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[Resolved] double pane windows purchased 1991

We had two special made window 1200 each in 1991. The window show fingerprints between the glass. It looks like gas between windows. In entire house is leaking out. I can't clean them. The dust is between the glass of the double pain. I have 2 specialty windows that windows were special made and 20 more windows throughout my house. They all look terrible. I paid slot of money for peach tree windows because at that time they were the best. 28 years laters I'm looking at having to replace them. What recourse do I have? Is there a warranty of any kind on these windows? I am so dissatisfied and disappointed with the quality. I can't even get replacement window locks without paying over priced parts. Please send me info on what I can do. The picture doesn't do justice to what it really lookS like. Windows are smoky looking.
Nov 6 2019

double pane windows purchased 1991


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • PWD Service's response · Nov 13, 2019

    Hello Karen--

    Apologies for the delayed response. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that our company, PWD Service, is in no way associated with the Peachtree Companies, which have gone out of business. Our company does supply replacement parts fr many Peachtree Windows and Doors if you would like to reach out to discuss directly. Please call us at 412-380-4334 or visit our website at

    Thank you!

[Resolved] peachtree ariel double hung tilt window seals all bad

My house was built in in 1998. Installed Peach Tree Ariel Double Hung Tilt windows and all my doors 4...

[Resolved] will not respond

I have tried to contact the company since 2010 about faulty glass panes in the windows of our new home. The glass has spots in between the panes in 5 of our windows. I have filled out the online form and tried to contact them, but they do not return my inquiries. I was told today at their 888.888.3814 that the company is out of business and i'm out of luck.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • PWD Service's response · Oct 01, 2018

    Hello grnmax5,
    Apologies for the delayed response, but we weren't aware of the existence of this site until recently.
    I wanted to reach out and let you know that you are correct that the Peachtree Companies have since closed operations and our company, PWD Service is in no way associated.
    We do offer replacement sashes for Peachtree windows if you are still in need, please call us at 412-380-4334 or visit us online at
    Thank you!

never put money on my account

Some by the name of Jason Young called me and said that i was approved for a loan for 5, 000. He said the only thing I had to was put down $720.00 for the loan and they sent me a contract my by email. I t seen legal so I sent the money by western union to a man name George Raminez in Bar, Spain. After I did that the next day I was contacted by another man by the name of Eric who said he was a loan manager and that because of my credit score I need to put another 720.00 down. So I did. Once I did that he stated that my money would be in my account. It never was put in my account and I have been trying to reach them at [protected] but have receive no respond.

  • He
    Heavenlyshoes Feb 28, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Guy named Daniel Adams from Peachtree Capital Trust contacted me and said that I was approved for $5k loan. All I had to do was to pay security deposit which was $968. I did so and since then they’re ignoring me. I can’t get a refund and I’m forced to report that to police.

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poor quality sliding doors

In October 2009 we purchased a $1900 supposedly energy efficient sliding door from Peachtree. We have had trouble with this door ever since. It has constant air leakage to the point of the door tracks freezing with an inch of ice. Peachtree has sent numerous technicians out but none of them has kept the cold freezing air from infiltrating our home. We have to keep flannel sheets at the bottom of the doors to help keep the heat in. We've also had to tape all the seams of this malfunctioning sliding door or the frigid air just penetrates our entire home.

  • Pe
    Peter Howe Sep 06, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very poor product quality. Non existent customer service. Windows installed in 1988. Window seals failed after less than 3 years in service. Multiple window closing mechanism failures and multiple window latch failures.

    Notwithstanding repeated requests for service; both via Email and telephone, and despite four calls to the local peachtree dealer we are unable to get any return calls.


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  • Sy
    sysconsol Jun 03, 2016

    Peachtree's support is appalling. I have run the program for years (gone thru 2 previous upgrades). This time around: (1) had to wait almost a WEEK to get the info needed to download the program when purchased as a download (ridiculous - should be instantaneous, that is why we buy the download version...); (2) Every time I call they are unable to cope without my customer number (can't they look it up?? I sometimes call from work or somewhere where my file is not...); (3) 2 months ago, cust service had NO IDEA if the verision I was buying will work with Windows 7, or if a paid upgrade witll be required; (4) a couple of months into using the program, got a messaging saying "only 5 more uses unless program is registered". Went to register it, got an online message saying it is already registered (but of course, the computer doesn't know that). Hours for cust. service are only weekdays (which is BS in a 24/7 business world).

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big liar

I had business with rpmpeachtree and had very bad experience. I hired Michael Canada as my agent to manage my...

nonstop warranty worthless

Windows were purchased in 1992. Had minor issue in first 60 days with fogging of one windows. Contacted Peachtree and they sent representative and replaced glass unit. A few years later I contacted Peachtree about seals on Peachtree Door. Once again, no problems in getting replacement seals shipped. Now, I have a closure gear that has stripped, what should be a $10 part is a $50 nonwarranted part as they now have no record of my purchase, prior repairs and refuse to accept original invoice as proof of purchase. Peachtree was apparently bought out by the Schield Family and has chosen to cut losses by refusing warranty claims. Any other consumers out there with peachtree products that would like to start a class action suit?

