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Complaints & Reviews


My son took my card and bought youre $17.99 membership and I cancelled it 5 mins after I found out. I wanted to know if I will be getting my money back since I cancelled it before 24 hours? I hope I do get the money back because I need that money for bills. If I dont get that back in going to be short on rent. That's not a good thing to be doing so I hope I can get the money back please. My wife is already punishing him and grounding him so you shouldnt have to worry about this happening again. Thank you. My email is [protected] also the email he used to get the membership.
Just email me for more info.

I am compaining about an actor who needs more videos in your webiste

can you guys make another jordi el nino polla video starring Ivy Lebelle, Valentina Jewel, Kesha Ortega, Kristina Shannon, Karissa Shanno . please it has been a while scinse this . porn star had any fame with big aass porstars i . w ould love some more vidoes with hime doing foursomes with tree hyge ass girls i listed or othr big tit huge assgirls just make it possible ofr me to to see them please

online subscription

I subscribe to RK videos through my cable provider, The RK site doesn't seem to rotate new videos very often so I ventured to other options. I see that RK has awesome videos that are pay per view at $12.99. Why is it that I have a RK subscription but can't access the additional PPV videos...not even a discount to watch them.
If that's not possible, could you guys at least rotate new videos once a month or sooner?

unauthorized credit card charges

Dear mr or mrs,

-I went in for a subscription on your offer that was 1$ a day for 2 days the offer didin't include any other charges at first, when I logged, the access was very limited so I wanted to cancel.After I canceled after 2 days I got charged by -31.99$ which is absurd, I didin't sign up for that, I only wanted that simple offer that was showing up on ADs, 1$ a day for 2 days.

24,99 eur billed

Just because I clicked on the monthly membership by accidant I must lose 24, 99. I just wanted the 7 days free trial. They wont refund me. I am realy upset from this company.

There must be a way to take it back, because it was a mistake and everybody makes misakes. We are hunans and can not notice everything always. And I did not notice that botton that leaded me to here.

I think they do this on porpuse just to scam people.


I was charge £20 for a free 8 day membership and they wont refund me back the money, money dont grow on trees i work for this while they make millions how could you redefine free to your own personal use i got the membership on the same day and the membership for the £20 went too and they cant even give it back because like 2hrs passed i havent even used the the tossing £20 thing didnt even message and tell me about it £20 to wank but i guess even if advertised U.S will never be a free country

commercial contac

Sep 2, 2018

Dear Sirs

The intention of this message is to present our company in order to seek new business opportunities.

We have worked for important companies, such as Penthouse, for which we made more than 100 scenes. Also for companies like Bangbros, Evasive Angles, TeamSkeet, and recently PornDoe Premium where we made more than 400 exclusive scenes at incredible prices with impeccable quality.

We recently finished a 4 year exclusivity contract with PornDoePremium, so now we have the freedom to work with new companies

I am looking to have a skype meeting in which we can share some our content and ideas, our main goal is to co create new projects. We can become your new key partner in the adult content production, with very high quality and incredible prices. I am sure that our 15 years of experience will be of great help in doing good new business with you.

In short, we have enough experience for new challenges. We will be happy if we can start working for you in the creation of new scenes, series, and episodes. We are adding few links where you can take a look of some of our latest productions

Sample #1 (All channel content)

Sample#2 (All channel content)

Sample #3 (All channel content)

Sample #4 channel content)

Sample #5

We would be happy to talk to you about our services and answer any questions. I can be reached at Cell + [protected] or at [protected]
Yours sincerely,
Cristian Cipriani
Commercial Director
Medellin Colombia

there is a woman pretending to work for you guys. or man.. it is a facebook profile. they just tried to "hire me" but it is a scam.

I hope you guys take care of this...someone is posing as a member of your team to scam models.

This is not your fault but I would hope that you guys would want to be aware..this person has been harrassing me. I have modeled for a long time and I am not [censor] like this person thinks I am. So I wanted to let you know that this facebook profile is pretending to be a hiring agent/model of yours.

