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Do not purchase from this company. They tend to jerk customers around and play power games.

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  • Updated by Sun Drez · Jan 17, 2019

    Feel taken advantage of. Full of false hope.. Can not be trusted.


  • Jj
    JJefferson Jun 21, 2011

    YES they certainly do!!! They booked us on a 7 day 8 night trip to Cancun and only gave us 7 nights!! (They wanted us out of our rooms at 1 pm and our flgiht wasn't until 5:30 THE NEXT MORNING!!!) We complained to them as soon as we saw the check-out date on the itinerary and initially "Gina" (their so-called "Supervisor" acknowledged that we were absolutely correct and they would remedy it immediately. Three weeks of emails and phone calls ensued until she had a complete turnabout face and said that there was nothing tghey could do. (Previously she had stated that "management would intervene with the hotel and if it couldn't be remedied, then they would compensate us by paying for the 8th night if the hotel didn't step up.) I have had problems with Barcelo resorts before and had to write to their President in the Channel Islands, UK in order to gain satisfaction for a really botched trip to the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago. (Ironically, it was also booked through Red Tag, however the issues then were not Red Tag's fault.)

    My friend was married in April and also booked through Red Tag. Same night short and "nothing they could do" to assist her. (Her father raised cane at the hotel and managed to have them keep their rooms until their flight home - also at 5:30 a.m. on Sunwing).

    In conclusion, DO NOT EVER, EVER USE RED TAG VACATIONS FOR YOUR VACATION!!! Their prices are low because in essence, they offer false advertising and do not honour their commitments to their patrons.

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  • Se
    Serenity09 Jun 28, 2012

    This company is a piece of ###

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  • Se
    Serenity09 Jun 28, 2012

    Does not honour their word, work ethic or customer service. Don't be lured by the cheap price. We should not encourage such companies to flourish. They do give their customers the runaround. I am extremely disappointed with them as they did not honour a price match and were dishonest with me that I would get one. Constantly getting the runaround.

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  • Sc
    schtiop Feb 22, 2013

    Recently went to buy a flight on Redtag for a great advertised price, but when the web page took me to check-out to pay, the price was $150 more than the advertised price. Thank God i doubled checked the total price, because there was no warning from Redtag that i was paying more than the original advertised price. When i called to complain, they said that prices were "subject to availability", and that the price was more because the "cheap coach seats" were all bought. First of all, nowhere does it say on the website "subject to availability", and second, if the "cheap coach seats" are all sold, then why do they continue to advertise the low price? This is fraud. You can't advertise for something you cannot provide. I recommend everyone boycott Redtag, they are dishonest.

    By the way, found the same flight later at the original cheaper price with someone else, which proves the agent at Redtag was a lier, and Redtag wants to rip-off the public.

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  • These guys are ### there price assurance scam is bullshyt. Do not book with them

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  • Ha
    hatesRedTag May 09, 2013

    Agree with above posts. RedTag has horrible customer service. They do not honour their word nor do they bother resolving any issues. Stay away.

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  • Ni
    Nicolae Oct 07, 2013

    This Site or company in awful ...they are dishonest and they do a very by bad job. This summer we bought 3 tickets for Europe (for me, my wife and our 2 yrs old boy) with them. A 13 hours flight and we had to change the plane in Paris . When we arrived to Montreal airport they told us that they can't give us the tickets to our destination because Air CAnada doesn't have a agreement with Tarom the ROmanian airline company...we said what the hell, why red flag never mentioned that...Anyways we arrived in Paris and we waited for our luggage 2 hours and after we run like 10 kilometers to our gate with a baby in my arm, a stroller and 4 luggages...crazyyyyyyy...we arrived at the gate when the plane was abt to leave...Inn the plane (btw air Canada is ###ttttt) only men employ not women! They looked like they had drinking problems, no smiles, and a very bad service. We we returned to Canada the exactly same story. They messed up our tickets, they lied to us and we wil never take air Canada or use this ### company again.

