Redbubble / sikh religious symbol skirts?

United States Review updated:

The deliberate and impressively ignorant, insensitive and outright offensive nature of the Sikh religious imagery on Redbubbles' tasteless skirt range is indicitive of one of either two things.

1) the producer of these items has no insight into the sacredness of the figures and religious sites printed onto these clothes. For comparison, imagine a jesus themed underwear range (I deeply apologise to anyone affected by that comparison, I ensure it is only done to give some perspective to the outrageousness of having Guru Nanak Dev Ji (the first Sikh Guru) on these shameless skirts)

2) the producer, in spite of knowing the sacredness of these images and psychospiritual trauma that would be generated by using them on some fashion ware, has gone ahead and used them anyway.

This strongly suggests that Redbubble's intent can be called into question. There are very reasonable grounds to suggest this company has deliberately harmed a population. This is discrimination.

A formal apology and immediate ban on all of these items is the absolute minimum first step.

In the meantime, legal representation has been contacted. We will keep the other Sikhs who also felt the pain at seeing these disgusting items posted on our activity.

Kind regards

May 17, 2019
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