that I still had not heard from her supervisor. It is now 9 pm and I still have not heard a peep from anyone.

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  • Ju
    JustaDadathome Feb 04, 2008

    I have been with regions bank,
    I live close to the edge each month financially, but I must tell you... Regions bank is Notorious for charging overdraft fees.

    I cannot prove it, but I am quite sure they are setup so if you make a deposit on one day, and a withdrawl comes in on the same day, the bank will most surely do the withdrawl, put you into overdraft status, charge you, then make your deposit, and get their money.

    Like I said, I cannot prove this, but I strongly believe it to be true.

    I strongly believe Regions bank to focus on teaching all their staff, and having their comptuters setup to draw every bit as much money off of each customer that they can.

    Regions bank cares solely for making money. Do not ever think Regions bank cares abotu their customers in the least. This coming from a customer that has been with regions bank for many years... Why do I stay with them?? 2 reasons, both have to do with online banking... I like the online banking setup, and I am setup with Quicken and I can download my daily account info right into quicken... if it were not for that, I would tell Regions Bank BYE BYE in a heartbeat. No love here for Regions bank, belive me.

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  • Sy
    Sympathetic Feb 22, 2008

    Go to for other frustrated customers who have been screwed by them in recent months.

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  • Jo
    Jonathan Cobb Mar 10, 2008

    I had a similar experience with Regions bank in 2004 where my checkbook was stolen and close to $600 in checks were written at a local grocery store. The racked up close to another 400 in NSF and overdraft fees and told me that I was liable for ALL of it. The head of security actually told me "tough ###" after my probes into why my claim of forgery was being denied. He denied the claim prior to having received any supporting documentation which was sent from my local branch managed by a Charmaigne Seymour. I mailed a letter to Carl Jones (President) after figuring out the corporate email schema ([email protected]) and emailed him with my issues and it pretty much all fell on deaf ears. I have since vowed to share my story with everyone i meet. I'm sorry for your misfortunes and something should be done to this bank for the way they profit from the fraud...

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  • Wa
    Walter Wood Apr 09, 2008

    I know this to be true because I once asked a bank (B of A) about this and they told me that they do the withdrawls first and then the deposits.

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  • Ho
    hotspringsshark Jul 18, 2008

    I tried to cash two checks at Regions today, and despite being a customer for 4 years they would not cash them. I am looking for a new bank now. Anyone know how to contact the ceo?

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  • Se
    Seething in St. Augustine Jul 23, 2008

    We have filed a complaint with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation ( accusing Regions Bank with unfair business practices.

    Regions Bank is using what they claim is a consumer feature called a 'Overdraft Limit' that pays incoming charges no matter your account balance. It will pay up to $500 in charges after your account is overdrawn.

    Regions is charging consumers anywhere from $33 to $35 for each paid item under the 'Overdraft Limit' feature. The average total fee charges to consumers under this feature is estimated to be around $210. This is making Regions very wealthy and making consumers very angry.

    This feature should not be confused with Overdraft Protection. Overdraft Protection is a feature that links accounts for overdraft coverage. Service Reps make this confusing by trying to tell you there is no 'Overdraft Protection' feature on your account, but not tell you of the 'Overdraft Limit' feature.

    You can have the 'Overdraft Limit' feature removed from your account, but the customer service rep at the 800 number will tell you that it can take 3 to 10 days to remove. This is untrue. Your local branch can remove it immediately. Regions is purposely hiding this fact.

    Additionally REGIONS BANK WILL RE-APPLY THIS FEATURE TO YOUR ACCOUNT AFTER 30 DAYS WITHOUT NOTICE IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS IN GOOD STANDING AND NOT OVERDRAWN! We believe this is a strategic attempt to gain fees from you in the future. We also believe that this action may be construed as fraudulent if a complaint were to be made at the County level (lawsuit).

    If you have experienced this fee unfairly, live in Florida, and feel that you can do something, fill out this complaint form:

    We site all the information in this complaint from Regions customer service representatives, branch managers, and branch tellers. We were told 'off the record' by certain Regions employees that this is a fee strategy handed down from the upper level leaders of the bank. Furthermore, certain employees have given us private email addresses to let them know how our complaint with the state turns out as they are also frustrated with consumer complaints.

