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Pure Nutrients claims they risk free 14 day money back guarantee. I received the trial and paid 5.95 for shipping and handling. The order date on the slip I received was 5/8/09 but when I called to cancel on 5/22/09 i was informed that my 'real' order date was 5/7/09. They charged my credit card $88.00 and the customer service person would NOT refund the money.

I did checked the internet today and see other people have had the same complaint. What a rip off!!!


  • Ta
    tammy benson May 22, 2009

    the same thing happend to me and they dont want to budge, i got my pills 7 days later and not any time to see if they even work they are a rip off company and should be shut down .

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    goldengirl May 24, 2009

    I just received a shipment on May 23rd. My order date was May15th. There were no messages within the first order that you would be charged $88.00 for that shipment or a continuation of $93.95 for future monthly automatic shipments. This is fraud in all terms! If some one does not read the packing slip, they would not have known this!

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  • Re
    Reta May 25, 2009

    The exact same thing that happened to 'goldengirl' happened to me. The lady on the phone gave me an email address to voice my complaint, and wouldn't you know - the email came back - of course!

    This is day-light robbery and should be stopped!!! This is outragious!!!


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    goldengirl May 26, 2009

    In follow up to my comment above, I called first thing this morning to 866-779-7568 and spoke to an assoicate named Hannah. Thankfully, I had called prior to the 14th day, so she cancelled all future orders, stated, I would not be charged the $88.00 since I called within the 14-day window and I could keep the bottle and there would be no charge for this. In addition, she gave me a confirmation number for the cancellation of order. She was very customer service oriented and the conversation went well. I mentioned to her my concerns that the original advertising is very misleading and that the 30-day trial is not honored. She did not acknowledge any error on their side and stated the website says all of that when you place the order. I told her that it does not give the consumer all of that information up front. Although my issues are resolved, I am concerned about consumers who may not read the packing slips and get the additional charges and orders that they may not have wanted.

    I also, had made a formal complaint online to the Florida Better Business Bureau at the following contact information that handles the Florida complaints in the area of where this company is located:
    BBB of Central Florida, Inc.
    1600 S. Grant St.
    Longwood, Fl 32750
    PH: 407-621-3300
    Fax: 407-786-2625
    Email: [email protected]
    Web: http://www.orlando.bbb.org

    It may be good for anyone having difficulties with this company to make their concerns known, so that improved advertising can be mandated for a company such as this in Florida legislation, etc.

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  • Do
    dogman May 26, 2009

    Had the same experince today..they count days that they are closed as well..What a rip!!..They slide that auto reorder in on you in some really obscure way..if their tactics are this shady on ordering I have a great deal of conern for how much truth they have in disclosing their true product information STAY AWAY FROM THESE SHADY PEOPLE!...I will be contacting our states attorney general..businesses in this state can only count days the business is open toward a deadline..oh yeah..while they wouldn't give a refund they offered me product(that I don't want) at half price...tells me even more about the questionable tactics of this company...

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  • Su
    susan May 26, 2009


    did u have 2 wait 4ever till someone answered at pure nutrients? i have been waiting 4 over 40 min.

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  • Go
    goldengirl May 26, 2009

    No, I got an answer within 3-5 minutes. I called early at 08:30 am. I know some have had difficulty with getting someone to answer due to the volume of calls that they are getting.

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  • Ji
    jipped in az May 26, 2009

    something really needs to be done about this company! ya, i have the same story. called to cancel with in what i thought was my 14 days only to be told that i was beyond my trial period. i ordered on 5/6/09 and did not recieve it until 5/12/09 . mind you it didnt even get shipped until 5/11/09! i sat on hold for an hour before i was able to speak with a woman with a heavy accent that just kept rehearsing her "it is clearly stated" crap. i cant believe they can get away with this.

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  • Ra
    rag May 26, 2009

    Same here. Nothing on the page discloses an automatic rewenal after the free trial so I was surprised to find $88 on my credit card for product I never meant to purchase. I haven't even tried the free trial yet bottle yet. I tried calling and got through, but no one picked up. I tried calling again and it's been busy ever since. I won't even put this stuff in my mouth now. Good lord, if they run a business this way, what's to think there's anything legitite about the product itself?

