Red Rooster Foodslack of chicken, length of time waiting in drive through,

M Jul 31, 2019

Arrived at Rowville Red Rooster Drive through and ordered at approximately 6.10pm .
Placed order and waited behind 6 vehicles for twenty minutes before arriving at the window to pay for order.
Was told our family roast chicken dinner could not be supplied as they only had half a chook available at this peak time and was offered half of the chicken and a free red rooster roll however that was not the case.
We paid full price for the meal and the chicken roll was substituted for the chicken and there was no compensation and then we were told to wait for longer in the waiting bay to clear the drive through for the waiting vehicles.
To top it off we had 5 kids waiting in the car and in the end we didn't have enough to feed everyone.
By the time we drove away it was 6.35 pm .
I understand it is not the girls fault who served us, she was very apologetic however the manager should take full responsibility for the poor service and poor management at such a busy time at night,
I have never heard of a resteraunt that serves chicken as their main product running out of food, that is so ridiculous.
When we ordered we were not told there was no roast chicken until we came to pay for it. If we had of known we wouldn't have continued our order and waited all that time. We would have left and gone to another red rooster store.

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