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Pure Nutrients claims they risk free 14 day money back guarantee. I received the trial and paid 5.95 for shipping and handling. The order date on the slip I received was 5/8/09 but when I called to cancel on 5/22/09 i was informed that my 'real' order date was 5/7/09. They charged my credit card $88.00 and the customer service person would NOT refund the money.

I did checked the internet today and see other people have had the same complaint. What a rip off!!!


  • Do
    Doreen Aug 12, 2016

    I was also mislead with their marketing technique. Not a good way to be putting a supposedly earth/mind/body business out there. I am spreading the word as fast as my fingers and voice can go. Taught me a valueable lesson and I will be extra cautious with all on-line transactions. If it's a good product why do they resort to such low tactic's? I am not so sure I will use the product now. If they have no concern for taking our money how concerned are they with our health??????????

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  • De
    Debra Carroll Aug 12, 2016

    The terms and conditions state that you may cancel anytime by calling the customer service line at [protected]. At this point, I have been on hold for over twenty minutes and noone has answered the phone - only music.

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  • Ra
    raven R Aug 12, 2016

    I cant even find a web site!!i was charged 163.00 for 2 bottles. 1 was acia! They are charging me 25.00 restock fee plus i have to pay shipping!! What can we do!! this nature cleanse is 88$ per bottle they don tell you that and how do you stop the order or return it!!

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  • Si
    Silvana42 Aug 12, 2016

    Beware of this company and I would be concerned about the product as well.

    Do you really want to put something in your body that is sold by a company such as this. It could really be just a bunch of chemicals that eats out your tummy.

    This company is a total scam.

    I cant believe that the credit companies are not
    simply reversing the charges once a customer complains about them.

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  • Si
    Silvana42 Aug 12, 2016

    I am in the process of disputing 3 charges to date of close to $100. for this product.
    They are impossible to reach.
    Thank goodness that I am dealing with the credit card company and they are acting on my behalf.
    This is truly a case of buyer beware.
    However, once a customer complains about companies such as this, the charge should be automatically reversed. That would put an end to these low lives.

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  • Tr
    Tracy Clair Aug 12, 2016

    I was charged for a free trial before the product even showed up at my house. I can't reach anyone on the phone to cancel. This company is a fraud.

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  • Co
    concerned Jun 09, 2016

    All of you people who are angry you are only mad at yourselves. I talk to hundreds of people everyday who manage to be able to get through on the phone. Some are placing orders, asking questions, and CANCELING with no problem. Alot of people see the terms and conditions and question them ask questions and make sure they know what they are buying or take responsibility to make sure they cancel before the 14 days! Some people call before they recieve the product to find out what day they have to cancel buy and those people are offered specials and promotions. The only people who have a problem is you people who did not read the terms and conditions and want someone to blame. I have gone over the terms with so many people i have them memorized! You people who call us and threaten, curse and yell. I hope you feel good about yourselves you act like maniacs for $88.00 i hatev to see how you would act for $100.00. Some of you have ordered so many products on a "free trial" you have no idea who is billing you and you want someone to blame. Well i will tell you who to blame, look in the mirror! Customer service does not mean letting you have your way. If you dont want to buy colon cleanse dont sign up that is the point of the promotion. If you dont want to pay and want to use the product for free cancel before the trial is over. If you have to wait 10 minutes so what it is worth it not to pay the cost of the product you ordered. And those of you who ordered the trial because the terms say trial not sample and never had any intention of trying the product for shame. I cant count how many people tell me they never opened the first package and have recieved a second or a third and you are just calling a month later because you see you have been billed. NO you should not be given a refund!!! And because many of you do not know that cancel does not mean refund! you may cancel anytime but nowhere does it say you will get you money back!!! as a matter of fact the terms say different they say we will bill you until you tell us to stop and we will not take the product back after we send it to you. and for all of you that think we posted the terms and conditions after the people complained please know that I only work there and I will get paid for doing my job but you people make my day long and hard with your foolishness! you didnt read the terms and conditions you didnt look for them because you wanted something for free. Your credit card company could never tell you something is fraud when they see you signed up for the trial and agreed to the terms. We are able to show you the screenshot of your order and we are able to provide your recorded arguments that the terms and conditions should not apply to you because you were just one or two days over or a month or whatever then you make up excuses it made you sick or you ordered it and went out of town come on grow up and take responsibility. the terms were there you didnt look and you didnt read you get mad because you shuold know better. I posted so that I could vent a little and answer so of the dumbness that is posted here. I will go to work tomorrow and answer phone calls from you non-reading people that will scream and curse and try to make me lose my job by cusing back at you the way you talk to me but I wont. PURE NUTRIENTS IS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK!!!Tlak to you or someone like you 12+times tomorrow!

