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The poor excuses for realtors/property managers at Remax/Team Athey in Richardson (and Rowlett) Texas define how pitiful service, negligence, and dishonesty go together to prevent returning a security deposit to a tenant. Mother and daughter Suzanne and Sarah Athey are completely non-existant when it comes to resolving problems (no matter how severe) with the property, and you can expect that the first time you actually see them is when you have to sue to get your security deposit back. However, they are willing to leave you nasty voicemails on the phone, and remain completely unresponsive to all issues after MONTHS of complaints. AVOID THESE CLOWNS AT ALL COSTS, WHETHER RENTING, LEASING, BUYING, OR SELLING A HOME!


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    Sarah Athey Oct 05, 2008

    I would like to respond to the report left on this web site by an upset previous tenant. In reporting a rebuttal, I am not attesting that the report left by the previous tenant is valid. The tenant that left this report was sued by a court of law on grounds of damaging a property beyond the amount of her security deposit. We sued the tenant for additional money to cover damages. She then countersued in an attempt to recover her deposit money. Needless to say, the judge ruled that the tenant had no basis for the countersuit and awarded our company the judgement. This report was written the day she lost the lawsuit.

    I am in the property management business, so I am certainly not going to make everyone happy. Especially the ones that I pursue for damages for my owners. For every upset tenant, there are 88 other tenants that I manage with happy stories to tell. If not, then our team wouldn't have been in this business for over 20 years.

    If you were the owner of this property, then I am sure you would have expected me to do my job and pursue a tenant that had so badly damaged your home. Sometimes that comes at a cost of unhappiness and spite from the tenant.

    I would be very happy to show any owner, tenant, or potential client the facts of this case. We highly documented it with e-mails, pictures, and invoices. It was extremely clear cut and the judge agreed.

    This tenant has yet to pay us for the damages, and I am not sure she will considering she is so full of revenge. The judgement will stand for 10 years against her and then will be renewed until that payment is made. I would think that being a teacher she would have a little bit more respect for herself and swallow her pride that she did severe damage to the home. I know that if this were her rental property, she would have pursued the same path with the tenant. Its just that at this time, she is on the wrong side of the fence, and doesn't understand what its like to have your home destroyed by a negligent tenant.

    I think the maturity level of the tenant that posted this report really does show from her message. There has to be a point where you just let go and accept that you lost the fight. The judge saw that she lost the fight, and I think it is time that she did as well.

    In order to protect the integrity of our business, we will pursue additional damages against this tenant for slander against our company if a revision is not written on all websites that she posted from within 5 days. If the website allows for removal, then we will expect that to occur as well. This tenant will be hearing from our real estate attorney, Daniel Paz with Higier Lautin and Associates.

    Sarah Athey

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    Devil's Advocate Dec 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Actually, I believe one should rethink about who has the higher immaturity level. The consumer has the right to protest his or her opinion, its called freedom of speech. She is not in any way preventing a potential client from opening the office doors and using the services of Sarah Athey, she is merely expressing her experience on a public complaint board. In reality, how many people actually look up a person before using them? Not many at all. This is not a shopping mall. But, if I wanted to look up a potential worker for myself, I would prefer to hear both the good and bad, not just the good. C'mon. That's like saying you want the people of the world to NEVER hear anything bad from any company.

    Make your response, if you like. That is your freedom as well. BUT, you acting as the professional, certainly should not name-call and bash your previous tenant by no means. She doesn't have to be the professional; however, you do. Do you really feel as though you had to write a 7-paragraph response stating personal details about the tenant that didn't need to be made, such as her being a teacher. That violates privacy. All this proves the unprofessionalism as initially stated. Are you going to contact the Beter Business Bureau and demand that they remove her complaint as well? Good luck to you. That is the consumer right.

    As far as your pictures, is there proof that the previous tenant actually made the damage? Show proof that it wasn't someone you, or a maintenance man. Perhaps you were right. BUT then again, perhaps the previous tenant was right...maybe you never did your job during the time of her vacancy and responded to any of her "problems with the property". Maybe you did leave "nasty voicemails". (Judging by your responding comment, I wouldn't be surprised.) But if you state that you have 88 other tenants with "happy stories to tell", why don't we see their stories??? This message board is not just for compaints, you know.

