Purolatordelivery / pick up service

B Jul 03, 2019

We missed one delivery on july 2 9:16am (our office hour is from 10:00 to 18:00, we not gonna get it if truck driver come at 9am) so we called and told customer service at 13:00 and 17:00 that we will pick up ourself, do not deliver again to our store becuase if truck driver come early we will miss the package again. We have been delay for our customers already, do not want that happen again, unfortunatly it happened again. We missed the package again at 9:04am july 3. Whats going on with the system?
We even called customer service this morning at 7:35am to make sure the package will not be delivery and we will have people to pick up the item. Why is it on vehicle for delivery again at 9:04am? Its huge delay for our business and we have to apologize to our customers due to this situation.
We have been told that someone will call us, never receive any phone call.
Please purolator improve the delivery service and we really need our package.

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