Prasa / MetrorailUnsafe traveling conditions on the train


To whom it may concern at Metro Rail Western Cape I regret to in form you that although there has been a noticeable increase in law enforcement officials aboard the the trains during transit I was still robbed. I was aboard the 3213 from Cape Town to Strand on the 18th of January 2016. At the Kuilsrivier station around 11 in the morning (the train had already been delayed) a young man climbed aboard and asked me for a cigarette. I replied I had none and he walked away to the other end of the carriage to talk to another man. A minute or two later he came back towards me and tried to grab my cellphone out my bag. I began shouting at him and he apologized asking me for money instead. I refused him. He then asked for my phone again. I refused again. He threatened me with a knife. I was extremely upset and began cry and screaming. He apologized again saying he didn't want to rob me and I should just give him what he asked. Then he asked for my ring, while only worth a few hundred, it had sentimental value. Just as we were pulling in to the next station (Blackheath) he ripped the silver ring from my finger and dashed off the train. To add insult to injury a few stations later every single person had to climb off the train and get on a bus instead because of a problem with the trains. As a young female family and friends have often cautioned me against using trains. I however would like to continue using your service. Please endeavour to make the trains as safe as possible for all your law abiding commuters (of which you have many) so that Cape Town may continue to be a place of positive industry.

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