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  • Ka
    Karma Jun 09, 2016

    I will be canceling tomorrow. By the shear number of complaints you receive daily, I would think you would have realized by now that there is something inadequate about the way you advertise your free trial (not free sample). A reputable company listens to their customers to keep their customers. I can understand not offering a refund based on your terms and conditions, however, you are not even offering to change your advertising to ensure this does not occur to future customers. Keeping everything in the fine print leads people to think you are trying to hide something. I did not find the product beneficial, and it is also far too expensive. Karma always catches up with those with ill intentions. If you truly feel your product is worthy, then change your advertising.

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  • Mu
    mualum78 Jun 09, 2016

    Hello fellow ripped-off consumers. <br /><br />
    Do this...check with your state's Attorneys General Office to see if there is a consumer protection law that provides you the right to return any item to ANY merchant operating in that state for a FULL refund. There may be a law to protect you. Check immediately and follow up because there may be a time frame such as 30 days from the date of purchase. Once you establish your consumer rights, ship the item back using a reputable shipper or USPS and get a shipment and delivery confirmation. If you don't receive your refund, contact the Attorneys General Office and register a formal complaint. Maybe if enough AGO's get complaints, they'll bar these companies from operating in their states and lo and behold they go out of business, at least in the good ol' USA.

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  • Sa
    Sandy Gable Jun 09, 2016

    I tried the product and found nothing of use with it. I have tried to call them to cancel numerous times and have never been able to get a person to answer...just music that is in a continuous loop. I have had to claim a dispute on the charge with my credit card company, have sent them a certified letter to stop them sending the product and charging my account the $93.95.

    I am now sending a letter with documentation to the Connecticut Attorney General as I do not seem to have any recourse to stop these payments short of canceling my credit card.

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  • Lh
    LHWallace Jun 09, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is totally dishonest. They do not include a date on their initial shipment document. Why? So they can charge your account and then tell you that they shipped or you received on a certain date - which is in fact INCORRECT. I received my shipment on 6/19; sent a written cancellation on 6/25. Today is 6/26 and lo and behold, my card was charged $89. How did six days turn into fourteen? I suppose their calendar is different from the rest of the world's!!! I wish I had checked out this site before I ordered this stuff. What a rip off!!! It sickens me to know how many people are being done this way. Needless to say, I am going through my bank and fighting this charge. I am also going to report this company to the Better Business Bureau. Buyers beware! This company is dishonest and the word "FRAUD" comes to mind!!!

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  • Nu
    nurseverickson Jun 09, 2016

    I signed up for a trial period of Nature cleanse and decided I probably shouldn't take it while breastfeeding so I tried to cancel and have been unable to reach the company. I have been on hold several times and once for an hour. I have now been charged the full $88 because I was unable to cancel within the required time. So even though I wanted to cancel within the 14 days I was unable to do so because no one would take my call. I will now have to cancel my card to avoid any further charges from this company.

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  • Sa
    saculs Jun 09, 2016

    The same thing happen to me.

    I am still fighting the charges and have now cancelled my credit card.

    I contacted and spoke with both Acaii and Nature Cleanse withing 48hrs after I saw the charges; they did the whole amount immediately. Told them I did not want there products and I am still in a tussle with the credit card company.

    The free trial was ordered in late July and they have charged my credit card.

