Red ONE NetworkI am complaining about service

one of your staff is totally rude towards me and i am totally dissapointed with ur staffs this this how you treat your manners at all...if u didnt took an action then i will straight away contact mcmc...there is no my mistake...first of all when i prefer to port in line i did walk into celcom and ask for a celcom line but then they gave me red one..i know that red one is under celcom but i did ask for celcom line...its like u ask for a coffee and they gave u a mineral water...and then they didnt even let me know about the contract of 6 months and when i port out for maxis due to some signal issues i walk into red one centre and they told me to settle penalty...i did already settle...but then last week i got a call from hq red one and ask me to settle my outstanding ...y don't u guys let me know earlier and its okay i will settle and i got also ask for time until 10/10/2019...ur staff said okay and today (8/10/2019) again i got a call from hq and ur staff was so rude i just couldn't imagine that...she was ordering me to settle my payment rm 44.00 by 5.00pm today...seriously is this how you all will treat a consumer..i am not a sitting here shaking my legs i am working and i don't really have time to settle my i need a clear justification for this if not i will straight away complain to MCMC for sure..i am not blackmailing this is my rights ..I also have the voice record with me i hope u guys take a action as soon as possible

Oct 08, 2019

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