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  • Le
    Leigh Phillips May 26, 2009

    I, too was scammed by the Pure Nutrient people. However, they have scammed the wrong person. I called my credit card company and filed a fraudulent charge report. I had to explain to the fraud dept how they claimed you had a 30 day trial period which in fact was only a fourteen day trial period. And to add insult to injury, the fourteen days started the day you ordered the product! SLICK. How can you try a product you don't have? They charged $88.00 to my credit card almost immediately after I called to cancel. Visa is investigating and will make a ruling determining whether or not I have to pay the $88.00. In the mean, time I canceled the credit card and was issued a new one to ensure that no more unauthorized charges can be made by these amoral people. I would suggest anyone scammed by these people do the same thing. I have learned my lesson but I will not pay them for being unscrupulous.

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    goldengirl May 26, 2009

    From reading all of the posts, it is obvious that the business is not advertising clearly for the consumer to understand. None of us saw or read anything on the Internet that indicated upfront all of these charges that would incur in a short time frame. All of us had a week or less to trial the product and return it before we would be charged the $88.00, so none of us were getting a full 30-day trial as advertised. I am grateful that I read the packing slip and was able to call and get it cancelled to avoid any further charges. I sent my credit card company an email Saturday to complain about this company and prevent any further charges to my account. I was surprised today, when I received an email reply that due to valuing me as a customer, they decided to credit the S & H charges of $5.95 back to my account as a customer service to me! Wow...I was surprised as it was not even their fault!
    In addition, I mailed the bottle back even though they told me to keep it, as like most of you, I did not want to try something from someone who works so sly behind the scenes.
    We all learned something again this past month...be careful with Internet shopping! Have a good night!

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  • Aj
    AJR May 26, 2009

    I too fell victim to this scam, nowhere was it written on the web page about the automatic payments from your credit card. When I read the very small print on the bottom of the invoice I almost fell off the chair. I have owned a credit card for over 65 years and I have never ever made a purchase with automatic payments to be charged to my account. My credit card is with an association I have belong to for 45 years and they advised me to cancel my card and they will issue me a new one.

    Taken, but not had.

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  • Mo
    mom5 May 27, 2009

    I am also a victim of this scam!!! I just got off the phone and the same thing happened to me. They claimed my order date was different from what they sent. I argued with them for 15 minutes telling them I had proof that I was within the 14 days and they wouldn't budge. I am so angry that I got scamed. There is nothing on the website about these charges. Not only do you not get your 14 day trial, it is supposed to be a 30 day trial!!! What a ripoff.

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  • Mo
    mom5 May 27, 2009

    Just for information to people who fell prey to this scam call your credit card company and dispute the charges. If enough people sound off about this maybe the credit card companies will learn of this scam and more people won't get hurt.

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  • Go
    goldengirl May 27, 2009

    In reading everyone above's comments, I would recommend that you all make a formal phone call or online complaint to the Better Bureau of Florida who handles all of these issues in the area of this company. The more complaints they receive, the quicker this will not happen to more people. I also was reading online today, about acai berry that is being sold online in a similar fashion with just about as many complaints too! See my above post for the contact information for the Better Business Bureau in Florida.

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  • Tb
    tbur91 May 27, 2009

    i ordered the 14 day trial on april 14, 09, and canceled it on april 20, 09, talked to the girl she gave me confirmation number and all the butt patting, but, on may 27, 09. i found a charge for $93.95, , after trying to call them, and being on hold for over 4 hours, counting deing dis connected 3 times i finally got to talk to mel id #24213, she again confirmed my cancellation and gave me another confirmation number and told me i had to e mail thier claims department

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  • Ra
    rag May 27, 2009

    Could someone post the complaint email address? I'm still trying to cancel out of this mess and I don't know when they'll charge me again. I've filed a dispute with the cc card (calling only puts me on hold). I'm typing this and have already been on hold for 40 minutes a 3rd time!

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  • Su
    Susan May 27, 2009

    The same things happened to me. You get only a few days to evaluate the product, then no one answers when you try to phone and cancel. The first day I just got a busy signal, the second day I spent a total of 2 hours on hold and never got through. This company is a scam! Please post a complaint address or email address if you have one. Mine came from CT and I live in Texas, so I don't think the Florida BBB would help.