And if they actually are? I would be ashamed if I were you.

there is a woman pretending to work for you guys. or man.. it is a facebook profile. they just tried to "hire me" but it is a scam.
there is a woman pretending to work for you guys. or man.. it is a facebook profile. they just tried to "hire me" but it is a scam.
there is a woman pretending to work for you guys. or man.. it is a facebook profile. they just tried to "hire me" but it is a scam.
there is a woman pretending to work for you guys. or man.. it is a facebook profile. they just tried to "hire me" but it is a scam.
there is a woman pretending to work for you guys. or man.. it is a facebook profile. they just tried to "hire me" but it is a scam.
there is a woman pretending to work for you guys. or man.. it is a facebook profile. they just tried to "hire me" but it is a scam.
there is a woman pretending to work for you guys. or man.. it is a facebook profile. they just tried to "hire me" but it is a scam.


I am trying to cancel my trail but it won't let me.
My membership id is: [protected]
So if you could please cancel it for me.
I would like to cancel it before I get charged for the redeemed account. Other than that everything is just fine. So please do cancel my account for me. I would appreciate it a lot. If you do it before I get charged I might come back.

customer service

I tried the two day membership and when I looked for the email to cancel it I realized that I never received an email to confirm my subscription, although I did receive an email stating special offers. This is very frustrating because I do not have my account information to use and I don't have a way of cancelling the subscription. This was a big waste of money I fully regret making this purchase

  • Dl
    [email protected] Jun 12, 2017

    I want a full refund for this you guys didnt email me after I lost my logon and password so now because I did not get back to me I'm going to lock out this site from payment and o will report this company for franud I never even received a confirmation payment email I'd advise u to refund my credit card so there is no trouble tjnkyou Dom L

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Reality KingsUnauthorized credit card charges

I just subscribe for trial version usd1. But charges at me usd1 and usd34.97 every month. What happen. Please cancel my membership at reality even can not log in into my account!!!They dont recognized my email address .The charges at my credit card show this description, mbi* [protected] us..Please cancel my membership.Thank you

Unauthorized credit card charges

Reality KingsAdult website and billing company for same

I'm sure you folks have heard this before. Reality Kings fraudulently signed me up for TWO services which I never agreed to, then proceeded to bill me monthly charges of $30 USD, PLUS quarterly charges of $50 USD. I didn't catch it on my credit card starement because the billing was very well disguised, so I am now out about $600 USD. MERCHANT: RKReel-North American The company's address: Ireland Limited, 77 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Suite 105, Dublin 2, Ireland Can youdo anything for me? Arnold Garlick [protected]

Reality Kingsfraud

someone is claiming to be an agent looking for girls to pose in pictures and make videos and will be paid for videos and pictures and are not being paid for these pictures and videos the agents so called name is Sarah Atkinson and is using names from your organization and using them to contact for information I would like some form of settlement for those who have suffered from this revolting act.

  • Tf
    Tf1991 Jul 15, 2017

    This woman has targeted me. She's got a fb profile set up for the Fredericton area. Please be careful, as you don't know what happening to the photos once you have submitted them. The email sh is using at this moment is [email protected]

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  • Ni
    Nic44 May 23, 2019

    She started messaging me a couple days ago.

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credit card fraud

I have made a purchase for some membership to private site and then i'd like to check my account in So the Site didn't work. and then i've contackted them via online chat to ask them support to check my status. Tey askem me last 8 numbers of my credit card and then sayed that something goes wrong and tehy cannot find my my account, and asked me to call them. I don't know that will happen with my credit card account now. Do they hack my bank account and have they rights to ask a credit card numbers.???

  • Ne
    NeverAgainagain Dec 12, 2010

    I have also had problems with first they offer a trail membership but your better off viewing the free clips because a free trail offer does not allow you to see videos.You find this out after joining. They also simultaneously sign you up to other website but you have to cancel each subscription separately; plus its a real hassle to cancel membership they want credit card info and login and other numbers plus you will have to call to speak with a live agent in my cases more than once. Its just not worth the hassle and scams. But this is the usual with these kinds of websites. Best is to never signup in the first place; only go to free sites, they may not have the quality of but at least they don't steal your money, time and force you to make embarrassing calls to the credit card company.

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website subscription

I was charged $35 by (The company that processes payments for reality kings). I tried the 3 day trail membership with reality kings and cancelled it within the 3 day...