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This company does everything in its power to avoid any actual customer service and forces you to go through an automated system so they don't have to speak with you. They flat out lie and double back on information they give you. Twice I have rented games that did not include a necessary second disc and while it is their choice to rent these, at the time I rented them there was NOTHING on the website, kiosks, or actual disc stating it was only a partial product. By the time customer service got back with me, they state the information explaining this is visible. Of course it is, by the time you have several complaints, update your website/kiosks, and then get back with me. Even I can tell you've updated it when you put it in big bold print that wasn't there the first time I rented it to cover your ###. The first time I actually spoke to a customer service representative she had the balls to tell me "we were just seeing how the first disc rented before putting the second one in our kiosks". Are you kidding me? And I wasn't even offered 1 free rental. Nothing. This time it happened they offered me 2 free rentals, which they can shove because I'm never using this piece of c*** service again.


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      Dec 08, 2013

    Hi there, we're very sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with our Customer Care team. Please feel free to reach out to us directly at [protected] and we'd be glad to make sure that you're credited for your rental.

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      Apr 02, 2014

    The company does everything possible to charge you a ton of money and give no customer service. I hope everyone stops using them and they go out of business.

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      Jun 14, 2014

    I picked out my movie i wanted, slid my debit card and it said it won't take it. A day before I got a new card with # too. What do I need to do?

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