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Got ripped off! Don't do it! They claim they lost my order and it was deleted "by accident" and they wanted everyone to resubmit. I did everything they asked for as well as messaging them daily. No reply and I never received my product. Fyi to future buyers!!! Go somewhere else!!! These people are rip off artist! Lost my money!

fake id

I made an order for fake id on the first week of june, 2016. However, after I paid on the second week of june, my status is still "not paid". I tried to message them 3 times on june 19th and 24th but no one replied. Now I think I lost $125 for nothing...

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    Customer. Service Jul 11, 2016

    I am here to help you
    First thing is to contact the police, they will be glad to help you get your fake id.

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    Coco1987 Jul 11, 2016

    What, you mean a company who sells a product specifically designed to help you commit fraud actually committed fraud against you?!? That's a shame.

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fake id

Do not order from them! Their website says it will only take at max 12 days to get your id shipped... Lies. It's been over a month and mine still has not shipped. I've tried messaging them and they're nothing but rude and will not give me an answer as why it's taking so long or if it'll ever even show up. Terrible company and terrible people. I defiantly would not refer them to any one of my friends. Such a disappointment. — scammer

I sent 145 7 days ago via wu to a tetiana yakovchenko in the ukraine. The next day funds were picked up. Now, on the same day I sent funds, I sent a message saying funds were sent...

bad quality

I ordered 2 id's from really good fakes, they came a little later than expected but I figured if they were good it would be worth the wait.. They're terrible! The minute you pick up the id you can tell its fake, the material is flimsy and nothing like a real i'd, the coloring of the id is also very off and I have been embarrassed a few times trying to use the id to get into a club or bar because they can tell its fake before they even pick it up.. And once they do, there is no hope

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    keving1 Sep 15, 2015

    Seriously, you're complaining that the fake ID you ordered to get into clubs was too 'fake' looking?? You using a fake ID could get the club owners fined or possibility criminally charged for letting you in and drinking, maybe even losing their license. It's not a harmless prank. Wait your turn until you are old enough to enter clubs legally .

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havent received product

November 8th 2012 I sent $200 bucks to these guys. On the website it said that once in production it would take 2-4 days to make it. Then they would ship it and it would arrive in 5-7 days. Well on the 27th of november I was asking were the id was and they said that they shipped it the previous week and that most customers have been saying it arrived in 3 weeks... This is ridiculous but I am a patient person so I decide to wait it out. Its now december 20th 2012 exactly 23 days since they "sent" the ids. Now on the off chance that they are not a scam and I do eventually get the id they are most likely going to loose my business. Which is a bummer for them because I have friends in almost every major college in michigan that need ids. I get asked every day if I have mine yet. They are going to miss out on a lot of business just because they aren't on top of things. I guess its my fault for sending them money. I figured id just start posting reviews all over so people don't make the same mistake I did. Hopefully rgf sees this and can help resolve my issue

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    leyva7 Aug 02, 2012

    DID RECEIVE MY ID do not know why you guys are bashing

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    haroldnewton Aug 08, 2012

    I just got my ID from really good fakes. All of the threads that claim it is a scam on this site are totally ###. The ID got to me and they even gave me a special offer since it took longer than expected (i'm sure if you email them they'll tell you but i don't want to reveal it online).

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    EMNY May 13, 2015

    This site is complete fraud!!! I created an order and was told to purchase a money gram and send it to some person in Ukraine. After purchasing this money gram i posted the reference number and since they won't answer or update!!! Still says I didn't pay also they NEVER ASNWER. BEWARE!!!

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    ElenaHoffy Aug 30, 2015

    Dear RGF,
    I'm really pissed off. I completed an order, went to western union and Did everything and have received nothing. I was very patient waiting and then I randomly got an order saying mine has been deleted. I am very upset. I've sent in tickets and emails all to no response and its been over a month. My order number was 15692. Please help me if you see this

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I ordered 16 weeks ago and still don't have any id as of september 24th.

If my id ever comes i'll update, but until then reallygoodfakes is nothing but a scam.

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    tony6969 May 14, 2016

    same here I order a id two months ago and still haven't heard from the people they told me if I email them one more time they would move me to the back of the line for production

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I had ordered two fake id's from about a month ago. Even though it did take longer than expected to arrive, we eventually did recieve the order and the quality...

fake id

I am reading these complaints and i do not see how is a scam. i got my ID a little late, but i got it. and they gave us an extra something special to make up for their mistake. bottom line I DID RECEIVE MY ID! they are NOT a scam!! they are also good at communicating with you if you have any questions

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    jacktheslayer Mar 28, 2016

    You are either one of the very very few lucky ones OR you are dirty dan posing as a fake happy customer. They are scammers, for sure. They also have thee worst customer service during their scamming of customers. I ordered one ID, sent funds via WU, as they advertise WU as one of the forms of payment they accept. After I sent them the MTCN in a message via my ticket, dirty dan [email protected]#t for brains told me I messed up and need to resend via BTC, and gave me step by step instructions on how to do it. So I created a circle account like he said, deposited 145 worth of BTC and had a wait time of a few days to clear. I then went to the WU where I sent the original 145 to get refunded, only to be told it was already picked up. I then called WU to confirm, and they said it was picked up by a Tetiana Yanchochenko in the Ukraine.
    I sent dan a message telling him funds were picked up, so please start on my ID. He then messaged me wanting proof?? that funds were picked up. WTF? Proof? Can anyone else besides me see an issue here, a problem? Proof?? It is not up to me to show proof. I told him to talk to Tetiana, his pick up girl. She can give him the proof... WTF???? He then wrote back, in all caps, that if I didn't show proof he would delete my order, and he was extremely, sarcastically, cynically rude as f***, name calling and everything. What a f***ing tool. Sure enough, after I message him and ask what kind of proof he needs, he deletes my order. F***ing scammed!!!
    I know his real name, and as soon as I have his address, I will post it every where for everyone to see.

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    hope12345 Nov 20, 2018

    I am not really here to complain I just dont know how else to contact you guys. I had a question and contacted you on your website but I havent gotten a response.

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