Progressive Motorsauto purchase


In November of 2016 I purchased a 2004 Bentley from Progressive Motors in Pompano Beach, Florida. As part of the purchase, as written on the contract, they were to repair a couple of items. On was the trunk lid supports and another was the Navigation system. They were also to deliver the car at a cost of $750 and send me the clear title.
I paid them the total amount by wire transfer the day after we signed the contract and had given them a $1, 000 by certified check when we signed the contract. They were to refund the excess when the car was delivered. It took a month to get the title from them which I took immediately to the Secretary of State in Texas to register paid the taxes. The State determined that the title was not the latest one and took almost two months to get straighten out.
The car was delivered without the repairs being done and they never sent an invoice or refund for the shipping. I had the dealer repair the trunk support and the navigation. After months of unanswered calls the paid for the trunk repair and made me a settlement offer of about 25% of the cost.
These people do this kind of thing all of the time and actually have a preprinted Release form. I have contacted the Florida Licensing Department and filed a complaint.

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