    This debacle just shows there is professionalism yet to be learned.

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    Ben Overbitch Apr 22, 2009


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    L. Unz Jul 16, 2009

    The complainer must have had a unique experience with Suzanne Athey. My experiences with her and her agency were outstanding. As a recent divorcee, my credit was not stellar. Suzanne and her team worked with the home owner to find a solution for me. I was able to pay the deposit in installments. They were also very responsive whenever anything broke or needed fixing at the house I was renting. Even on the weekends, I could call in a repair need and the service man was there within hours.

    The owner of the house I was renting went bankrupt and the house went into foreclosusure. Suzanne Athey practically held my hand and guided me through the process of not only getting my deposit back, BUT she helped me get an additional $1000.00 to cover my moving expenses. She also offered to put me in any other house she had available to rent without charging me an additional deposit. Unfortunately, none were suitable.

    I highly recommend this company and would rent or buy a house from them any time!
    Lynne Unz
    Plano TX

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  • Po
    popeye29 Oct 30, 2009

    Hi agree 100% with the complaining subscriber! I also had a awful experiance with this company. Not Sarah but her awful sister and her horrible mother! They are so fake and very full of themseleves. Lauren is a liar and is so sweet on the phone until you have a issue and I can't even tell you how many times I had tried to call and get some answers from her or her mother Suzanne. I thought it was very funny to me how when I finally had enough of their crap on not updating me on how my property had been pretty much destroyed by a tenant and then had to drive up from Utah myself to see what was going on because all I got was UH I DONT KNOW WHY THIS PROPERTY ISNT LEASING? From Lauren... And saw for myself wow this place is trashed. So right then I decided well we are month to month in our contract now so I will just give themnotice and get rid of them for good. Well Laurens fake sweet nature went right out the door and then low and behold tells me well Suzzane would like to speak with you HMM THE SAME SUZZANE YOU CANT GET A HOLD OF EVER UNTIL YOU TELL HER YOU ARE READY TO CANCEL THE CONTRACT. Well instead of solving the issue and sticking to her contract she proceeded to call names and be very rude and LISTEN PEOPLE THIS IS A TRICK! Told me lets just end this contract now instead of waiting the 30 days whih means I would owe her $500 dollars HAHAHA i TOLD HER HMM I THINK I WILL JUST WAIT IT OUT THE 30 DAYS AND NOT PAY YOU OR YOR HORRIBLE COMPANY ANOTHER PENNY. They are very awful company to work for and if you read around you will see tons of complaints. Maybe the person before had a unique experiance with Suzzane because her company is AWFUL!

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    Mary Alrawwad Jan 03, 2010

    We have used Sarah Athey for 2 years now as our property manager for our home in Little Elm. She has been nothing very attentive to the needs of the tenant as well as to us. She does not delay in getting anything fixed for the tenant. We have not had any complaints from our tenants regarding her professionalism. It seems as though the tenants that may have issues with her are the ones that are slow and/or not paying the rent . Just like any rental car or home many people do not take care of it because it's not theirs - hence the deposit.
    To suggest that Sarah - or any other property manager, would destroy a home just so they can keep the deposit is ridiculous. There is nothing to gain from it. The only monies Sarah makes from the property is when people are paying rent. If people don't pay their rent then Sarah doesn't get paid and my mortgage doesn't get paid. There is no money to be made on deposits. The deposit is either spent on repairs (legal receipts provided) and cleaning. All the rest is returned. When someone rents my home it is picture perfect in terms of cleanliness and upkeep. If the renters don't leave it like they found it then they will pay to have it put back in that condition - period.

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    Waging respondant Apr 23, 2011

    I find it amusing that an "owner" replied to this post stating she has never heard complaints from the tenants resting her home. The whole point in using a 3rd party management company is to avoid dealing with tenants. Really...why bother paying some mgmt co a commission when you are in contact with tenants yourself?? The above statement seems a little peculiar. Additionally, the person also stated that Sarah "doesn't delay in getting anything fixed for the tentant". Says who? Sarah? Of course she would say that. After all, she IS commissioned. Another peculiar statement. A tenant can never leave a house in the condition it was rented. This is what the world calls "normal wear and tear". Yes, if you have new carpet and your tenant rents for two years with their family, after the two years, the carpet is not going to look new. It is not the tenant's responsibility to update your house - period.

