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Aproximately two months ago my rental car was damaged when another car backed into it in a walmart parking lot in columbus, Indiana. There were no injuries, and my car sustained only minor cosmetic damages.

The Lady who backed into my car gave her insurance details to the national car rental agency and on the advice of the customer service agents, we did not call the police.

Today, I was contacted by a claims representative with Purco Fleet Services who informed me that the insurance company for the lady who backed into my car has only paid a portion of the losses incurred, and attempted to make arrangements over the phone for payment of the remaining amount. I did not and have not at any time made any verbal or written agreements to pay the amount of money in question.

The claims representative for Purco Fleet Services is stating that i need to pay 'loss of use' fee or administrative fees.

I don't know if I am actually liable for these fees. since it was my car that was damaged by another car This 'loss of use' and 'administrative fee' combined is approximately five hundred dollars. Any advice on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.


  • Ja
    jart56 Jan 14, 2020
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PurCo has contacted me about an accident that occurred in November of 2018. I was not at fault, and they are claiming that Allstate (the insurance of the guilty party) has refused to pay all the towing bill, and are telling me that I am responsible for the rest! The last email says "Allstate should pay but have elected not to. I can give you three months to pay this balance before it goes to collections. Allstate should be covering everything, but insurances choose to do what they want." An even amount of $400.

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  • Br
    Brent B Dec 20, 2016

    I'm in the middle of a dispute with Purco right now. Alamo in Salt Lake City rented me a car that had pre-existing damage on the rear fender. When I rented the car, they had me sign the Inspection Report that indicated this damage so I wouldn't be held responsible. Wishful thinking. Three months later, Purco is after me for a $700+ claim. They have no interest in understanding the truth of what happened. They don't care if I did it or not, they're just trying to extort money. It's a scam.

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  • Ji
    Jimbo55 Dec 12, 2016

    I have an ongoing issue with purco. Wrong photos of vehicle in the original report, diminuation of value based off that vehicle 6500 miles the car we rented had 22, 000. Brought this up and is still pending. Insurance has paid the $7000.00 claim . Diminuation of value and loss of use still pending. I have read that a vehicle that sustains $1500 of damage will not be put back into rental service ok then why can you claim loss of use because the damage was obviously more than $1500 at first sight. Credit card company is offering settlement payment but want release of future claims against me and have not received a response after 3 attempts. Purco is definitely up to no good

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  • Ae
    aecrowell Feb 05, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Had a cracked valve stem in a rural location. Took it to a tire shop and they replaced it with a rubber stem. The OEM stem was $8.00 and they didn't have it. Purco is trying to shake me down for $177.00.

    Where can I file a complaint against them?

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  • Wi
    William Wolf Jan 04, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I rented a vehicle from Advantage Car Rental in Austin, TX. While driving on an unfamiliar highway, I was forced off the road by a yahoo in a huge pick-up truck and struck a guard rail. I accepted responsibility for the accident, reported it to my insurance company (GEICO) and they paid the damages and raised my rates; my bad. About 6 months later, I received a dunning letter from Purco billing me for "administrative costs", "loss of use" and towing for a total of $2200. After speaking with GEICO, I found that they were waiting for a bill from Advantage/Purco for the towing charge and that they of course don't pay "administrative costs" to a second party nor do they pay "loss of use" charges. The GEICO agent gave me a number to contact Advantage directly, and it turned out to be Purco. I asked their representative for an accounting of loss of use (i.e. how many days Advantage was unable to provide a rental car due to loss of my vehicle), and he said that this was a "standard charge" that was applied to all cases along with the "administrative costs" but that he would "negotiate" a different amount. My insurance paid all normal and reasonable costs, and it is obvious that Purco is simply an intermediary that attempts to gouge consumers for costs above and beyond reasonable damages.

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  • Mi
    Mike Rees Aug 25, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but I too have been targeted by Purco. I rented from Advantage in Miami after a cruise, and my wife and I had the car in our possession for less than 8 hours as we drove south from Miami, stopped and had lunch, then went back to the airport. When we turned in the car, the lot attendant claimed to find that the drivers side door lock cover was damaged? (note that it has an electronic key). I am very thorough when I do a rental car walk around, and had photographed each and every ding, scrape, and mark (or so I thought), but I didn't think to look at the car door lock under the handle! Long story short, I have Purco coming at me to get almost $400 in repairs! However, I am fighting back through social media and loss of business for Advantage Car Rental. DO NOT USE ADVANTAGE CAR RENTAL!! Their "good deal" is not worth the hassle...