    Regions Bank has crossed the line between ethics and greed. Their strategies are meant to fill the pockets of the bank at the consumers expense during a time when the American economy is faltering. Kick us when we're down Regions!

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  • Au
    aubrey holman Oct 08, 2008

    My wife put her head to it and realized what was happening.. Look at your statements and you'll realize all charges are cleared Largest to smallest... Not in the order that they occurred! Even if that means placing a cleared charge on another day! Who balances his/her check book like that?

    I have online banking so I can see the scam as it's taking place..

    I just got a few print outs a few hours ago... within minutes the balance changed 2 times!!

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  • Sh
    Shane Perry Nov 02, 2008

    My wife and I with our 3 children recently moved. Before doing so, being so close to the end of the month, meaning the 1st of the month was right around the corner, we carefuly budgeted ourselves for this move, so we wouldn't cut ourselves short for the 1st of the month. Every penny at this point counted therefore we counted each. Not knowing at the time Regions was too. (For their own purpose). Here it is the 31st, my direct deposit posted today, we were supposly still doing good (by our records) the 1st is looking better than we thought. I get online to go on with my reconciliation of the month, budget the upcoming month, when low and behold my account is negative 51.00. When my direct deposit went through, I was negative $560 and some change. I couldn't believe it. Screamed for my wife - (her being a bookkeeper) asked her to review, of course she couldn't make heads or tails of the entire situation not for sure if it was the tears or the shock. She quickly gr
    abs the calculator goes through our records - then the online register - then prints out a bank statement. Back on the 22nd of Oct, Regions charged us $105 in NSF when were had a positive of $14.99. Granted we knew it was going to be low, On the 23rd a debit charge of $9.03 was posted and yet another $35 NSF was charged. On the 24th my Direct Deposit was posted, and the negative was with drawn. Now on the 28th I was charged $280 in NSF then on the 29th another $70 in NSF and on the 30th yet another $70 in NSF!!! I am not a rich person, my wife and I happily live just a little better that pay check to pay check, but only by sticking to our budget. My entire paycheck for one week went straight to NSF which clearly snow balled only because of the $105 in the beginning.

    So my wife and I, race to the bank before they closed. Make it (my wife is fired up with foot tapping - when she gets like this she usualy doesn't give in so I thought, "I sure wouldn't want to be that teller). We get in the bank, my wife whipps right past the tellers and straight to an office, tells the lady our situation and wants her to review our account. The lady does, and then explains that it was pending charges, and we should pay extra special attention to those pending charges. My wife left her no way out, explaining how good you charge NSF on a positive balance. The woman does not proceed past pending charges. My wife explains that when the $105 was applied that our negative was only $90. So that itself shows their mistake. But nope the woman is still blaming us and pending charges. Now I do not have any money at all. I am outstanding $51 to Regions, with 2 other checks coming through. My records show I should have $667 to the good. I worked an entire week for no
    thing. Only to pay Regions who is suppose to be working for my money.

    There has to be something legally we can do. But how can we afford it now? I have no money for food for my children, and not for sure how I can even afford to get to work for a week. Not to mention the bills that are due on the 1st. I am closing my account this is for certain. I am going to see the Branch Manager monday, I will get my money back so sort of way. I have to. My family will not survive!!!

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  • To
    TonyNBJ1961 May 11, 2010

    OMG!!! Regions Bank you [censor]ing Suck!! We need to get together and bust their A$$!!!

    Please look at this :

    I have had no money in the bank and even though no money it still came out of the ATM machine even when I when it was stating the account was under or Non Suffient funds! BUT yet the money did not stop and I am charged for this with NSF!!!

    I would like my $15.00 NSF & $70.00 NSF put back on my account So then I can close my account

    This is Very Bad I have constructed a letter to FTC etc. and anyone who will listen! How do you give some one money when it is not there and then come back and charge him for it.

    If I would have known this I would have never taken that money.

    I went to talk to a bank rep and she told me she would contact me the next day!

    Never did!!!