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  • Ju
    Julie May 27, 2009

    I ordered on May 19th and received the bottle 5/26/09; i showed this to my coworkers, they flipped out and informed me that it is a BIG SCAM.That i would never be able to cancel in time due to being on hold for so long. So i called my credit card company yesterday and told them i lost my visa card. the initial $5.95 shipping fee has already been paid by my credit card. Luckily they wont be able to charge my card &$93.95. YES..$93.95 per month will be billed to my credit card for automatic shipments. I too had not agreed to this online, i would never agree to auto shipment on a product that i have never tried. It takes at least 30 days to be able to tell if a product is working. Amazing how they just come up with a random automatic monthly charge. I am scared to take the pills now, so my "FREE TRIAL" offer has been flushed down the toilet. Could be very dangerous not knowing what is in this product. Read the back very carefully, usually this type of product states how much percentage each ingredient is in the pill..this one just states a 850 mg Proprietary Blend?? Humm?

    I should have listened to my gut..but the website i ordered from had RACHEL RAYS pics on it stating this is the pill she recommends.

    Good luck to everyone.
    Olympia, WA

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  • De
    Deloris May 28, 2009

    I called and cancelled to today! Hopefully no more charges will hit my bank account. This surely makes me upset and you wonder again and again, who & what can you trust! Nothing and No One but the LORD! Mo, Deloris

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  • Go
    goldengirl May 28, 2009

    To Susan and all that is interested,

    I don't live in Florida either, but the BBB you will need to deal with is in the state of the company. The BBB in Florida that I mentioned above is the one that you want to contact for complaints regarding this company. I made a formal complaint Online to the main BBB website and it directs you through to the correct BBB that has jurisdiction over the location of where this company is located. The Pure Nutrients Company may have distribution sites all over, but the main business is in Florida. Good luck to everyone! Please consider making a formal complaint, as the more complaints that are formalized through the BBB, the better chance we have in making a difference to stop this scamming.

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Behrens May 28, 2009

    PURE NUTRIENTS!!! Total scam, I paid $5.95 for the free trail and tryed to cancel my order they will not answer the phone and have charged my account $88.00 I cannot cancel my charge account yet I am out of State, left me with .65cent in my account. I am so pissed off I don't know what to do or who to contact. I have faxed them copies we need to contact the Attorney General of the State that is on the mailing address. If they really are who the say they are. HELP!!!

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  • In
    In Virginia May 29, 2009

    For the record, I have had the same issues as everyone else. I ordered
    the product May 19th. It arrived May 27. I opened it today (May 29)
    and read the fine print in the terms and conditions. What??? I did
    not remember seeing any of this on the website when I ordered.
    Anyway, I called the service support number around 9:15 this
    morning and spoke with a lady named "Miles". I said I wanted to cancel
    my order. After confirming it was "me" who ordered the product, she
    asked why I wanted to cancel. I said it was because it was too expensive
    and there is not enough time to try the product. She said she could
    extend my trial period until smetime in July and could lower the
    price to around $53/month. I said "no thanks". She was very
    persistant but fairly pleasant. She gave me a confirmation number.
    I made sure I got her name too. I knew this was a scam... (In Virginia)

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  • Ro
    rosepedals73 May 29, 2009

    well i dont feel alone anymore, is there away of getting even with these people for making us belive that they are been endorsed by famous people
    with out their consent, and just cheating us out of money.

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  • Ra
    rag May 29, 2009

    Apparently morning is the best time to call to cancel and I finally got through and the lady (you still got to wonder about people who work for companies like this...) assurred me my cc would no longer be charged. When she asked me if there was anything else they could to to me I suggested they go out of business (politely, of course). Silence (and then the usual "have a nice day.")

    On their website there's some cbs clip or something. I don't watch tv but do they really want to be endorsing a scam?

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  • We
    Webb May 29, 2009

    These people are ###. When I ordered I looked for any auto order terminology language and there was none. These people thrive on deceptive marketing and should be shut down.