    I contacted the credit card company right off and told them I did not want them to pay anything to these companies and they said they could not stop future payments; even at the customer's request.

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  • Ne
    nena reyna Jun 09, 2016

    I purchased the shipping charges to get a FREE Bottle of Nature Cleanse, in their own words "Now you can try Nature Cleanse For FREE! All you need to do is pay $5.95 Shipping and Handling - and then your free bottle of Nature Cleanse will be shipped ..."No where during the information, did they mention I was going to get CHARGED $88. per month, if I did not cancel the FREE TRAIL within 14 days.
    After being put on hold (phone) for a total of 4 hrs. I decided to call and pretend I had questions on a purchase. They finally answer the phone. I was able to cancel any future charges, but they did not remove the $88.00 charged to me, for not canceling their FREE TRAIL bottle. Conveniently, Pure Nutrients Shipping Department from this product, “Nature Cleanse” did not include the DATE the product was shipped, which is important information, if one is to return this product within 14 DAYS.
    When filling out the form to get my FREE Trail, there was no mention of future charges. This fine print was on another page, or you had to scroll down past some other vendors that were not related to Nature Cleanse. This company found a loop hole in the Bible and they are taking advantage of consumers.
    After this experience I went searching for answers to see if perhaps I was that naïve, but I guess not. I found many other people that were scammed the same way.

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  • De
    Debra Jun 09, 2016

    Was not notified of amount of product only a 14 day free trail for shipping only. Called and cancel with [protected] and told to send email to [email protected] Emails only returned. Call to vertify email address, told it was on my end. I will continue to find a way to speadk to someone who will be able to adjust my account, but I believe this company is a total scam.

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  • Lm
    lmhudson44 Jun 09, 2016

    I ordered a 30-day free trial of Nature Cleanse online and it stated that I would only have to pay for shipping and handling that totaled $2.49. After stating they would only charge my card s/h they charged my card $88.00. I didn't even get the trial size until 10 days later. Included with the trial pack was a statement that read:

    You will be billed $88.00 on the 15th day of your order. I just received the order today and my card has already been charged! I tried calling the customer service line to cancel as it states to call 866.779.7568 and they said that they were experiencing some computer problems and to call back tomorrow between 8am-5pm. What a lie! It's all a FRAUD! I had to cancel my credit card and get a new card number because of this!

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  • Za
    zannia hill Jun 09, 2016

    do not want the product i want my money back asap because wasnt the agreement. claim number eb5047395

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  • Be
    Bev Brooks Jun 09, 2016

    Cancelled my order after trying it for one week and it really was messing with my blood pressure! Dangerously high. They went ahead and billed my credit card $89.00 for another month's supply! Never received product and they did not credit my account as I asked them to!!

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Jun 09, 2016

    Report them to (file a complaint)

    It is a big scam.

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  • Ph
    Philip Bonds Jun 09, 2016

    I ordered Nature Cleanse online and was charged the initial $4.95 for shipping. After receiving my credit card statement I noticed a charge for $93.95 for the next bottle of weight loss pills. I did not authorize the automatic monthly billing nor did I order any more pills. I contacted the company and was told that I could not get the charge removed from my credit card. I contacted my credit card company and told them I had a cancellation number and that I did not authorize any more charges.

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  • Ordered and paid for shipping of sample product. Received the sample and did not want to buy product. When I tried to call and cancel, I would never get anyone to answer the phone. They kept me on hold and never picked up no matter how many times I tried. They have now debited my checking account for 181.95 for two shipments. I have never received the goods. Bank of America is looking into their scam and hopefully, I will get my money back. Do not buy from this company!!! They continue to bill for items you don't receive.

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  • Br
    Brenda Blankingship Jun 09, 2016

    I wanted to try the "trial" version of Nature Clense for $5.95 and received the product, used it, didn't notice any significant change. Am now trying to cancel all future "automatic" deliveries of the same product that is costing me a monthly charge of $94.00 that I can't afford. Not having much luck here. Can anyone help me?