    Call me Tony Falasca PLEASE!!! [email protected]

    Date Type Description/Category Status Debit (-) Credit (+) Balance
    05/10/2010 ATM DEBIT Regions UNION AVE BRA CLR $20.00 ($3.21)
    05/10/2010 CHK CRD CKT*CRICKETCOMM CLR $53.45 $16.79

    05/10/2010 DEPOSIT DEPOSIT CLR $200.00 $70.24

    *******************05/07/2010 NSF FEE PAID OVERDRAFT ITEM FEE CLR $70.00 ($129.76) ****************
    *******************05/06/2010 DEBIT OD PROTECTION TRANSFER FEE CLR $15.00 ($59.76) *********************
    ******05/06/2010 CHK CRD LOVE S COUNTRY0 CLR $1.89 ($44.78)
    05/06/2010 CHK CRD J2 *INTERNETFAX CLR $6.95 ($42.89)
    ******05/06/2010 CHK CRD SHELL OIL 57542 CLR $20.00 ($35.94)
    ******05/06/2010 ATM DEBIT CITGO EXPR 1440 GETWELL CLR $41.75 ($15.94)

    05/06/2010 ATM DEBIT ATM EXPRESS 1781 GETWELL CLR $82.00 $25.81
    05/06/2010 ATM DEBIT BANK OF AMERIC *PARK AVENUE CLR $103.00 $107.81
    05/06/2010 DEBIT OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE CLR $2.00 $210.81
    05/06/2010 DEBIT OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE CLR $2.00 $212.81
    05/06/2010 DEBIT OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE CLR $2.00 $214.81
    05/06/2010 DEBIT OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE CLR $2.00 $216.81
    05/06/2010 DEBIT OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE CLR $2.00 $218.81
    05/03/2010 CHK CRD PAYMENTUS-SERVI CLR $3.25 $220.81
    05/03/2010 CHK CRD MEMPHIS-CITATIO CLR $20.00 $224.06
    04/30/2010 ELEC CRDT US TREASURY 220 VA BENEFIT CLR $243.00 $244.06

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  • Pl
    P.L.S. Sep 22, 2010

    I think yall should pay attention & quit spending money you don't have. I've been a customer for 2 yrs. I've never had a problem that they didn't take care of. I had one time a nsf charge but they fixed it and returned my money. So I make sure I check my account at least 2 to 4 times a day, & I have to make sure I don't spend money I don't have. We have direct deposit too & we don't have any problems. You just need to remember not to spend too much, & pay attention everyday.

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  • Gu
    Guliane Nov 10, 2010

    I paid off a truck loan in cash on 10-14-2009. I have been waiting for the title because I sold the truck and the gentleman who bought it wanted to register it to get it on the road to make his money. I called Regions and asked where it was they told me that the payment that was paid on 10-14-09 was not processed until 10-23-09 and that now I have to wait 9 days after that to get the title. According to the DMV it is a paper title and that I should not have to wait that long for it. I then called Regions back and they again told me that it takes them this long to process anything. So I pay in cash and have to wait 30 days for a release and a title. I go to DMV on 11-2-09 to try to help this man register it, DMV tells me that there is still a lien after 15 days. I go to the bank they assure me that Rita got an email telling her that the title has been released and so has the lien. I ask her to sign a satisfaction of lien from DMV and they tell her she cannot do that. Then they tell her to tell me they will overnight it on 11-2-09 and I will receive it on 11-3-09. Well once again they llied and I still do not have the title. Why is it a bank can go about lying and not trying to help the consumer? I have the worst runaround from this bank in my 54yrs of selling anything. I will never do business with this bank and if there is anyone else out there doing business with them they need to be made aware of this situation. This bank has caused me more stress than having 15 kids can. They sent me a copy of the title on 10-31-09 why in the world could they not send me an original? I PAID CASH!!!