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  • Du
    Dumfounded in Florida Jun 03, 2009

    I was in complete shock! While being on hold for over half an hour, I decided to search this company online and what I came up with was all of these complaints. I have learned a very valuable lesson to research a company to make sure it is legitimate BEFORE ordering anything from them. I immediately called my Visa bank who had already heard about this company. Unfortunately, even though I canceled my card in hopes that they won't be able to charge me the $93+, I was told that the charge could "travel" onto my new card. If it does, they informed me to call their billing disputes dept. because I authorized a FREE trial and could not even contact them to cancel the order. This is an outright ripoff and scam company and I agree with everyone else that they should be put out of business - the sooner the better so more people don't fall victim!

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Jun 03, 2009

    Do not waste time trying to contact the scammers - here is what you should do:

    Contact your bank/credit card company and contact the authorities.

    Step 1): Initiate a charge-back against that company by filing a fraud report with your credit card company or bank.

    Step 2): File your reports with FBI, FTC, Florida A/G, and Florida Division of Consumer Protection.

    FBI: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

    FTC: http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm
    Toll-free helpline: 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357);
    TTY: 1-866-653-4261
    Federal Trade Commission
    Consumer Response Center
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20580

    Florida Attorney General:
    Main office telephone numbers
    Switchboard: 850-414-3300

    Citizens Services: 850-414-3990
    ADA Coordinator: 850-414-3900
    Florida Relay/TDD: 800-955-8771
    Florida Toll Free: 1-866-966-7226

    Utah Division of Consumer Services:
    1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) if you are calling from within Florida; (850) 488-2221 if you are calling from outside of Florida

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  • Co
    concerned Jun 03, 2009

    Natural Cleanse Membership Program

    •When you order the Free Trial of Natural Cleanse your credit card will be charged only $5.95 shipping and handling.
    •As part of the trial period, you will receive a one month supply of Natural Cleanse and you will have 14 days from your original purchase date to decide if Natural Cleanse is right for you. If you are enjoying Natural Cleanse, then do nothing and at the end of your 14 day trial period your credit card will be charged the full price of $88.00 for your first month's supply.
    •If you find Natural Cleanse is not right for you, simply contact our Customer Service Department to cancel your membership within 14 days of your original order date and you will not be charged any additional fees (you will have only been charged the $5.95 for shipping and handling).
    •Approximately 30 days from your original purchase date and every 30 days thereafter you will be sent another one month supply of Natural Cleanse and your credit card on file will be billed $88.00 plus $5.95 shipping and handling.
    •Limit one trial offer per household.
    You may cancel your membership at any time by simply contacting customer service. Please remember, most customers see most noticeable results by using Natural Cleanse consistently for 3 months.

    You may contact our customer service department via our toll free phone number1-866-779-7568 Customer Service representatives are available Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm EST.

    Please note that no refunds are given on any products that have been already shipped.


    •You must cancel membership auto ship orders prior to next shipment.
    •Packages marked "Return To Sender" will NOT be processed or refunded.
    Pure Nutrients
    3280 Suntree Blvd
    Suite 101
    Melbourne, FL 32940

    Product Disclaimer
    I understand the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I understand the information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. I understand I should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting my doctor. I also understand that Nature Cleanse is not intended or to be used to treat any type of medical condition such as obesity.

    WARNING: Not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age. Consult a physician before using this product if you have any medical condition including, but not limited to, strokes, high blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, anxiety, other psychiatric conditions, a family history of these or other medical conditions, or if taking any prescription, OTC and/or other herbal medications.

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  • Ra
    rag Jun 03, 2009

    Well duh! Reckon if that was put on the ordering page most of the complaints here wouldn't have happened. Instead that's hidden as the Terms & Conditions page which you have no reason to read since all you're doing is signing up for a free sample.

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  • Qo
    qofs Jun 04, 2009

    I've filed a dispute with my credit card company for the charge, this is obscene.