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  • Alamo Rent A Car Aug 05, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mark, if you would like to discuss this with us further please email us at [email protected] with your contact information, the exact branch location, rental/reservation number and any other details. Please reference #[protected]. -Tatiana

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  • Ma
    Mark patton Jul 19, 2015

    Alamo National Rental car in Missoula MT sent me to PURCO a collection company for a flat tire. They want $320 for a $20 flat repair. ### would be to nice a word.

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  • Jo
    Jonathan Sherrill May 29, 2015

    This is my first negative post about any company EVER. I rented a car from Dollar Rental car company. I was not in an accident and did not have unusual driving. I had the car for 2 days and upon arriving to my hotel, i noticed that the tire was very low. Since i was out of town, i opted to put the spare tire on instead of troubleshooting or filling it up. Upon returning the vehicle, I informed them about the tire and they filled out an incident report. A week later, i received a call from a agent, stating that I was responsible for the cost of the tire repair as they had located a screw/nail lodged into the tire tread. I reminded him that during the pre-rental walk-through and we only checked for prior damage and that i had never checked tire tread or scanned for nails/screws in tires. It would have been easy for me to simply fill up the tire but i thought it was more responsible of me to change the tire. He laughed and said that i was responsible for it. WHAT A SCAM.

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  • Pu
    PurCo Aug 21, 2014

    Just don't pay anything and it will all go away. they sent me like 50 letters, and I ignored them. It's been 5 years, and nothing on my credit, no marks, no more bills.

    apparently they get 50% of anything they collect, so they just threaten and most people will pay,

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  • Sc
    scnc Mar 28, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rented a 2013 Kia Rio from Alamo Car Rental in Billings Montana, after returning the vehicle there wasn't any damage to the car. September 11, 2013 returned September 16th.
    2 months after I rented the vehicle I get a letter from Purco Fleet Services that there is claim against me for front bumper damage in the amount of $980.14. I informed them that I did not damage the car at all during the time the vehicle was in my possession. They refused my request to send photos and detailed information about the rental of the car after I had it. So I turned it over to my Allstate claims representative and they too came to the conclusion that Alamo isn't providing proof that the vehicle is even damaged and won't pay the claim.
    Now Purco is sending threatening letters for collections of the claim and damage my credit for something I am not responsible for without proof. Unbelievable!!!
    What can I do at this point to fight this fraud?

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  • Gl
    Glass works May 07, 2013

    Chances are, Safelite is the company doing their repairs. Their average cost for a windshield repair is now over $100! When having glass work completed, don't buy from the Wal-Mart of glass with no accreditation. Small business built this country. Look for a local company with National Certifications behind them.

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  • Mr
    MrsBrady Apr 29, 2013

    I had the same problem with PurCo last year. I was notified 90 days after my rental that there was damage to the car. I had to leave the keys in a drop box because no one was there to inspect the car. I wish I had thought to video it but I don't think that would have made a difference to these vultures. I submitted it to my own insurance and American Express. They then told me that $400 + was still due for "loss of use" and "administrative fees"! They threatened to send me to collection so I made an agreement to pay them $20.00 a month. They were NOT happy but they can't refuse a good faith offer to pay... :)

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  • Sr
    srddocjim Apr 20, 2013

    Just recently rented a car in Montana, unfortunately when car turned in at 6AM no rep was available and keys were placed in a key box. I video taped the car before I left. After returning home, received a call that there was a "chip" in the windshield. It wasn't clear from my video whether there was a "chip" or not in the place they describe, certainly didn't notice it at the time of dropoff. Sent claim to Amex that they paid, however they didn't pay one day of the loss of use and the "administrative fee" Although not a large amount, it seems like a complete ripoff as I know Safelite will fix a chip for $40-50, the charge here was $279. Seems like a complete scam that PURCO has running. Any suggestions on how to proceed in reporting this obvious scam to the authorities.

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  • Tx
    txgyrl Jan 12, 2017

    @srddocjim Unfortunately, most rental contracts hold you responsible for the vehicle until the location opens and takes actual possession of the vehicle. Word to the wise read your contracts, including the rental envelope "jacket" given with the contact. This is where all the important information is.