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  • Wh
    WHITENING TEETH Jun 09, 2016

    this company charge to my credit card without authorization 88.00 dollars and I never order any thing from them because I dont know who is that company or persons...I never buy nothing by Internet because I know about a later company or people made fraud with the credit cards...If you can help me about that problem my bank is Bank of America here in e-mail is teide [email protected] want my money back and I dont wanted know nothing about those [email protected]@@@@####...THANKS.

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  • Ch
    ChisL23 Jun 09, 2016

    Natures Cleanse, by Pure Nutrients is a total scam and rip off. I saw a few months ago these products being sold on I started to investigate, and months later I found out who was behind this scam. The name of the company is Intermark Media, now IMM Interactive ( The president of this company is Mike Krongel, who ran this scam, using his affiliate network to dupe consumers to buying his product, who I found out is now being sued by the FTC, for false advertising and promoting these scam products: . The number to the company is: [protected]. They were behind Pure Nutrients, as well as many other scam products such as Eternal ResV, which I also saw them selling on Report them to the BBB, FTC, and your Attorney General, and stop them from doing this ever again. The FTC is already taking them down, but I’m sure our complaints can only help their case. Pure Nutrients SCAM!!! Intermark Media SCAM !!! IMM Interactive SCAM !!! Social Steals / SCAM !!!

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  • Nh
    n.hall Jun 09, 2016

    i have been trying for over 1 hour to cancel my trial, no body will pick up the phone this is crazy i cant stay on the phone long distace all day i dont like this product i want to cancel pick up the phone

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  • Wi
    Wilb53 Jun 09, 2016

    Pure nutrients did the same thing to Me those no good ### !!!

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  • Wi
    Wilb53 Jun 09, 2016

    We really need to file a class action Law suit. I'm seeking a Lawyer as we speak !!

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  • Sw
    Switch2006 Jun 09, 2016

    Nature Cleanse is open 8am-8pm EST Mon-Friday. They are also open 8am-5pm EST on Saturday. Busiest times are Monday. Slowest day is Saturday. 866.779.7568

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  • Lr
    lrc511 Jun 09, 2016

    i too am one of the people that ordered this and got charged. the product did not even work and took over 15 days to reach my house. I can't believe we actually fell for this crap!

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  • Jo
    john belanger Jun 09, 2016

    No where in their ad is a 14 day free trail. on the 15th day you get charged $89.00. The time starts the day you place the order, not the day you receive them. They are a fraud and scam artist.

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  • Br
    Brenda Saulnier Jun 09, 2016

    I ordered the nature cleanse on a 14 day trial basis. It arrived 7 days later. When I contacted the company customer service to cancel they informed me that I was too late. the trail period actually started the day I ordered not approximate arriva date. I would like a refund of the full amount.

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  • Bo
    Bobbie Mccallum Jun 09, 2016

    I received a bottle of Nature Cleanse on June 6, 2009. Because I am on thyroid replacement for no thyroid I have to check with my doctor on any thing I take out of the ordinary. Upon taking the bottle to the doctor and getting the advice not to take it, I called the number listed and told them my circumstances and asked where I could send this back that I would like to cancel. The young lady advised me I was a day late. I had 14 days from the day I ordered the product to cancel.. I reminded her that the terms say 14 day free trial but also a risk free 14 day money back guarantee.. I ordered this product on May 31, 2009. I have the package here in front of me and the date on the postmark arriving at the post office is June 5th . How can anyone count mailing time as part of the 14 days ? We're talking about a week of postal time. Any way I tried to process with this person, I do not have $ 88.00 laying around just to throw away on something I cannot use. And further more the bottle will have been in my possession 14 days on the 19th of June ( in two days )
    Do you know of anything else I can do to get a refund as the person told me the $88.00 was deducted from my account on the 14th ?
    Before coming to this web page I wrote a letter stating my concerns and along with it sent a copy of the front of the package with the post mark on it very clearly marked June 5, 2009.