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  • Ak
    Akhennaten Jul 11, 2011

    Regions bank has to be #1 in terms of basically doing a nose dive since January of 2010. Yesterday, I checked my balance online, as I do SEVERAL times a day. Notice that I said "several" because the site updates and changes so much that you will never truly know how much you have in your account unless you keep a ledger. Even then, you may be off.
    After calling several representatives, 3 told me that from Friday until Wednesday, the staff has to get "caught up". WHAT?! So for the past month, I have not used my debit card from Friday until the following Wednesday. A few minutes ago, I checked my balance. Every purchase I made on July 1, 2011 was returned (when it initially showed as being 'paid' until 7/9/2011) and I was charged $36.00 for each return payment when I had enough money to cover everything. May 31, 2011 I deposited a check of $2, 000. You mean to tell me that when I looked online at midnight, May 31, 2011, and saw where the check was deposited, I was able to spend money using my debit card and someone...all of a sudden decided, "nope, return everything?" Why make your customers believe that their funds are solid after a direct deposit only to turn around and decide to take it all back.
    I had a free checking account but pulling my money out tomorrow morning at 8am. I cannot imagine having to make 10+ transactions a month w/o direct deposit in order to stay with them so new customers...GOOD LUCK!

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  • 19
    1988loly Oct 05, 2011

    I am so overwhelmingly upset and disgusted due to the fact that I have been charged with 250.00 in NSF because I missed the time line to make a deposite. I could not get the money earlier but I tried God knows I did not acted irresponsible. That has to STOP!!! not only for me but for everyone having money issues right now surviving one way or another. I see it as stolen money, money that I do not have but the worst thing is that is stolen from an organization that I am trusting to protect the little I have. I need my money back! you are only making my sitution harder to handle and everyones too.

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  • El
    Ellen67 Oct 05, 2011

    GK, I agree. The merchants where those purchases were made and the bank might consider it theft to purchase products when the money is not in the account.

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  • El
    Ellen67 Oct 06, 2011

    The OP most likely will never understand. They are stuck on a "technicality"; they think because they spent money they didn't have, decided to make a deposit AFTER the fact, and didn't beat the 'clock' that the bank is ""hung up " on that little detail. No, the OP spent money the did not have at the current time ( otherwise, why not spend the money/cash from the planned deposit? Or deposit BEFORE spending) and tried to play the "float". Instead of realizing that sometimes it works in the depositors' favor and sometimes not, it still means you spent money you didn't have and just be 'thankful'when you do beat the float. The OP gambled and lost.

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  • Ak
    Akhnaten Oct 15, 2011

    My adoration for Regions bank has gone from satisfaction to extreme hate. Everyday there seems to be a problem. For example, a company put through a check 4 times for the same amount. They went back and listened to our phone conversation and admitted that they were in the wrong. Instead of Regions going with the facts, they charged me their returned check fee...4 times!!!

    Now, I just looked at my account, online. I had 6.38 in there. Not anymore!! Why?! Because they charged me 4.00 for the debit card fee + 10.00 monthly fee!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! That little bit of money was to use to buy milk for my family!!! Now we have nothing. Thanks a lot!!! I guess you don't care if kids go hungry tonight right?!?!?!?!

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  • Ki
    Kingcloser Mar 05, 2012

    Regions Bank needs to be pressured with Imminent (BK) Threats or Mediation Law and Procedures.
    They are basically a giant collection agency. They purchase the distressed mortgage at Extreme Discounts from various key players in the sub-prime arena. They collect aggressively on this paper. They do not play by the rules and need to be pressed hard.

    We have completed successful loan restructuring cases with Regions Bank. They are all long run and brutal battles.

    Feel free to visit our website for further details on avoiding a Pending Sale Date. or
    You may also call 1.877.297.7011

    Good Luck Homeowners.

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  • I seen two officles busting dukes were you could see them at regions bank and jacking jacking off please make them stop

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    That's fu__--ed up

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    Thats sad and they owe that that guy so much money its a shame

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    That's ashame

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    They owe that man so much money they owe that man millions.millions

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    Ives heard the tape that was on this sight .regions bank pay the man

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    Regions bank is a stakey band of thieves who have no money becouse Scott holder waved it all away and the president of regions bank waved his rights also by the time its 2017 the regions bank will be in the sh~~t box they better pay that man and stop bursting dooks

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    You are pathetic bussen dooks

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    Regions bank

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    Answer me you puthetic pice of piled up dook bursting butter bursting thrash you can be seen on the tape bollheaded bi~h pay the man and pay me pay america

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    Pay him pay me pay america

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    Pay pay pay

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  • Do
    don't try it Jul 25, 2012

    Pay ~pay~pay

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