Red Rooster Foodsonline delivery service

E Jul 10, 2019

I made a delivery order on the night of Monday 8th July at 7pm using the online delivery website. After 45+ minutes the store calls me and informs me delivery is not available that night as there was an accident bear the store. Before I had a chance to speak, they put me on hold. When they came back, they informed me that the driver was currently out with a flat tire, but he did have my food. I let them know that if the food arrived cold I would be requesting a refund as I had already waited quite a while.

After another half hour, the store called me again informing me the pineapple fritters were out of stock and I had to choose something else.
At this point I asked for a refund, as they had previously told me my food was already on the way, and this was unnaceptable. The product never arrived, in any case.

I waited a couple days to see if the refund would process, but the transaction went from pending in my account to be removed. So it was clear the refund was not processed.

I have just now called the store number provided to me asking after the refund and they have said they won't give a cash refund, only store credit, which goes against Australian Consumer Law.

I'm awaiting a call back from the manager of the store.

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