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I went to one of the Metro PCS Corporate stores to pay my phone bill. The lines are usually long and on a previous visit, the customer service rep suggested I use "their" Automated Payment Center located right out front. So the last 2 months I used the machine. You do not have to have exact change. My bill is $52, I put in $60 and receive $8 change and a receipt verifying my transaction. Last night (Dec 1st), I used their "ATM". I put in a $100 bill. It processed my $52 payment and said to collect my $48 change. Their was no change. My receipt does say that no change was returned and to call a number printed on the receipt. It didn't work. So I went inside the Metro PCS Store (a corparate store mind you). The customer service rep said, "We have nothing to do with that machine. It's not ours. It's a separate company. They just process payments for us, you have to contact them." Naturally I was outraged, especially since they suggested I use "their" machine. They threatened to call security since I wouldn't take no for an answer. I finally located another phone number for "QPay". They told me this morning that I have 2 options, apply the $48 to my next payment, or wait 4-6 weeks for a check. More outrage. Q-Pay and Metro PCS are liars and cheats. I want an immediate cash refund. I paid cash, I want cash back NOW! I am complaining here, the BBB,, LA Times, OC Registar, OC district Attorney, State Attorney General's Office and the FTC.

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Mar 04, 2011 7:09 pm

The number on the receipt was not in service. The rep never informed me that I would be using a 3rd party machine and that Metro PCS was not liable for any problems associated with the Qpay machine. The rep made it sound like it was Metro PCS's machine. Sounds to me like you work for Metro PCS. Service in this country is nearly non-existant anymore. It's all about getting your money through false promises and pretenses. If being 100% honest and upfront will not get you business then maybe you should go out of business!

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Jan 29, 2021 6:19 am

Well I went in store and paid my bill to a rep and had an extra 24.05 charge on my receipt that says QPay next to it and it reads "feature change" in the description. Why?

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well your receipt told you what number to call, so why would you take it out on the Rep, she told you she has nothting to do with the machine outside. The rep was not the one who made you use it, she just advised you that there is one outside you can use if you don't want to wait. This is 2011 and a lot of companies use 3rd party for things.

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