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  • Sa
    Sandy Jun 05, 2009

    I just received my "free trial" that cost me $5.95 and an invoice telling me I have 14 days from my order date to decide whether I want to cancell my subscription or be billed another $88.00. I didn't even know I bought a subscription! The real kicker here is that I ordered this product because one of the news shows did some testing and this one was at the top of the list of 35 products that claim to clean out the extra gunk in one's gut. I don't ordinarily buy online, but I trusted this company due to the show's recommendation. When I read the invoice I was upset, but I figured I would abide by their rules. I went online tonight to find out more about the product (ie. drink lots of fluids when taking these pills), but what I found was a lot of warnings from you who had been scammed. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Because you shared, I can get a jump on fixing this problem before it's too late. Hopefully, others will have the same advantage, too. I pray that all of you will be able to have this resolved quickly so that you can move on to better things to do with your phone time.
    Maple Valley, WA

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  • St
    Steven Currie Jun 07, 2009

    Same here, but my Bank and the BBB has been informed and will ensure this doesn't continue...I will also be contacting Rachel Ray accordingly...wonder how much she's getting from this...??????

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  • Cb
    cbezzy Jun 09, 2009

    it is a scam when you call to cancel well within 14 days and are still charged. I have reported them to the florida bbb... everyone should do that. the more people we have complaining the better. my complaint number is EEC3D-92D1A-9A4BE-BB274-745DF-CC386-F2

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  • Cb
    cbezzy Jun 09, 2009

    you can post this a thousand times mister NatureCleanseSUPERVISOR... your company scams people. i cancelled well within the 14 days and still was charged. I ahve emailed more than 20 times asking for some sort of response and I get no response to my emails. calling the number only results in someone telling me they cannot help me that I have to email. instead of posting the same stupid message over and over why don't you actually make good and give people their money back. florida bbb complaint number EEC3D-92D1A-9A4BE-BB274-745DF-CC386-F2.

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  • Ra
    rag Jun 09, 2009

    LOL! Like if that was there before we wouldn't have read it or seen it. Nice try, you just added it. And it took you this long to point it out? You just added it.

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  • Ma
    MadAsHell Jun 09, 2009

    I had to close my account, to make sure these scammers could no longer stael from me. My C.C. company rep said they are seeing many of these "pure nutrients" fraud charges, . and confirmed them as fraud.

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  • Go
    goldengirl Jun 09, 2009

    I wanted to share with everyone that I received an email from Natural Clense after I made a complaint to the BBB of Forida. Guess what? They refunded my $5.95 to my credit card account yesterday. It will be interesting to see if they honored their commitment to cancel all orders and future shipments. I did get a confirmation number, but so did some of you and they still got charges. I am working with my credit card company who initially refunded the $5.95 charge as a courtesy and instructed me to let them know if I get any other unauthorized charges from this company. I am still waiting to hear from the BBB to see what happens with their investigation. Good luck everyone! I want to laugh when I see the posting above from Colon Clense, as if all of those labels above had been on the website the day I ordered, we would not be in this mess. These labels did not pop up on the website. To the Pure Nutrients Company: Shame on you for your false advertising and your attempts to redemm yourself on this board. I don't believe anything you say now and in my eyes you are still not a good company to deal with. Too shady with your advertisement and you should be more upfront and honest with what you sell.

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  • Florida BBB has one unresolved complaint. Once the terms and conditions are verified with them, your complaint becomes invalid. Just because you did not look at the terms and conditions does not mean they dont apply. When you make a complaint The BBB and/or your credit card companies will request our veiwpoint on the matter, at which time we will provide them you ip adress signature and the terms and conditions you agreed to. They will and have sided in our favor because the terms are clearly there yet people do not read them. Thanks for your patronage!

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  • Ra
    rag Jun 09, 2009

    Oh come on. You try and navigate away from that page and a number of pop-ups come up asking you are you sure? Are you really sure?? And then the there's only 47 more offers left each time the purchasing page is brought up, the same it's been since I purchased weeks ago. Name a legitimate site that sells a legitimate product using such dreadfully misleading tactics such as these. Anybody can change a webpage after the fact, we're not all computer illiterate. And you never Mr. Cleanse implore us customers to try the product. Your content with the money you've stolen and even more so that people are discontinue or never use the product. You want happy customers, refund the money. I for one never was shipped the extra crap I was billed for. Has anybody else received this mysterious second shipment? And technically I cancelled before it was shipped, you should've reimbursed my cc. Fraud through and through.

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