Pure Nutrients / Nature Cleansefalse advertising


Beware:this company should not be in business. Consumers do not buy their products!!!
I, too, had a very unpleasant experience with pure nutrients, nature cleasne product. I ordered the product online on 5/8, however the invoice indicated the order date was 5/11/09. I received the shipment on 5/16/09, for my 15 day trial period. What a joke. Once I received the order it stated the terms and conditions of their product regarding payment. No where in their online advertising did it mention anything about $93.95 being deducted monthly from my account. A misrepresentation to say the very least. The first time I called the customer service line, I was informed the "store" was closed, operational only monday - friday. The second time I called I spoke with a vanessa id#22439 (if that is real) and told that my account had been charged $88.00 plus $1.00 (hmm) because I had exceeded the amount of time, I did not call by the 14th day to cancel, to cancel. Vanessa was exceptionally unhelpful, and when I asked how we could resolve this issue, she simply quoted policy like a parrot. When I asked to speak to her supervisior I was informed he was too busy and that I would have to wait a long time. I said I didn't mind waiting, but again she reinterated he was too busy. When I asked about contacting corporate headquarters she told me that she could not divulge that. No phone number as well, though I was given an email address to contact: [protected] I wrote, no response. This is not a reputable company that has anything resembling anywhere near ethical values. Do not do business with them.


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    SarahinID Jul 06, 2009

    How can we cancel within the 14 day trial period if the business does not operate on a Saturday or Sunday? My 14th day fell on Saturday a national holiday, the 4th of July. I tried calling Sunday and got a recording of business hours and operation. I tried to call today, Monday and I was told it was too late, I was charged on Sunday.

    Pure Essentials, Nature Cleanse, Brite Teeth Pro, whoever you are... is not a reputible business and does not practice ethical business standards. Do not buy from them ever!

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  • To
    Too Good Too Be True Jul 14, 2009

    Sounds like a Risk to me..very misleading for an honest product.

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  • Te
    teresa morgan Aug 17, 2009

    This company has very little to zero morals and business ethics. I see them as crooks, now I am afraid to consume their products, it just might harm me, just like all the other scams that have harmed people. You just can't trust anyone..."the hell with the health and lives of all people, it's all about the might dollar"! What a joke...This place should be investigated and shut down.

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  • Ja
    Jade Alvarez Sep 12, 2009

    I think that this company should be closes down, they are quick to take your money but when you cancel they don't give back your money as quick It's been 2mos now I still don't hace my refund.
    Jade Alvarez
    Sun Lakes, Az.

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  • Ja
    jastrujillo Jan 28, 2010

    The same situation happened with Brite Teeth Pro scam.
    I ordered the product online on however I received the shipment on on a much later date, $93.00 was deducted by bank. I disputed with chargers. Once I received the order it stated the terms and conditions of their product regarding payment. Which they shared a bunch of crappy paperwork with my bank. So my bank declined my money back.

    stacy trujillo
    abq, nm

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