  • De
    DennyS Apr 04, 2011

    yes ! i have been trying to get Peachtree to replace my windows for about 4 years now i have 9 double hung windows that have mosture in them. just called them again on 3-30-11 same answer will not stand behind the warrenty. [email protected]

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  • To
    Tomw3141 Nov 18, 2011

    I built my house in 1990 and my supervisor suggested Peachtree, citing the lifetime warranty. For the next few years they were very good, sending replacement glass and balances right away, no questions. Then, decided to order more replacement parts (keep on breaking) in Summer of 2011 and got "Oh, those are wear-and-tear items, so you will have to buy them and we don't stock any of those old parts anymore, so contact xyz". Now the front door is leaking cold air and water. Peachtree is one of the poorest decisions I made building the house, and the company and its owners should be put in the dump with their bad product.

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  • Di
    DisgruntledKentuckian Apr 11, 2012

    Same issues - multiple problems with my windows and Peachtree refuses to honor their warranty. Was there a class action suit?

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  • Pe
    Peachtreewindows Apr 30, 2013

    Same issues - our whole neighborhood had Peachtree windows installed. The windows are leaking, won't shut, fogging, staining and basically falling apart. Peachtree refuses to honor their warranty. We'd love to find our more about a class action suit!

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  • Bi
    billy bob boo Oct 01, 2014

    Lets go boys and gals Iam ready for a class action law suit lets get it on right now!

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  • Ki
    kizbiz Nov 19, 2014

    Teriible windows from when they were installed in 1994. Currently, they are actually exploding, shattering for no other reason than they are poory made windows!

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broken mortise lock

I had purchased a Peachtree patio door about 8 years ago. I paid almost $3, 000.00 back then. I thought I was buying a great product and buying with a co. that had great service. Well now that the Mortise lock has broken over a month ago and I have been sent the wrong instructions and wrong parts to replace it. And dealing with their customer service has been an experience I have spoen with 2 different supervisors that have been of no help. I have never seen a co. that doesn't know how there products work. I know what parts I need and how to fix it but its not possible.

citadel sliding doors

We had (5) Citadel sliding doors with side panels installed in a new house in 1999. All of these doors leak because of rotting wood underneath the sill. One door was replaced by Peachtree in 2002, and that one leaks again. After numerous conversations and e-mails to and from Lillian Johnson, I finally talked to a manager who told me that it had to be an installers problem because their doors do not have problems with rotting wood if they are installed properly! Bull! All these doors were professionally installed by a competant installer. They have a manufacturers defect but the company won't say that. I am considering legal action, but am looking for others who have similar problems.

  • Co
    cocomeal Oct 30, 2010

    i too have this piece of crap door. it is a design flaw with the threshold. i am a professional contractor and installed my own door. the threshold is in two pieces and rain gets in. please contact me as i will partisipate in a lawsuit with you on this design flaw. randys remodeling 708-259-3779

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horrible product and no service whatsoever

Have a house full of doors and windows manufactured by Peachtree and they are HORRIBLE! Window weatherstripping all disintegrated, latches malfunction constantly, and replacement parts crazy high prices - and even then can't order replacement parts online. And co does not even respond to emails.

Save yourself the agony!

We're actually considering replacing every window and door in our home because the Peachtree ones are so bad and the company does not stand behind its products.

  • Nb
    Nbp$ Sep 28, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amen! We purchased the citadel door. I can't tell you how many times the mortise lock had been replaced.
    At $250.00 each time we could have purchased a new door. It's broken again!

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air and water infiltration

Anybody who is thinking of buying peachtree windows I am telling you now do not waste your money me and my wife are building our dream house and this being a higher end home I really didn't want to install vinyl windows so I decided to spend $30, 000.00 for our windows from peachtree after professionally installing these windows I started getting air and water infiltration immediately they sent out a technician who did nothing but offer to install a thicker weatherstrip around the window because he obviously knew we had these issues then finally getting a hold of a representative he pretty much said this is how our window is designed so we are screwed unless i decide to take this to court which is going to be more expense and more headache I really wish I would have went with a nice vinyl window with a lifetime warranty and saved more than half the money I spent on these junk peachtree windows so please if you are building a new home you better consider your options January 17 2010

defective windows

We purchased and installed peachtree windows in 2004 and doors throughout our home. We know have windows that are water dmaged from bad design. The sill plate on casement windows has no pitch and water is getting into the seam and rotting out the frame underneath.

Customer service is of NO HELP and insists the windows are not defective. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Ha
    handyman at home Feb 08, 2012

    although my house is older, it still should not be the case that EVERY SINGLE BALANCE has failed. but that is the case. built in 1988

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poor product

Peachtree offers a terrible product. I installed doublehung windows in my new home in 1997. Almost every window has had moisture problems between the panes. Now they are out of warranty. Poor Substandard product, do not buy them!!! Stick with Anderson or Pella!

