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P Nov 10, 2018
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To whom this may concern,
My son who is 16 years old, approached the Manager at Red Rooster 115-129 Mt Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032 about a month ago advising he was interested in casual work. He handed over his resume and advised that he was interested in taking orders or serving. My son was called to start a trial about 2 weeks after visiting and placed in the kitchen to cook, even though my son had no previous cooking or kitchen experience. He was told that they needed cooks. My son was not provided with any official cooking or kitchen training. He had literally stepped off the street into a Red Rooster Kitchen without any training. The manager (Mina) kept yelling at my son, telling him he was too slow and had to improve if he wanted more shifts. My son did not know how the kitchen worked or how to do things properly, so he would ask questions. Which I think is standard, considering there was no training offered at all. No safety training, no bio hazard training, no cleanliness training, absolutely nothing. When my son did ask questions, Mina would just raise his voice and get angry at him. Instead of taking the time to explain how things are to be done, Mina would just get angry and do things himself and not explain any processes. It was quite interesting though, as Mina wouldn't raise his voice at the other cooks who were Indian, and Mina is of Indiain heritage as well. This is clearly a from of discrimination by the manager Mina.
When my son began work on his first shift, the staff were all Indian and were all speaking in their native language and my son had no idea whether they were speaking about him. He came home completely disillusioned with his new casual job. How is a 16 year old boy meant to learn how to cook when he has literally stepped off the street and placed in a kitchen to cook and the manager has provided very little guidance and no training? My son did not join the army. He didn't need to be treated like he was worthless and that is how Mina treated him.
This evening, Mina told my son that a new cook was joining him and that my son could learn something from him. This is not encouraging. Whilst the two cooks were there, the manager noticed that my son was just standing in the kitchen as my son was waiting for some food to cook. Mina told him not to stand there and do nothing, but ask if the other cook needed help. My son did so, but the other cook did not need help. My son advised me that he was then asked to wash dishes, , which he did. Mina has advised him that at my sons next shift he will be alone and expected to prepare all foods, wraps and burgers. My issue is that if this is my sons 7th shift in the kitchen and he has just spent over an hour washing dishes, how is he meant to be able to deal in the kitchen on his own for 3 and 1/2 hours on a Saturday night? He is still not confident in the kitchen considering the lack of support he has had to succumb.

Mina has this all wrong. I feel Mina is incapable of providing the appropriate assistance and guidance for a 16 year old Australian citizen. He has been demoralising my son. This is not what I expected from management at Red Rooster. I think Mina should attend a Managers course on how to treat people with respect and ensure he provides appropriate food handling and kitchen safety training prior to placing a teenager in a kitchen to prepare food.

I am extremely disappointed in having to hear that my son was being yelled at every shift. Sure, he is no whiz in the kitchen, but he didn't ask to be employed as the cook, and he was grateful for the opportunity, but wasn't expecting to be disrespected the way he has been while working there. My son requested to serve and take orders, which is what Mina is doing, and if he is so confident in the kitchen, perhaps he should be doing his own cooking.

I would like this complaint to be made clear to Red Rooster. My son will be giving up this casual job as the treatment at Red Rooster can be described as nothing but appalling.

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