    What's even more interesting is the property tax records are public records. And according to the public tax records for Little Elm, aka Denton Co., the house owned by Mary Alrawwed is not listed as rental property, as well as is receives a 'Homestead Exemption'...which is only allowed when the owner LIVES in the house. You say your house is a rental. So, either the person responding before me (Mary A.) is a friend covering for Sarah Athey, or she is committing tax fraud and should be reported to the Tax Assessor's office. In my line of work, I am bound by my profession's ethics as well as by law to report any potential tax crime, so...that's what I'll do. i guess you shot yourself in the foot trying to cover for this corrupt property manager.

    As far as Ms. Athey is concerned, she does have a bad reputation. She is very immature and unprofessional. She does make excuses. She spouts off at the mouth trash talking tenants, as you can see by her immediate response. She should have NEVER opened her mouth regarding details of a tenant, their history, court hearing, profession, lifestyle, etc. no matter what! Keep in mind, she obviously will tell your story without hesitation, too. She's not even a licensed Realtor! Renter's watch yourself with this one; she's shady.

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    Sarah Athey Jun 29, 2011

    I appreciate the positive response received by some of my clients on this posting. As you know, the people that are complaining do not identify themselves, while the customers that are complementing our services have no problem with their identity being revealed. Clearly an owner can move out of their property, then move back into it after being a rental and Homestead Exempt their property. It is also a matter of public record that I am a licensed realtor in the state of Texas. I have been so for going on my 8th year. To say this would be uninformed and negligent. Also, the original case this complaint started about was of public record with the court, so any and all information pertaining to that court case may be obtained.
    I am an open book and anybody who has a complaint about a property or maintenance has the right to come to me and discuss this. There are only a few times where I have had to stop all verbal communication with tenants based off their aggressive nature and move to written communication for purposes of documentation in the event of further legal efforts. This can sometimes happen when dealing with over 80 rentals over years of property management. You can imagine all the different personalities and walks of life people come from in all of my rentals that I manage. I try each and every day to make all of those personalities happy with their rental experience so that they maintain occupancy in our owner's homes. We outline very clean guidelines for the tenants to follow upon move in and move out of the property to help ensure they get their full deposit back. I think this goes back to a simple train of thought in, if it were your home, how would you want to receive it back from a renter. We of course, take into account normal wear and tear per the lease, and understand if new carpet gets beaten down a little over several years...however, staining of the carpet or rips and tears is not normal wear and tear and then that becomes damage. All properties are documented prior to move in by Time and Date stamped pictures as well as the tenant has the right to fill out an Inventory and Condition form to further document condition based off of their recollections. They are even encouraged to take documetation photos prior to move in as well so to limit any issues in the future. This gives a very fair portrayal of the conditon of the property from both sides of the fence. Upon move out, we walk the property after possession has been given and further document the after condition per Time and Date stamped pictures to compare with the prior pictures and Inventory form. This is to help ensure no error when returning a deposit. The deposit money is the tenant's money and the only reasons for deduction of that money are listed in the lease under the Deductions section. Even after the tenant receives their Itemization of Deposit form explaining their deposit return, I am always happy to respond to questions or go over in detail disputes by the tenant. I always offer clients to feel free to make an appointment to go over any of the pictures or invoices if they so choose so they can compare documentation. We never want to have disputes, but sometimes, one person's view is different from anothers, and we have to sit down and figure out how to resolve that. To come online and try to smear a person's professionalism and integrity instead of trying to resolve those issues in person seems a bit immature and cowardly...especially if you don't identify yourself and and give the person a fair chance to respond by understanding that person's case. That is my opinion, and just as much as you have the right to voice your opinion, I have the right to do so myself. It seems to me the last person's use of bully tactics with someone who simply wants to respond in a positive manner is ill conceived and only reflects negatively.
    We take good care of our owners, our tenants, and properties. I would be happy to sit down or correspond with anyone who has a complaint to get the fair chance to help resolve the issue. I cannot do that when that person is anonymous. I am a small 5'4 woman that is not scary to talk to at all :)...It is a shame someone would be scared to just communicate with me. At the end of the day, there may not be a resolution if the other party is not reasonable, however, at least the chance was given in fairness to respond. Communication is always the key in any business relationship and I am always willing to communicate to reasonable and rational individuals quickly to get any issues resolved.
    If anyone feels the need to respond further, I welcome that as it is your right to do so, but hope you would keep it clean and stick to the facts of your arguement instead of trying to tear apart a person's business that they have built over years and use to provide for their family. Hopefully, even though you might be angry, you will continue to have respect and maintain that in your comments. Thank you, and again, I am always available for questions or inquiries. You can call me or make an appointment at [protected], or also email me at [email protected]
    Sarah Athey