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  • Pa
    Paul Haugen Feb 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purco should be forced out of business, their practices are borderline criminal and fraudulent. They have so many complaints levied against them, with the BBB, and various other online complaint sites, that there may be legal grounds to charge them criminally. I believe they are in collusion with the car rental agencies that they engage in open fraud with.

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  • Es
    espiros Nov 12, 2012

    PurCo is extremely agressive almost to the point of threatening. They won the Colorado Supreme Court case and now are determined to collect any fees they can convince people they owe. Most insurance provided by private insurers and thru your credit card used for rental does not cover loss of use and the so-called administrative fees which are the fees they try to inflate. Always take extremely good photos of the car while it is still on the lot. They will even attempt to collect loss of use/administrative fees for a flat tire.

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  • As
    astromusic Nov 11, 2012

    sundvl69, you are SO wrong! I have a similar issue with PurCo. I actually READ the whole agreement cover to cover, and found no reference to the loss of use as an absolute commitment. Besides, "loss of use" should be calculated based on fleet utilization, UNLESS the contract clearly says otherwise (I am sure as an advocate for PurCo, you know about the Colorado Supreme Court decision, which was based on the specific language in the contract). PurCo simply tries to gouge the consumer AFTER getting full compensation from the insurance company for the actual damages suffered. This is not crying or whining, but standing up for your rights against a bully. I wish someone brought a class action suit against them.

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  • Su
    sundvl69 Sep 05, 2011

    I am sorry to burst your little fanasty bubble on this, but if you had read the rental contract completely ie "my responsiblity as a rental" states "You as the renter will be repsonible for any and all damage regardless of fault" it states clearly that loss of use and admin fess are part of "damage" Stop crying about it and be responsible for what you agreed too when you signed the rental contract! The loss of is the daily rate YOU PAID times the number of days for repair based on the body shop doing the repairs. If you don't want to pay for damage, get the liability insurance the rental car company offers! No I am not an advocate for PuRco, infact i despsie the owner. I'm just letting you know READ YOUR RENTAL CONTRACT!

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  • Wo
    worriedj Aug 25, 2011

    People do not rent from Advantage Rent A Car represented by PurCo Fleet Services, Inc. I am going to call BBB on them.

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  • Pi
    pissed Vet Mar 22, 2010

    I rented a "SUV" from Alamo in jackson, WY. when I arived to pick up said vehical the lady at the sells counter told me to go out and inspect it for any damages and if any are found write it down on a little card and turn it in, when i found the " SUV" it was in the back of the parking lot in a pourly lit area needless to say the whole parking lot was pourly lit. after doing a walk-around to check for any damages I saw none, well the next morning when I went out to the "SUV" I noticed a gouge of sort in the windshild and part of the weather stripping from around one of the back windows was ripped I called the alamo company to report what I found, they told me that they would make a note of it. well three days later this fleet company called me and said I have to pay for a new windshild, is this the way a company works in the fleecing of the people who rent from them, if so this is wrong, so for all of you who must depend on car rentals beware and never rent with out having the counter sells rep go out with you to inspect the vehical

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  • Al
    alisonj4 Oct 20, 2009

    I am experiencing a similiar experience with Purco. I rented a vehicle and was struck by another vehicle when making a left turn into a residential driveway. My insurance company and the company of the person who hit me have paid the fees to repair the vehicle. (incidentally the vehicle was hit on the driver's side passenger door, but the repair included replacing the condenser and front bumper)??

    Even though the vehicle has been repaired, Purco continues to send me harassing letters which claim I owe them administrative fees and loss of use fees. They claim if I don't pay these outrageous fees, they will report me to credit agencies. The fees exceed $600; my rental car cost was $98.

    How did you issue get resolved.


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  • Ha
    Harassed by Purco Apr 17, 2009

    Purco will try to add all kinds of charges and fees to the repair cost. That is how they make their money and they seem pretty greedy. They will try to charge a loss of use at a rate much higher than what the actual rental rate is. If you damaged the car ask to see the repair invoice from the body shop and call the body shop to verify it is valid and reasoable. Pay what you owe but in my opinion you should not have to submit to pay Purco's greatly inflated Total Claim Amount.

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