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A Nov 25, 2017

On November 5th, my daughter phone was accidentally broken 2017. I called Protect Cell [protected]) to have it replaced for her because she is on our cell phone plan. When I contacted them there seemed to be no problem I paid $175 to them for a new one. The phone was sent, and my daughter received it on Wed the 8th of Nov. Upon receipt of this "new" phone we discovered that it would not work. It was also noticed that this was not a new phone, it is refurbished. They keep telling me that it is in their terms and conditions that they can send refurbished phones. When we got the contract with our carrier we were told that they would replace a damaged phone with a new one, and believe me for what they charge they should make sure it is new.
I contacted Protect Cell again on Friday the 10th of Nov 2017 and explained to them what happened again. They over-nighted the next phone and my daughter received it on Saturday the 11th of Nov 2017. She thought this phone would work fine until the 5th day, which was the 15th of Nov 2017. This phone started going crazy and you could not do anything with it. She couldn't get any numbers to work or type or touch anything in the middle. I was out of town and did not find out any of this until 16th of Nov 2017. I contacted Protect Cell immediately and they told me that I had to send it back and they had to make sure there was no water damage or any "customer damage". or I could put a hold of $500 dollars on a credit card and they would send another one. It appears that you only have 5 days to make sure that a phone works properly or they make you try to pay more money or you have to wait until they decide to send it to you! They just have to make sure that the phone damage was due to the manufacturer. It has been one problem after another. I sent both phones back on the 21st of Nov 2017. I called Protect Cell today, Nov 25, 2017 and was told they had received on phone on the 22nd, but would not receive the other one until the 27th of Nov 2017. They were going to the same company and was sent out the same day. I spoke to a woman and was told it would take 7-10 more days until I would receive another one because they had to check it out. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that one would call me back in 24 hours. I was told that last week also and no one called me back. Today is the 25th of Nov 2017 and my daughter still does NOT have a WORKING phone. Or any phone for that matter, n*but they have $175!!
Protect Cell keeps telling me that something, usually for their benefit is in their "terms and conditions". I am pretty sure that it also states that the customer is supposed to receive a Good" working phone with no defects. I have had my fill of this company. I want a NEW phone, no more excuses and a refund on $175. I will take no less. These people are out to take people for a ride and just keep asking for more and more money.
Protect Cell is very a very dishonest company. Just look at the other customers complaints. Not hard to find.
If anyone is thinking of using this company for anything DON'T. They will take you for a ride. This company is very greedy and dishonest. Don't be the next victim to this company!

  • Updated by Aundrea Lowe · Nov 25, 2017

    I contacted Protect Cell today and spoke with Cilia. They said it would be 7-10 more days before we received a phone, if the phone returned wasn't customer damaged. To think I paid $175 for this. Never again with I pay for this

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