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  • Me
    Megsdunwell Mar 01, 2014

    This site mixed up our credit card details, and charged some one else for our flight. Their other customer realized this and cancelled the flight the night before we were due to leave. We showed at the airport and were accused of credit card fraud, had to pay another 800.00 dollars to get another flight. Even though we spend two hours talking to the company before buying a new flight this information was never mentioned to us. Because we live in Australia, we have had a hard time trying to get anything back from this company. It made the start of our trip horrible and stressful. I would highly discourage anyone from booking with this website. I cancelled my credit card for fear that they might charge my card again for someone else too.

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  • Ki
    Kim, Vancouver. B.C. Mar 12, 2014

    Booked a two week vacation to varadero cuba, hotel name was Playa de oro. Hotel is very run down with severe smell of sewage and mold problems in the rooms. Staff at the front desk were very rude, and unwilling to help with phone calls to Canada, also tried for four days to get late check out in our room, check out was 12 noon, our flight back to Vancouver did not leave until 4:45 a.m. the next day. We spent four hours in the lobby on our last day there where were told to check every hour. Finally we paid the doorman to get the front desk staff to get us a room. This room on our last day had sewage coming through the drain in the bathtub. The food for this all inclusive hotel was terrible, we ate in restaurants in Varadero most nights. Do not stay at this hotel they claim it is a 4 star location, when actually it is between 1-2 star. Kim Vancouver, B.C.

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  • Ms
    Ms Cor Jan 03, 2015

    SCAM! Last evening, I booked a flight to Peru with Red Tag at a fair price. I was sent a flight confirmation email within minutes. Half an hour later, I received another email stating thatt my flight was "unconfirmed" (?) and they found me an alternative flight for 249.69 MORE DOLLARS and in order to continue or cancel I must contact them by 7 p.m. EST. Good thing I was still at my computer to receive the email as they had left me 40 minutes to call them. I did call and explained I did not want a more expensive flight. The representative explained that I "would not be charged for the cancellation." to which I replied, "I certainly hope not! I didn't cancel. I was offered a flight that doesn't exist." I also questioned why I was given a time line of 40 minutes to stop them for charging me more money for a different flight. The representative explained it was probably because the rep who booked my flight might be off work at 7 p.m. Senseless.. RED TAG RIP OFF.

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  • Se
    selena N Mar 31, 2015

    If you value your money, time or overall sanity I would book directly with the airlines of your choice. I have never been so frustrated or felt as though I was being 'taken' for.

    Reps changed their answers on four different occasions and never discussed changes over the phone with me. I was always told I would receive an email or a follow up call once fares had been established. I was placed on hold for them to 'investigate my file' and when I followed up with the airlines to confirm mysterious fees that RegTag insisted was not their doing, the airlines (WestJet) had no idea what I was speaking of and confirmed that these fees were not from their end.
    To ensure WestJet is not tainted, the representatives for their airlines were very helpful and provided answers and references I want to extend my thanks to them :)

    As a result of canceling flights for myself and two daughters (both minors) paid for a cancelation fee and was told that I had a credit to use within one year... rebooking has been a nightmare. Apparently to use the credit on my own I would still have to pay transfer fees, rebooking and ticket issuing fees, taxes and a fare difference for all three of us, even though I would be the only person flying to use the credit. In numbers this means a $1000 credit is going to cost approx. $500 to use...that's not with the difference in flight cost.

    Please save yourself the stress and loss of funds and go directly to the airlines or a more trustworthy agency. From what I can tell they want you to give up trying to use your credit in the year...very disheartening experience.

    Customer Service is Not the priority for this company.

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  • Br
    Brian Mclean Feb 21, 2016

    Read some pretty poor reviews before I booked, or attempted, to book a flight. Sadly, they are true. Untrustworthy, clearly attempting to obtain bookings without any intention of honoring the price. And to top it all, even though I am in Vancouver, attempting to pay with an RBC Visa, I suddenly am asked to pay cash because the flight originates in Africa. Next time flag it on your site so that you don't waste peoples time. This is how that request is worded - "Due to increasing number of fraudulent bookings especially the ones going or coming from Africa, we are trying to be more careful in handling these bookings. In order to process your reservation, the payment will have to be done through cash or a bank transfer of funds into our account. Please check with our Ticketing Agent if fare is the same before you transfer the funds. Once the payment has been made, a copy of the receipt needs to be emailed to us so we can verify with our Accounting Department." Clearly there is a serious lack of information online??? Brian Mclean 250 240 5508. SCAM ALERT!!!

