Prasa / Passenger Rail Agency of South Africahad an accident and staff was rude!

I was in train 2531 around 15:00 on 1 October 2019. The train was going from Cape Town to Kraaifontein I and wanted to get off at stikland station. the door didn't open so we ran to the other door which opened.i went out but the train started moving my other son was still inside.i tried to push him back inwards but he was holding my hand.people screamed but the train kept moving.the driver was standing watching by the window infont.i couldn't get back inside I was with a baby on me.i managed to pull my son out and fell on the platform and only then the train stopped. A security guard (female - I couldn't get the name but can positively identify her) was asked to help me get medical assistnace as well as call an ambulance for me. However, the guard instead started shouting at me and was extremely xenophobic. She shouted that I came to South Africa only to give birth how can I have so many children when I can't protect them. I had to leave the station injured, shamed, traumatized and crying. I need a formal apology from PRASA and I demand that action be done against the security guard. I'm available to provide additional information.

Oct 01, 2019

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