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  • Ra
    Rae Booher Jun 09, 2016

    I accepted a free 14 day free trial offer from this company on May 25th. I received the product on the 30th of May. My 14 days of free trial would have been up on the 12th of June. I tried to contact them on the 8th both via phone and email. The office was closed and I could find no email address for them on their billing statement. I called on the 9th and they said my account had already been charged $88. I was furious. This product made me throw up 3 times and gave me diahreah. I demand my money be refunded immediately. This is the first time I have ordered anything over the internet and I will never do it again. How can you be trying something you haven't received!!!??? That is riciculous! Please respond immediately or I will have my attorney investigate this company and your practices thoroughly!

    Rae Booher
    7343 Hannegan Rd. #11
    Lynden. WA 98264

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  • Cb
    cbezzy Jun 09, 2016

    i cancelled well before the 14 day trial was up and was charged 3 days after I called to cancel. how is that not a scam? Your company should be shut down for shotty business practices. I have turned you into the florida BBB. i have emailed daily for 1 and 1/2 weeks to the [email protected] and get absolutely no response. as your message says "If you find Natural Cleanse is not right for you, simply contact our Customer Service Department to cancel your membership within 14 days of your original order date and you will not be charged any additional fees (you will have only been charged the $5.95 for shipping and handling). " i simply contacted your customer service department within the 14 days AND you charged my account 3 days after i called. BBB complaint number is: EEC3D-92D1A-9A4BE-BB274-745DF-CC386-F2

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  • Li
    Linda Pino Jun 09, 2016

    There needs to be a class action Law Suit filed against this company. They are charging people for product that they haven't even shipped. And this business of charging $88.00 for the product and then 93.75 monthly thereafter. These prices were not published that this was the cost of the product!! Where do they get off. And this trial period in small print, is just a big joke!! These people know clearly what they are doing!! Scamming the public!! Something needs to be done to shut them down. I will pesonally never order another thing on line again!! From all the complaints I have read on line, it shouldn't be hard to get a class action law suit going for fraud!!

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  • Sj
    S Jarrell Jun 09, 2016

    I sent for the free trial offer of Nature Cleanse for my husband to try, and one month later a packet arrives with a new bottle and a $93.00 bill. When I called the Company to ask them to remind me when I had placed the order, they told me that by accepting the free trial offer, I had agreed to "join" a monthly program. They will not accept a return of the sealed, unopened product. This must have been in VERY FINE PRINT because I certainly would never agree to pay $93 per month for a laxative! Talk about a nice offer with a sharp hook in it! One word comes to mind - scam.

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  • Jo
    Jo M. Jun 09, 2016

    They shipped Nature Cleanse on 5/6 but I did not receive for a week or more. When I received it, I started searching online (since that is how it got ordered) and could not find it. They billed me 5/20 for $88. I was not aware until I received my credit card bill this week (June 10). I was outof town for awhile, then I called on 6/5 and they had already billed me $90+ for another bottle which they said was already shipped (it has not been received as of 6/14), but said they would cancel further shipments (this was less than 30 days since the first online order for shipping & handling only). I plan to refuse this package and send the other unopened bottle back to them since I read about it and cannot take it. I also plan to ask Mastercard to reverse the charges for both bottles.

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  • Ha
    Hagemommy1 Jun 09, 2016

    Was receiving product via UPS called and cancelled still receiving product and being charged close to 100 dollars each shipment. Unable to reach company by phone always rings busy.

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  • Fo
    Fonda Jun 09, 2016

    I ordered Nature Cleanse to try thinking all I was going to be charged $5.95 and that was it. When I finally received the product I found out that I would be charged $88.00 after 14 days from the order date, not 14 days from the time I received the product. I didn't even get the prodoct in time to try it before they charged my credit card. I've been trying to reach them by phone with no luck. Does anyone know what you can do about this rip off? Fonda

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  • Ed
    Edgar Jun 09, 2016

    Pure Nutrients Inc. offered a no risk offer on their product and 2 week free trial, but by the time I received the product it was at the 12 day mark. They signed me up for auto reorder and took 88.00 from my account without my consent and would not help me when I called them. The product can be bought anywhere for about 10.00 and everything about this company says scam. I sent the unopened product back. We all should get together and put this guy out of business.

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