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  • Br
    Brian Mclean Feb 21, 2016

    AVOID if you are from AFRICA. Different discriminatory rules are used if you have an AFRICAN point of origin.

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  • Yo
    Yoyoping Oct 27, 2016

    I've read some of the above complaints. By the sounds of it, most of you tried to be your own travel agent and booked online. And so that's what happens. You mess up your own holiday and then put the blame on Redtag. Do not, I repeat, do not try and be your agent cause you suck at it. Pick up the phone and call an actual travel agent who actually knows what they're doing. I work for them and I don't know how many times I get a call from customers saying "oh I booked online and made a mistake and booked the wrong flight" or "I booked online for a 3* hotel and it was awful and had to pay to upgrade my hotel, I want my money back". Any travel agent will tell you not to book a 3* hotel in Cuba. You get what you pay for and you were probably looking for a deal. And if you're booking online cause it's cheaper than booking with an actual travel agent, you're wrong. I'm tired of cleaning up your mess. So to all who book online - it's your fault and only your fault for screwing up your trip.

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  • Ke
    keok916 May 04, 2017

    The customer service provided by this company is beyond belief. We recently discovered that the $250.00 gift card that I purchased for my daughter has been used by a family living in a different city in Ontario, three individuals whom we do not know. The arrogant representative at Red Tag actually suggested that we wait to receive his email listing the individuals names that purchased a ticket with our gift card as we may actually recognize the names...basically assuming that we had forgotten that we gave the gift card to someone else to use??? The gift card has never left our possession and has been tucked away safely waiting to be used on a very much needed and well deserved vacation.

    After receiving the names of the individuals that used the card, I emailed back immediately requesting that we be contacted by management as there clearly has been a breach of some nature that allowed our gift card to be compromised. The same representative called me back later that same day advising that his manager has listened to the gift card redemption recording and that the amount of the gift card and gift card number were clearly recited and, as far as Red Tag is concerned, it is a valid redemption.

    We have also left a message for the customer service manager to return our call as well as having sent two additional emails requesting contact by management as clearly Red Tag has a security issue concerning their handling of gift cards. The phone call and emails have been totally ignored.

    Based on a recent experience involving the Better Business Bureau, there is absolutely no point in wasting time heading in that direction. While we decide our next move, I felt that potential Red Tag customers should be made aware of the risk involved in purchasing a gift card from them. Something that you will not realize until after the purchase is made is that the gift card does not have a security code that has to be scratched to reveal another set of numbers (usually located on the back of most cards) as an extra measure of protection. We also came to discover that the number on the back of the card is the reference number as well as confirmation number indicated on the invoice which is emailed to the purchaser of the gift card.

    Whether this is an honest mistake caused by a customer making an error in reading the gift card number to the Red Tag representative and the number recited just happened to match our card, or if it was a totally corrupt act, Red Tag has absolutely no desire to investigate our concerns. Due to the lack of secure measures and handling process Red Tag uses involving their gift cards, you also risk the chance that an employee could decide to take advantage of this information, especially if a gift card is not used right away.

    Long and short of it...protect yourself, do NOT do business of any kind with this company.

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  • Ru
    Runika Doobay Sep 14, 2017

    It seems Red Tag have Very Very Bad Customer Service They Lack of Fair Play Integrity, and Good Business Practice, They should not be in the Vacation Business, People are out TO Enjoy themselves not be in Misery. all they want is to Collect the MONEY and Care Less of what you receive in return .
    THESE PEOPLE ARE EXPERTS AT a Con Game ... getting the Booking but not Following " Contract Law" they lie and Grab your Money without you know what you are paying for. DO NOT TRUST THEM AND DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM...

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  • Su
    Sun Drez Jan 22, 2019

    Would not ever use this website again.

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  • Ba
    Basil s Mar 20, 2019

    Customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I suggest keep looking to find a better option

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  • Dd
    Dddd Ssss Jan 22, 2020

    Made a booking realized I needed to make a change, called redtag right away. was on hold for 90 minutes, still on hold in fact at the time if this review; to make one simple change. Operator said one hour hold times normal.

    In what world is it normal to keep some one on hold for over an hour. REDTAG's world!

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