  • Lo
    Louis Moore Oct 12, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tried calling the warranty center and held for over an hour, gave up couldn't get through. Double hung windows I have leak air and wind blown rain. Sashes are starting to rot and water getting on window ledge. Gaskets won't seal. I can see daylight at the corners of sash and jamb. Replacement gaskets are $30 a set. I doubt that they would do any good. They are fogging up now too. Insulating glass has lost it's seal. Junk! I will probably have to replace them all.
    I had Anderson before at my previous home and had no issues ever with them. I wish I would have installed Anderson here.

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window seal failure

Peachtree does not stand by it's warranty. I have tried in vain to get in touch with them regarding a window seal that has failed. The window fell out of the patio door. I filled out the forms they provide on their web site with no response. A customer service representative told me it was an act of God that the seal let go therefore not covered by the warranty. God is now working for Peachtree installing "faulty" seals???!!!

door will not shut and latch

I bought a peachtree door about 5 years ago from a dealer that has gone out of business. In march 2009, the door would not latch shut. The handle on the door will not spring up and latch the door shut. I had a guy from Hammond Lumber co. help me out by dealing back and forth on the phone. He sent me a new door lock set, and it does not fit and he sent me another one, and that did not fit. I still have a door that will not shut and latch. I need some professional help

defective screen door

Bought a prado patio door from Menards, sku number 421-3378. The store had replaced the screen door 3 time...

warranty service stinks

I purchase Peachtree windows and doors in 1993. The factory glazing has failed letting water in. By the time you notice this (there is no apparent signs of water between window, etc.), the wood is rotting. Although Peachtree changed the warranty language AFTER I purchased my windows to exclude wood rot, they refuse to do anything about my 7 windows which have failed because of bad workmanship (which appears to be common in this company). I would never buy anything else this company makes and I haven't finished with them yet - I plan to take my complaints as far as I can go. What about a class action suit? Someone needs to hold this company accountable for their "simple 14-word warranty" which apparently could be cut down to 11 words "We cover nothing, do not bother to file a warranty claim."

  • An
    Angered Consumer Oct 11, 2009

    We have a Peachtree sliding patio door which has literally rotted from the outside completely through to the inside. This door was very expensive and new in 1999. Peachtree has decided not to stand behind it's product and will not do a thing about their rotting door. We are not the original purchaser of the door as it was installed by the previous owner to sell the house, however for the cost and this being their top of the line doors, we would think they would want to bend over backwards for their customers. Menards sells this brand and they are the ones in which we've dealt with on this matter. They have tried for us as well by going straight to their store rep, but to no avail. We evidently have not a leg to stand on here and will never buy their products in the future. We do want to alert the public to this issue as this door is a $1200.00 door and Peachtree will not stand behind or even help when a problem occurs. Go with something else when deciding on a patio door!

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entry door and side lites

Have been neddign the door and sidelights replaces for over a year. Company that sells the product and the Peachtree rep both agree the product is faulty. Peachtree Corp has screwed around and still have not gotten back to nay of us. Have filled out required service request forms, sent several emails and nothing. I am keeping my door shut with shims. Their service is horrible, I will not recommend this company to anyone. Product may look good, but quality and service are not included in the huge $$$ amount that you will pay.

customer service poor for replacement window

Double pane window seperated. Requested replacement that was under warrenty. Did not recieve replacement for...

terrible quality product and service!

Save money, time, stress and don't buy Peachtree products. Windows fog, cranks break, latches break, weights break. Reordering replacement parts is a nightmare. Service rep's don't return calls for days on end... and are self serving snobs when you can finally get them. We've been waiting five years for windows. Our orders for cranks and locks have been in for 6 weeks... and will not be shipped for another 2 to 3 weeks. Meanwhile, the house is not secure. Several businesses in our area no longer want to handle their products due to delays and attitudes.

  • Re
    Renee Slattery Oct 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've never had a worse experience with "customer service" than with Peachtree Windows and Doors. Their products are terrible and their service is worse! I can't get return calls from their rep and have a door that's been problematic from the begining! No one wants to service their products and I've heard from every dealer I've spoken with that they never recommend Peachtree.
    If you're looking for patio doors or windows my suggestion from exprerience is DO NOT BUY'll be terribly disappointed!

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  • He
    Henry R Ceurvels Sep 02, 2009

    I also have had a terrible experience with Peachtree customer serv. They were rude and told me "it's a new company and what ever they did in the past no longer applies". I have three patio french doors, two of which are no longer working. One door I can get out but not in, and another I can't open at all. At almost fifteen hundred dollars each I can hardly afford to replace them. My suggestion is to never buy Peachtree, and I tell anyone who will listen...
    [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Chase Armstrong Dec 30, 2009

    I have a new (3 months) million dollar plus home in Colorado. Within a month of moving in, I noticed failed windows and doors(11 at last count). As noted above, customer service is a non-starter. This company and its' products are a hugh waste of money. Letters to the corporate leadership are a waste of time. Save your time and money complaining; it is time for a class-action suit. [email protected]

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