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    TeamAtheySux Jun 28, 2012


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  • Da
    DavidSellers Aug 15, 2012

    Wait a minute, SARUHHHHH..."instead of trying to tear apart a person's business that they have built over years and use to PROVIDE FOR THEIR FAMILY"??? Last I checked, you were unmarried with NO children. What family are you providing for? You just illustrated to the lovely readers of this complaint how YOU DO LIE to make yourself look good!!! How pathetic. You're BUSTED!!!

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  • Br
    Brooke McDonald Nov 30, 2012

    OK, so Sarah thinks she's smart. First, her response is clearly trying to show off by saying she will sue the original person posting this for slander; but then Sarah proceeds to caller her names. (That's the pot calling the kettle black, don't you think?)

    In response to Sarah's most previous response, I don't think court records lists her occupation, nor is it any of your business you little unprofessional girl to announce it. The court records aren't involving her occupation, but the dispute over renting. You do not have the right to say anything and everything about someone just because there is a public record on a case. Public records only involve what is in...public records, ###. YOU, Sarah, are in violation of confidentiality of a client, yes CLIENT. Owners are not your only client. You get paid by renters. I don't care how many owners you may have, if you can't find renters for them, them you are done. My suggestion is to either learn your profession better, or shut your inexperienced mouth.

    Also, you HAVE NOT been a "licensed" realtor for 8 years. Try again. You may have worked as an assistant under someone, but you have NOT been licensed for most of those years. You are a little liar. PUBLIC RECORD. (P.S. the day you start school doesn't count, FYI.)

    I also looked up those same records on one of the previous comments, just like 'waging respondent'. Funny, the "owner" states she's been using you for two years; although records do not indicate any change of exemption and the tax rate for the ENTIRE YEAR for several years back is listed as "H.E." I'm sorry, but being a realtor, you must not be educated on laws of taxes. I, however, am. You can only claim H.E. if it is a residence for the entire year you are LIVING in it. You cannot move in, move out, rent, move in and still continue to claim H.E. The taxes for a partial year homestead would have been reflected, but in this case they were not, meaning someone WAS illegally claiming H.E. Also, why would anyone move out, rent and move back in in the same year? That's stupid. You're stupid for even making that excuse.

    Waging is also correct in that you don't have any kids. You only got married a few months ago. But you were looking for pity when you made your statement about your business is how you provide for your family. What family...your dog? your cat? your boob job?

    You have over and over again proven that you lie, you disrespect clients and their rights to privacy, you're unprofessional, you look for pity.

    Wow. I'm glad I don't have an inexperienced little girl like yourself dealing with any of my properties.

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    Sbellj Apr 17, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I read all the complaints regarding this management company and had serious reservations. Spoke to numerous individuals named here before I signed the lease. After one year I have to say I have had a positive experience. NO issues with getting things repaired. No issues with anything going unanswered, and believe me I am anal. Transitioning from home ownership back to renting is not an easy task and I have to say the staff has been more than helpful.

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  • Sb
    Sbellj Apr 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    By the Way Suzanne Athey is not only the property manager but actually owns the unit I occupy.

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